Colour analyst training courses are held in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada.

Student colour analysts drape 6 models (and themselves as the 7th). Courses are private, with one student per 4-day training session.

Volunteers are appreciated. Please contact me to express your interest by filling out the form below. I will reply to you by e-mail and answer any questions you may have.

Please attach a photograph to help ensure that each student sees a variety of colouring types. These photographs are never shared and are deleted from my files once the modeling has taken place, or at any other time upon request.

Once the date is scheduled, I will contact you by e-mail 10-14 days prior to the session to confirm our appointment. Directions to the colour studio will be shared at this time.

The colour analysis will take 2-3 hours. If we apply cosmetics or discuss hair colour, it may take a little longer. The model simply sits in front of a mirror while fabrics of various colours are placed across their shoulders. The studio is private, no photographs are taken, information is not shared, no record is kept of the experience, and there is no cost.

The sooner the initial contact is made, the sooner your modeling may take place. The model request list is presently 1-2 years long, depending on the number of courses scheduled, which is unpredictable and may happen at short notice.

Children are distracting for the student and model and should not be present during the analysis.

Please do not commit to modeling if there is any chance of cancelation beyond unforeseen emergencies. Training course schedules are tightly orchestrated and adding last minute models is extremely challenging.

Please note that scheduling models is not done on a first-come basis:

  • Priority is at times given to male models (or women who bring men for the second session of the day), as they may be less available.
  • Second priority is given to people who are not likely to belong to the Dark, True, and Bright Winter groups. These Seasons are included in each course, but they tend to volunteer in greater numbers and the waiting list is longer.
  • Persons of darker complexion may be contacted sooner.
  • Members of the same family are a welcome opportunity for the student to see inheritance patterns and people of different ages whose colouring might be similar.
  • Depending on time of year, models from the Charlottetown, PEI,  area may be contacted first when travel conditions are less predictable.

The model receives at no cost:

  • the complete colour analysis experience, with the Season result and opportunity to participate and ask questions throughout the analysis process.
  • the colour palette for their Season.

Not included in modeling:

  • cosmetic application
  • cosmetic list for the Season
  • hair colour consultation
  • written information about the Season
  • future access to support or advice
  • Luxury Drape viewing
  • time for photographs

The student’s learning is the emphasis of the modeling experience. We may address your specific questions regarding colour or appearance, but once the student has understood the concept, the support you desire may be found in the online groups for your Season.

To offer the student practical experience, some aspects of a full client session may be added to the modeling. This might be a conversation about the model’s colour efforts, a demonstration of using the palette to the fullest extent, or discussion of hair colour or cosmetic concerns, such as matching foundation or choosing lipstick. As a model, if you prefer one of these, please advise me during our e-mail conversations.

If you would like to learn more about the PCA process or be well prepared for the session, please visit the FAQs page for answers and more information.

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    A photo (with or without makeup) is requested to ensure that the student sees a diversity of colouring types. These images are never shared and are deleted once the modelling has taken place.