Welcome to a store dedicated to your colours.

With personal colour analysis (PCA), you will know which of the 12 Season palettes contains the same colours that are in you right now. Your days of wondering which colours to buy in clothes, makeup, and hair colour will be over. It really is that easy.

We can replace time in your calendar, dollars in your wallet, and offer you a menu of great choices that could have been custom-coloured for you. With the Season-specific products in this store, you don’t have to go looking for colours any more. They just found you. Your Season palette and this website have done the legwork. 

I want you to know that there’s a better way to shop, a smarter way to spend your appearance dollars, and an immediate reward of clothing and cosmetics that look like they were made for each other and for you. The 12 BLUEPRINTS Store brings you closer to an appearance goal that I set for myself: looking like the best possible version of me.

 Why harmonious makeup?

When colours are in harmony, their combined effect is stunning, a 1+1=3 equation that is beautiful to behold. 

The makeup colours that belong with your colours have profound appearance effects, even more than with apparel because they are applied directly to the skin. The colours in the Blueprints line of cosmetics have been selected using colour theory and wide client experience to offer you a menu of only excellent choices.

You and your makeup will look even more beautiful by being together. No more hit and miss of buying similar colours that are two degrees either way. No more trying to figure it out yourself. And no more missing out on the effect you were hoping for.

Every person is an individual

Within any Season, cosmetics may look slightly different on various women. We all have nuances in our complexions, variations in skin chemistry, different eye and hair colours. All of these affect a product’s final appearance. We also have our own preferences in cosmetic formulations and desired effects.

Red is a colour which we notice and react to strongly, more so than to neutral colours of, say, eyeshadows. For lip colours in particular, try before buying, both in the Blueprints line from this store and from the cosmetic lists for your Season that your colour analyst may have provided. Your colour analyst may try a variety of lip colours at the time of your colour analysis or may be able to provide you with samples to try at home.

The eyeshadow palettes always work. They offer you five choices of neutral colours, the most difficult to select, especially in cosmetics. The colours are not intended to be the only eyeshadows you ever own, although they might be since they mix and match so easily. Use them with your current colours. You might also use them to gauge colours from other cosmetic lines. Smudge them on paper; if they all look like they grew on the same tree, they’ll probably work beautifully with your eyes.


Although samples are not available from this store, they may be available through your local colour analyst. Not all analysts carry the Blueprints cosmetics line, or they may only stock certain items. Ask at the time of your PCA appointment.

Product specifications

No animal testing at any stage. Paraben and fragrance free.

Made in Canada from start to finish, not just assembled in Canada.

Triple milled. Matte powders feel like creams. Shimmer products, which require a more loosely pressed product, are soft and blendable.

Please note: The line is not certified as vegan or gluten free. One of the manufacturer’s foundations contains wheat germ and may be sourced from the same laboratory. Cross contamination is possible even though an ingredient list might not specify wheat-derived products. Ingredient lists are here.