This website does not have a traditional Contact page within the site. This decision was taken in order to avoid the frustration caused by typing in a long message, only to have it accidentally deleted, diverted to spam, or inexplicably lost. I have experienced it and it doesn’t make me happier. Besides, I have too much respect for the value of our time.

However, let me be clear. I enjoy receiving messages. I am open to ideas and the possibility of guest bloggers. Questions and suggested topics for articles are most welcome. Criticism, argument, or disagreement with my opinion are very much appreciated for allowing me to see the issue through your eyes.

Please feel free to contact me using your usual e-mail program at:

These e-mails are viewed privately, not posted on the site or available for public viewing. If that does not work, there are other contact options below.

If you have questions about PCA (personal colour analysis) appointments methods, costs, and so on, you will probably find the answer at the PCA FAQs page.

You can also use this e-mail address above to book 12 Season Colour Analysis appointments.


If I have not responded to your email within 48 hours, the email system has gone awry. Here are 3 other ways to reach me:

1. Try a different email.

2. Facebook.

Message me to the page at 12 Blueprints Colour Analysis.

3. Pinterest.

The overview page for the Season&Style, Makeup, Hair, Celebrities, and Well Dressed Men boards is linked below.  Leave a comment or a message.

4. I can be reached by telephone.

Phone : 519-436-0287 in Ontario, Canada.

This is last because it is not the best option. I travel frequently and roaming fees are very high, so the call back waits till I return home, sometimes as long as a week or more. Also, messages are not always clear on answering machines. Email is much better for a prompt response.



2 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hi Christine,
    Its that time of year and wondered if you plan to be in Florida anytime this winter and particularly on the west coast. We would love to see you. Anyway, I wish you a happy holiday and do let me know if you are coming.

  2. Thank you! Not looking that way at the moment (3 kids in university!!!) but I will certainly be in touch if we do :)

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