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An Update for 12 Blueprints

An Update for 12 Blueprints

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As the video below says, a new look for this website will appear in 2 to 3 months.

To make it easier to find topics, several older articles will be deleted. Many articles will remain, and some may have a banner stating “This post is outdated.” so you know that this is more current information available elsewhere.

The ‘more current information’ may be found in the second edition of RTYNC, or RTYNC2, the book with the most recent information about my vision and application of colour analysis and the 12 Seasons. It is here or at the top of the left column of this page.

I am asked the difference between editions 1 and 2. Tina answers your question in her review:

If you have the first edition, you are in for a treat, because this book is so much more detailed and in depth. Christine has clearly amassed a wealth of information since the writing of the first edition and graciously opens up that treasure trove to us. Certainly, some elements of the original book remain, but this is a brand new publication. What I love about this is, her descriptive writing forces you to engage your imagination. Even if you have read a particular chapter several times, you will learn something new each instance you review it. The tale of colors in nature has really been told, from the darkness of midnight to the heights of noontime. If you are a color and image enthusiast, I consider this publication a must have.
During the changeover, the 12 Blueprints Store will remain open to purchase cosmetics and Neutrals  Sets customized for your natural colouring.

The video is also here on YouTube.

  The women in the videos

Anyone watch the foundation video in the previous post?

The face in today’s video has added:
  • Powder
  • Blush
  • Lip colour
  • More eyeliner
  • Energy from the neck down! Balance the entire picture before deciding about the parts. Know when to stop for the look you want. Effective, exciting appearance has an endpoint, or it’s overdone. Energy goes up, the facial bones frame the eyes, the book talks about this on page 69.
That post ended with me asking you to notice without deciding.  The first woman and this one. One woman, Two versions.

First, be a colour analyst. When students are trained, and as my clients recognize, this is our plan with the first set of drapes. We get together to notice, not judge. We are a team, paying attention to all that is happening in the mirror, without any bias. Whatever happens, it just gets noticed.

Hold up, this isn’t apples to apples, because both outfits might be in my palette, or not in it.

Wearing makeup is every woman’s choice. No better, no worse.

Our look has to work in the real world, meaning the approximate average of everyone else’s opinion. If we’re the only one who gets the intention, and everyone else sees something else, it might be time for a new outfit, makeup, and hair. As you see from the header image, I’m strongly attracted to the concept of renewal (Photo Credit: Sonja Mason).

New Q:

Be the public, as the book asks us to do. Be the person hiring, the person looking at images on websites and LinkedIn, the salesperson who sees these two women enter a store, the person sitting across from them at the 9AM meeting.  Would you react to them in the same way?

Now be the woman. Imagine that she’s seeking a new partner or position where competition is stiff. How do these women feel about themselves?

Speculate, wonder, be curious, but don’t decide. Quite challenging, would you agree?

Whatever your feelings about the amount of makeup or colours, most would agree that this woman and the one in the foundation video look different. They may evoke different feelings from you.

This isn’t an argument for or against makeup. Either one is absolutely fine. It’s just a statement of what is. Look at these women like any stranger sees us, non-emotionally, non-invested in our story.

Your colour analyst can offer you either look or anywhere in between once your own colours are known. Both women could have chosen far less appealing hair colour and clothing, and we can colour-consult you away from those too.

These women may be a demo of how different some faces, especially Winter-coloured faces, can look with or without makeup. These can be fairly colourless appearances till you see what the appearance needs to look normal.

Begin with a neutral face add clothes in neutral colours, as we did in the first video. What does the appearance communicate? No right or wrong. Pick the one you want.

Too much colour in video 2? Too much contrast? Maybe but before deciding, keep in mind:

a) You’re not in the room; does anybody or anything ever look identical to pictures? The lights are powerful, my eyes may not be this glassy.

b) You have not seen the other choices of colours or cosmetics on these women, the ones that were disqualified.

c) this is a max look,  often the one shown in online draping images, with the brightest and most opaque lipstick at the end of a sequence of lip colours.

Maybe your preference is halfway between the two women; fine and easy to achieve.

Too much colour or contrast on the second woman? Maybe. Keep in mind confirmation bias.  Our eye often picks the first thing it sees and decides, “There, that’s good, what I decided about it is right, and everything else will be compared to it.”   Well, yes and no, read the excellent post at Psychology Today on confirmation bias, “the tendency to see new things in light of previous things that we have already assumed are true”.

The influence of our desires, emotions, and illusions on what we believe is fine unless no other person can corroborate our decisions (even though most people tell us they do).  If I’d shown the videos in opposite order, we might make another decision.

Too much colour or contrast on the second woman?  Maybe. Keep in mind narrative bias, looking for patterns and reasons when it’s too early (in the analysis) for there to be any. I enjoy having many women MDs among my clients, who understand how our stories influence our decisions.

Is it ourselves that we need to be free of?

As the second article says, it can be liberating.


3 Thoughts on An Update for 12 Blueprints

  • T W

    I lovr your blog! It made me realize that I’m a Bright Spring, not an Autumn as I had initially guessed because of my South Asian skin tones. Would it be possible to make this book available for download in Asia? I’m sure you have a lot of fans from this side of the world! Thanks for your amazing, refreshing blog and energy 🙂

    • Christine Scaman

      Thank you, T W. I ship a fair bit of makeup to Asia and it’s nice to know there are readers there. The paperback can be shipped there at any time. The entire book and each chapter will also become available as e-books. The timing will coincide with the updated website for 12 Blueprints, and hopefully amalgamating the store here as well, which is expected in late summer.

  • Joan

    It would be a shame to lose any of the old posts. I’ve gotten something out of each one.

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