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Autumn’s Children

Autumn’s Children

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Autumn Children

Capable. This is the kid you want yours to be with if they go horseback riding. If yours falls off and is having wrist issues, the Autumn child can catch both horses, lead them home, find a grownup or a phone, call the parents, and get the right kind of help.

Life goes smoother if the other kids could just agree with them. There may be no physical attacks but there will be direct words spoken and order imposed. She’s doing the talking at the lemonade stand. Not bossy, not show-off, just doing the job.

Least likely to be picked on. Assertive from an early age.

True and Soft Autumns are social, not solitary. Dark may isolate himself more and talk to dolphins while all the other kids are trying to tip the raft. Winter needs time apart.

Might be stocky or sturdy, especially the boys, and boy, can they eat. Regardless, boy or girl, these children are strong and willing to use their strength. They are powerful athletes and real survivors. Their stamina and endurance stays with them into adulthood as 50 year olds who can still outskate all the kids in pond hockey.

Autumn colour baby looking in mirror

Photo: redvisualg


When the Soft Autumn child tells a story, the emotions involved will be inflated higher than anyone else’s version because their Summer-ness felt them so deeply. The Dark Autumn child will have more worries about the events in the story and their meanings and repercussions. The Winter in him will keep him worrying about it for days. The True just tells it like it is, and not everyone is prepared for that either.

Need time to process surprises and really wishes you would refrain. His Spring sister’s idea of euphoria would be a surprise a minute.

Autumn colour girl in the garden

Photo: BrachAnam9


They must have their own experience of something to change their mind. They are the original can’t-tell-them-anything kids.

The Autumn child is straight up. He doesn’t conceal, cannot deceive. He’s not a jokester and is never devious. His Spring brother, who takes life less seriously and has a big imp streak, has figured out that when Mom’s on the phone, he can climb out a window, double back around the house to the kitchen, and sneak his fifth Popsicle of the afternoon. The Autumn child might walk very quietly into the kitchen, but if noticed and asked, would be compelled to admit, 5.

Spring fills us with the wonder of the moment. It is immediate. Summer is the cradle that keeps us safe while pushing us to meet our highest potential. Winter symbolizes our mental capacity, to reason, to rationalize. Autumn is the work we do on Earth, to enrich, to build, to create, to leave something better than we found. Autumn completes our wholeness as the power of the physical body, inseparable from emotion (Summer), spirit (Spring), and logic (Winter).

The Dark Autumn boy will explain, indeed expound, actually expostulate, on his topic, with no awareness that nobody has had a chance to speak for 20 minutes. The Dark Autumn man is not very different, but he speaks more slowly so he has time to formulate his thoughts. He is the professor to Dark Winter’s philosopher.

Autumn colour girl in poppy field

Photo: AD-Passion


Soft Autumn’s husband asks that you not tell her that a family member is in personal crisis or he’ll be sent back to the Farmer’s Market. The rest of his morning will be spent making ham sandwiches. He already delivers an asparagus quiche to the Art Gallery once a week. She combines Summer’s love and upstanding decency and Autumn’s foot on the gas, to nurture the entire world.

True and Dark Autumn will be on time. Let’s get to it. Then we go on to the next job, though we tell ourselves we are going to rest. We can chat after, but I won’t be late for my next appointment or make you late for yours.

If a client has all her children colour analyzed, she could be an Autumn. She sees the sense and the savings, and is completely open to change. Light Spring will do the same, a mix of her Summer desire to make her family happy and her Spring enthusiasm when she spots a good thing. They will adopt their new palettes very quickly, without Winter’s tendency to contest or Summer’s to resist.


Autumn colour girl staring

Photo: Annalog85


If it is a plain and honest opinion you want, go shopping with an Autumn. Summer’s deep streak of kindness will embellish with a compliment, any compliment. If you’re ok with the cold-blooded fact, a Winter can tell you that your suit is fine if you don’t mind looking like a birthday cake.

And then you say to them, Now, how would you feel if someone spoke to you that way? And they say Fine. I wouldn’t care. They’re telling the truth. Just as everyone’s busy is different, everyone’s Golden Rule comes out different but it’s still the same rule. On the other hand, they won’t tell you 3 months later that they really didn’t love you as a blonde but didn’t want to hurt your feelings, knowing what that hair cost and all.

The three Autumn groups look rightest in brown eyeshadow and liner because brown is dark orange and orange, gold, rust, etc. are cornerstones of Autumn. The only other great one for brown eyeshadow is True Spring. Everyone else is better in their grays.

autumn colour friends

Photo: doriana_s



26 Thoughts on Autumn’s Children

  • "; ?> Aimee

    I had been searching for this last installment, hoping it would bring some insight or clarity as to which season I am. I had decided on soft autumn or true autumn, but I find none of autumn’s practicality and purpose in me. I am much more a blend of spring and summer in temperament, fun and engaging, yet kind and compassionate and a bit unsure of myself. And so, I am in a quandary. I have autumn’s eyes (warm brown) and hair, slight freckling under the eyes and over the nose, and lighter, warmer skin with some pink in the cheeks. I find that deeper yellow is okay, but other yellow-toned clothes make me look sallow. I have lived as a summer the past 24 years, so this unsettling to me, having always disliked the fall colors, except in nature. I used to regret being born in Oct because the stores didn’t sell cakes with pink flowers, only orange! I so enjoy your writing, btw. I’ve pored over certqin selections repeatedly:)

  • "; ?> Sarah

    I’m with Aimee – I’ve been thinking Autumn (though I’ve had a 4 seasons analyst take one look at me over coffee, and say heck no, Summer … but pretty sure I lean warm not cool). However, I don’t have the autumn personality. I don’t really feel at home with any of the personalities you describe. I feel like a good dollop of Summer’s details and kindness, a generous dollop of Winter’s worrying/perfectionism/sensitivity to criticism, a solid splash of Spring’s playfulness and disorganisation, with a touch of autumn’s honesty and up-on-a-soapbox nature. Mind you, I can’t really work out my season either, despite draping myself with scores of fabrics, so perhaps I’m a middling kind of person all around!

  • "; ?> inge

    This is wonderful, Christine! There must be some Autumn threads in my fabric. I was the kind of kid that ate everything that was the plate without fuss, and disappointed my parents by learning to speak correctly- no funny baby talk from me. And yes, I can outskate all the kids in pond hockey. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you for this new treat.

  • "; ?> Jill

    These are great! I’ve been trying to figure out my kids seasons (both their coloring is light and neutral) and these articles really helped. Both my children have Summer in their personalities! My husband is a Summer in coloring but I definitely see some Autumn in his personality! Thanks so much for doing these!

  • "; ?> voodoo

    hi christine.i really loved your article.i would like to ask you about two things.well,in summer children i made a question about overtones and i don’t think i interpreted my question really well.i just wanted to ask if you are looking for certain-let’s say-surface tones(no undertones).i mean in the true autumn landscape you had write that you are looking for a hot copper in the skin tone,a bronzed brown overlay.what are the other 11 seasons skin surface tones are more like?what is the color that overlays on their skin?and not just whiter skins,i would really appreciate if you could give me examples of darker skins too.oh,and about kibbe,how do you know what is the vibe that you have?how do you see it?i mean all the 13 kibbes have their own essence,right?(not how you lool like,imean for example,i know i am kinda assymetrical in body and face characteristics,but i don’t know my essence and how i could possibly see it)i would really appreciate it if you answer my questions.thank you. :-)i am sorry if my english weren’t too good

  • "; ?> voodoo

    in my last parentheses i wanted to write “look” NOT “lool”

  • "; ?> Lategates

    Had been eagerly anticipating and awaiting this one Christine! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks so much. These articles are like sitting down to a wonderful meal…..and many lines have to be read and re-read and savored….

    Aimee: Trying to find your season via the personality descriptions is tricky and next to impossible. The descriptions (as least the way I see it) are archetypes based on Christine’s experiences and insight and reading, but I don’t think they are meant to be taken as concrete fact for each and every person. For example, I recently draped as a DA – but that doesn’t mean that all the descriptions of the DA personality fit me – for example – I am dis-organized, scatter brained, rarely on time (when left to my own devices) but there are other things here that do resonate. If I had been trying to ‘self diagnose’ my season I NEVER would have pegged myself as a DA based on personality descriptions. As well, Christine helped me to see that the way we see ourselves is almost never the way we come across to other people. The best thing is to get draped. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • "; ?> Lategates

    Christine: Just wanted to let you know I have a pinecone and some coffee beans on my dresser in my bedroom to ‘remind’ me of my DA essence. Thanks for the wonderful visuals you provide…..

  • "; ?> Lindsay F.

    Inge, funny you should mention that about the lack of baby talk! My parents tell me I was the same way.

  • "; ?> Jennifer

    Thank you, Christine. These articles are savory and delicious to read. Though I don’t act this way all of the time, when push comes to shove in life, this is me to a T.

    A semi-related question. I have the medium red hair, teal blue eyes, pink (translucent skin+capillaries close to the surface) & yellow tones in my skin (some light tanning) that is often placed in the True/Warm Autumn palette. No matter what swatch book I see (True Colour from Australia, Indigo Tones, the 28 colors from “Return to Your Natural Colors”, etc.) I…n-e-v-e-r…like the pinks/corals/oranges, or the olive, on me. And I don’t think they look good on other Warm Autumn redheads when they wear them either, like Julianne Moore has worn coral.

    So, my actual question is: is that normal? Are entire chunks of a palette undesirable to others as well? I know that I’ll just end up wearing whatever I conclude looks good and creates a glow, but it bothers me that I don’t love all of the True/Warm Autumn palettes, and I don’t feel that they are perfect for redheads.

    Oh, I (dubiously) bought the L’Oreal Cinnamon Toast lipstick that someone suggested for True/Warm Autumns, and it looks AMAZING on me. I can’t wear it straight from the tube–I need a blot or two–but this is the first red lipstick that looks as much as part of my natural coloring as my other features do. Great suggestions from the people visiting this site!

  • "; ?> Jennifer

    I meant, “…all of the COLORS in the True/Warm Autumn palettes…”

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      What Lategates says is right – don’t even consider personality when analyzing colour. There is too much complexity in it, too much variation, not to mention the parts of ourselves we’ve adjusted over the years to accommodate those around us and that we never see ourselves as others do. Personality is far more misleading than…hair colour!
      Or eye colour – Aimee, many Seasons can have warm brown eyes. Probably all of them have a version.

      Voodoo – I’m not sure I can come up with a perfect example of each one. The True Seasons are easier, with TA copper, TSp unmistakable yellow, TW whites and blacks, and TSu light pink-grey cottony fabric.
      Comparing people is easier. DA and DW can look very similar until they’re draped. I can’t always come up with perfect word examples, but think of the differnece between Keir Knightley’s skin and Renee Zellwegger’s. Keira’s is like many (but not all) DW and DA skin, though DA can look more toasted.
      SA reminds me of peanut butter.
      None of the other Seasons put an overlay colour in my head.
      Since I’m far from being a Kibbe expert, I’d have to let someone else answer that one. Do you know the facebook page Kibbe Madness? There are hundreds of excellent photos, examples, collages, and discussions there.

      Jennifer – the only normal people are the ones we dont’ know very well; it’s when we feel push that we don’t have time to add on the ‘normal’ layer and our real self comes out. About the palettes, although every colour is in perfect harmony with your own, it doesnt’ mean you would like or wear every one. Sometimes we look better than we realize in colours we’re holding away. Maybe Julianne isn’t a TA or had the coral wrong. I agree pinks are very tricky on TA, almost harder than white. I do think that many of us have more and less favorite colours and few own an item in each of the 60 swatches. Thanks for the feedback on the lipstick.

  • "; ?> inge

    Linsday F., yes, I let my parents down somehow. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am however no Autumn, as far as I could see. But there is something in this personality issue.
    There is no use to learn that you are a Spring and a Kibbe Romantic, when you prefer
    comfortable clothes and hate high heels and floral dresses, for instance. Maybe the personality should play a bigger role in choosing one’s style, but cannot say how, of course.

  • "; ?> Lena

    Jennifer, I’m so glad you liked the L’Oreal Colour Riche Cinnamon Toast lipstick I suggested for TA ( and possibly DA ) on another thread. I do think it looks best when blotted a bit.

    Christine, I love this series on Children of the Seasons. I have been waiting for the Autumn post. I was told I was an Autumn years ago. But I don’t see myself in the description of Autumn’s Children at all. However, Summer’s Children sounded just like me! One of the Summer pictures even looks like me as a child. It’s very confusing.

  • "; ?> Emily

    Personality-wise, I see a little of myself in each description. Tricky! A great read, though. Thanks. I’ve really enjoyed this series.

  • "; ?> Pam

    Christine, I’m an avid follow of your work and am looking for some insight. I was draped as a True Summer by Darin Wright and typed as a Type 3 by Carol Tuttle. I’m having a hard time marrying the two. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

  • "; ?> Christine Scaman

    Denise – I would say most women would stay with their main Season, so T3 for you. I’m a DW and find the T3 much too Autumn. But you know, every woman is a new adventure. For many Neutral Season women, I find wearing the accessories of your smaller portion Season is a great way of bringing in that Neutral component. It’s interesting and unexpected. The T4 stuff in metal might be just too plain cold for you at the T4 store, but some of the coloured items or the textures silver earrings could be great.

    There are correlations for sure. Not sure I’d see S Su as “rich, dynamic”, they’re cooler and smoother than that, I’d have said soft/subtle. Certainly, T Su is also soft/subtle. The Lights need their own category “moderated bright and animated” maybe.

  • "; ?> Nana

    That blue eyeliner recommendation for DA sort of kicked me off ๐Ÿ™‚ Not that
    i need much enticement..

  • "; ?> Jennifer

    You out did yourself with this one, Christine. I have a few Autumn children and an Autumn husband. You spelled out their personality to a ‘t’.

  • "; ?> Sarah

    “When the Soft Autumn child tells a story, the emotions involved will be inflated higher than anyone elseรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs version because their Summer-ness felt them so deeply.”

    YES!!! Lol, this is the only thing I’ve read about SA personalities that I identify with ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve been meaning to ask about how childrens’ seasons change as they grown. If seasons can change as someone gets older, always in a cooler/softer direction, is there likewise a direction of change for children as they grow up? Darker? I find it hard to imagine any baby dressed in black, so I wondered if they tend to start off as lighter seasons?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Children are quite variable. My 3 (TW, DW, and T Su) were settled when they were 4 and haven’t changed. The TW was draped at about 13 and very striking skin reactions even then. I’ve seen them move from T Su > L Su > L Sp over about 3 years. And some darken. We all darken up in maturity, around 35, but it doesn’t change our Season. Also, we may cool/soften in our 60s but very few people change their Season. The whole colouring moves as a whole and they may or may not choose different colours within the palette but it will be the original one they’ve always been.

  • "; ?> Sarah

    Interesting, thank you!

  • "; ?> Jamie

    I don’t understand how your coloring affects your personality and body type. How is that possible?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Probably nobody does, Jamie, but to some extent, it does happen. There are character similarities that happen much too often to be coincidence. Like spunky redheads, cheerful blondes, etc. No doubt it’s just that the genes that control colour, shape, and personality are linked on certain chromosomes and some of them travel together during inheritance.

  • "; ?> J

    Thanks for writing your insights and observations for the Autumn season folks!! Love it and so accurate. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • "; ?> Bee

    Hahah, I can’t buy into the idea that my coloring has any effect on my personality.
    When I was a kid I was a space cadet and I’m get grumpy at anyone who broke my daydreams and brought me back into the boring real world. I was completely disorganized and oblivious to the world.
    … Not much has changed.
    But I’m undoubtedly a soft autumn.

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