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Authenticity and The Perfect Lipstick

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I write about Season through the eyes of a person who lives in the Northern Hemisphere in a temperate climate. The 4 Seasons proceed according to well-known formulas. Patterns have their place but as we know, in personal colour analysis (PCA), they can limit our vision.

What about all the people who see colour and time of year differently or live in a land without snow? In today’s post, Jennifer is our guest blogger from New Zealand. From her recent PCA, she found a new awareness of her own colours repeated in Nature. Jennifer first shares her colour journey, followed by a post that opens a beautiful window into geographic colour diversity from a place where summer and December happen together.

Thank you to Amelia Butler for the analysis that found Jennifer’s Season to be Light Summer.

I am honoured to introduce today’s author and share her colour story with you.

Jennifer’s Colour Story


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In my mid Thirties, around 1980, I would have been among the first women in New Zealand to get my colors “done”. Looking at Carole Jackson’s book, I picked my self as a Summer but paid to discover I was a Spring. There were 3 or 4 other women in the class and I was completely fascinated as I watched the process. Did not relate to the Spring Neutrals at all. Did not like them by my face. However I discovered a life long love affair with aqua, coral/peach pink, a soft yellow and cool green. And I began to occasionally to wear light coral pink lipstick. I was a health professional and found wearing my colours simplified the choices I needed to make. In fact as the years went by I got pretty stuck and often too busy and too lazy to wear makeup of any sort …the colours did the work, especially when I was in attendance at the duration of a longish labour in midwifery practice.

The science of colour typing moved forward and I became a spring going to summer and then a light spring. Now I found some neutrals I could wear near my face but only if I made some effort with makeup. Sometime in the middle of 2015, I flirted briefly with David Zyla’s book and while wandering round the internet came across a photo of Christine’s book and found her blog.  A new world of art and science opened up to me. I was so fascinated that I was tempted to travel to Canada to get my colours redone again. I was in love with the words “perfecting the skin”. In my late 60s by now those words really attracted my attention.

Christine gave me the contact details of Amelia Butler of True Colours International in Australia. I was reasonably certain I was still a light spring but slightly open to idea that [Amelia] might come up with another answer. I went to Sydney with a close friend and was so excited by being there that I only took in a few moments of the whole process. The world stopped as I saw myself looking completely beautiful in light summer white. No makeup and perfected skin. Wow!!!!! I did not need to wear the cap as Amelia could see my fine grey hair was natural. The other heart stopping moment was two of light summer’s darkest and possibly most dramatic colours one on each shoulder. A red and a lightish purple. Perfected skin ….is impossible to explain until you see it on yourself.

Followed 4 months of living and breathing my new season. I knew it was true in my mind but I had to learn to live it and trust what I was feeling, seeing, and experiencing. I checked out practically everything I owned in the interior of my house. As far as my clothes were concerned, not much had to be taken to the op shop. About a month later I put on a salmon/coral shirt that had passed the test with the light summer swatches. Too much yellow/orange undertone and out it went. My own eyes told me it was too far into light spring.

Over those 4 months, Christine’s book and my new swatches never left my side. I now have rimless glasses and receive compliments about my eyes, not my too bright eyeglass frames. The right coloured lipsticks,  Flowergirl and Come Dancing [from the Blueprints line] …..I feel naked without them. I discovered how lovely grey pearls can look perfecting the skin and drawing the gaze of others toward my eyes. If you are gray/blue eyed and a light summer go straight out and buy them.

December in New Zealand is the Light Summer month. I watched Hydrangea, Agapanthus, and Jacaranda come in to bloom. The days were at their longest and warm but not too hot, ranging between 23 and 24 degrees C. A smile hardly left my face as I looked around and saw the world as if for the first time.

Was I ever a light spring?


In the photo above, you can see Come Dancing lipstick and the new rimless glasses. In Jennifer’s words, “The photo does not do justice to those grey pearls….they pick up all the Light Summer colours and the lightest part of my iris. Every blue/grey eyed light summer should have at least a pair of grey pearl earrings.” And about her true hair colour compared to the picture, “My hair is not that colour… is actually lovely shade of grey but the sunlight coming through a sunfilter blind turned it blonde for this photo.”


Natural Setting for December Summer Holiday

Waiheke Island is situated in the Hauraki Gulf, a short ferry ride from New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland. Conde Nast voted Waiheke one of the 10 best islands to visit in the world and Lonely Planet gave Waiheke Island fifth best place to visit in 2016. A peaceful holiday in early-mid December is a magical time before schools break- up and the busy Christmas/holiday season arrives. Summer has truly started and the days are at their longest, encouraging the viewing of sea and sky in its various moods and colours from earliest dusk until full darkness in the evening. The sea at latitude 37 is a mixture of soft greens and blues at different times of the day

Growing close to the almost deserted beaches are huge mature New Zealand Christmas trees. The native pohutukawa is covered in glorious cherry red blossoms at this time of year and provides dappled shade on many beaches. We stop to pick up groceries at the small township of Oneroa. Casual, relaxed, and friendly, with just a touch of hippie chic left over from the decades before Waiheke’s charm was “discovered” by a legion of fans, local and international.



A short drive through the rolling hills covered in boutique vineyards, olive groves, and stands of protected forest. There are numerous walking tracks to be enjoyed with glorious 360 degree views. Turning off the road, there is a shady long drive with jacaranda trees in full soft violet blue bloom. The house we stay in is elevated above the beach. We can hear the waves lapping the shore as we step out of the car.




Around three sides of the house, a two-metre wide verandah shades us from the high summer sun, affording many opportunities eat outdoors. Fresh green grass is a joy to walk on with bare feet. The garden has a few herbs and some seasonal vegetables available. Mop head hydrangeas are at the peak of their flowering in various shades of blue, from light sky to the deepest blues with a touch of purple. As a small child these flowers showed off their mop heads far above mine and they always seemed huge if I picked just a few and put them in a vase….for a child the result was a representation of what summer was about.




A later arrival on the shores of New Zealand was the South African agapanthus. The genus to be found blooming right around the verandah carries its dark purple/blue flowers two metres above the ground for most of December and January.




There is the annual family controversy as to what will be eaten for Christmas dinner and once again the clear winner: Roast Chicken with Tarragon Dressing and fresh Cherries. Morning Coffee and Christmas cake each day on the verandah even if it pours with rain. The complete absence of technology leads to a slower, reflective, calming pace of life. Kayaking, swimming and bush walking for exercise. Sweat washed off in the outdoor shower. We listen to Baroque Christmas Carols, read, weather watch and most of all revel in the sheer natural beauty all around in every direction. Every sense is fully satisfied. The house is an open pavilion all day at this time of year.

Dress code: Day: loose cotton shirts, soft pink hibiscus flower tucked behind ear, bare feet and capri length gym pants. Evening: serious sartorial effort!…long loose caftans dressed up with silver hoop earrings, Bulgari Pour Femme perfume, and Come Dancing lipstick. Night attire: high thread count linen sheets.



3 Thoughts on Authenticity and The Perfect Lipstick

  • "; ?> Laura

    Thank you for sharing this personal journey. Fascinating comment on the effect of the grey pearls. I love the idea of pearls but don’t feel confident that they enhance BrSpring. A post about stones/gems, etc. that work well for the various seasons would be a terrific help…hint hint.

    Hope you are enjoying this long cool spring, the flowers are lasting so long, it’s wonderful.

  • "; ?> Kristy

    Beautiful article and imagery. I would love to see this done by a guest from each season!

  • "; ?> Jan

    Jennifer looks absolutely lovely!!! And it’s amazing what the right lipstick can do to enhance our already existing beauty. Only having the above photo as a reference, she appears to have a lot of warmth in her skin. Perhaps this is was the thrust for the original Spring analysis. I think it’s very telling that she was uncomfortable wearing certain Spring colors, thus avoiding them. The compliments she’s now receiving as a Light Summer must be an uplifting validation to her. Kudos to her for not giving up on her color journey. And a big thank you, Jennifer, for sharing your experience and gorgeous personal and travel photos.

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