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Analyst Meeting 2014

Analyst Meeting 2014

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An analyst who has taken the Colour Analyst Training Course said,
Nobody emerges from a training program fully formed.
That is the absolute truth.

It applies to instructors just as much as to students.

A meeting is really a training course extension program. After the 3 day course, students will confirm that there is no room in their brain for one more impression or fact. We go home, let some of it pour out in practice, and in the free space, we find a few spots that didn’t fill up enough the first time round. Normal.

We must meet our peers to see how we are performing in our industry, very challenging for our profession, since we work independently. Teachers can observe how skills are implemented to see where training can be made as effective as possible.

This is an announcement for colour analysts who have taken the training course from either Terry or me and continue to practice in our system. The students coming for training this year, prior to the event, are invited as well.

The event will take place in Manhattan.  Dates are October 16, 17, and 18, 2014.

Photo: czajoslaw

Photo: czajoslaw


The agenda will consist of time for introductions and meeting, several draping demonstrations, a presentation on Image Analysis and how you can make it available to your clients, further practice harmonizing colour to Season, discussion regarding makeup colour and application, and sharing of the numerous resources on which the analyst group has collaborated.

We will work (play would be more accurate) from 9 to 5 for 3 days. Afterwards, we can spend our time as we choose, still together to talk shop, but less formally, inviting travel partners to join us for an evening experience which I hope involves food, wine, and the jewelry and perfume excess that I so love. Many of the analysts will combine 3 days of colour with a few more days before or after to visit an incredible destination.

I would like this to be an annual event. Every profession recognizes that such meetings are essential to the maintenance of the highest standard of performance among its members. We are not there yet, given the expense and personal scheduling conflicts. Maybe attendance once every 3 years might be feasible, we’ll see.

Photo: bizior

Photo: bizior


I mean. Women. We’ll be in Manhattan. Together. Talking about our favourite topic. Getting fabulous haircuts at Jean-Louis David. Shopping at discount designer stores. Visiting perfume boutiques in the Village for beautiful scents for the Seasons. Walking this most glorious city at 6AM, having cappuccino, and being there as it wakes up. My heart is racing.



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