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Best Makeup Colours : Bright Winter

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The Bright Seasons would not be as perplexing as they are if someone had not made an allusion to clear eyes. Suddenly, they became indefinable. Who has clear eyes? Who doesn’t? Analysts run a little scared of pronouncing someone Bright Winter.

In 12 Season Personal Colour Analysis, this group belongs to the Winter category. Colours are moderately dark overall and reaching to the extreme ends of the lightest to darkest gray scale, as Winter does. Colours are also highly saturated and cool-neutral, just to the cool side of halfway between warm and cool.

Bright Winter is a Neutral Season, a Winter with a Spring infusion. Spring does do some fascinating things when it mixes with Winter, maybe part of what makes this colouring so consuming of our attentions and imaginations. Maybe it is the relief we have evolved to feel when warmth returns to tell us that we survived another cold spell.

When pure and clear colour energy mixes with Winter power and scale, the effect is arresting. When the sweet innocence of Spring flows into Winter formality, it feels almost heartbreaking.

Some of the True Winter cold is substituted for the Spring pale yellow warmth. Not buttercup yet, not even daffodil. More like snowdrops. There is a trace of the delicate in these people, unlike True Winter that neither looks nor acts delicately ( or if they do, you soon learn it’s pretend).

Snowdrops flowers

Spring also lightens the colours, compared to True Winter darkness. Only a bit. This is the lightest of the Winters. The person can look too light for the cliche of how a stereotypic Winter appearance, often living as Light or True Summers, but the true colour balance is found as a lighter Winter, not a bright Summer.

These are the Colour Analysis cosmetic colours that work so perfectly with this skin tone.

Bright winter best makeup colours

The eyeshadow in icy violet is incredible. Merle Norman makes Freesia and it is gorgeous for a reason. The icy is Winter. The violet is the complement of yellow, a component of all Spring skin.

The other hilite is yellow, or creamy, but still quite neutral champagne. Everyone can do neutral champagne. Just avoid brown, beige, buff, gold, and pastel.

Eyeshadow for the Brights is a search challenge. You can do a clean light grey and deeper charcoal (left column). You can add in a bit of brown and get to taupe (right column) but barely any. Will you be able to find 2 separate products? You might, but you would not need to.

Shimmer in makeup is a definite possible, though never necessary. The industry just makes so much of it that it’s easier to find. Winter has a still polish. Spring expresses dazzle and movement. Merge the two and the shimmer works. One facial feature at a time.

Eyeliner is charcoal, or black-brown. Purple can be great, but certainly more playful. It is lighter than True Winter’s bluer colour and will look purpler. Spring allows imagination, energy, and fun, but still very contained in this group. Winter sapphire can also work. These eyeliners might be better as accents, rather than for surrounding the entire eye. You might just do an inner rim of the upper lid, or the outer section of the upper lid, merging with the charcoal. Just because you can look great in circus gear does not mean you should.

Lip and blush usually take time to get used to. Start light or sheer with makeup. Your palette includes lighter choices too. The lip often has a fair bit of natural colour. The rest of us would love it on you immediately, but I get that it is you who has to wear it. Ask someone you trust. Sugarplum gloss is lovely.

As for the clear eyes thing, it would not help you pick a Bright Winter out of a line-up.  Everyone’s colouring is perfectly balanced in their face. You would notice the clear eyes in a second if they suddenly appeared in an Autumn face. They are often black-brown, Virginia turtle eyes (transparent turquoise), which become OMG with charcoal eyeliner, or may be Asian black or wolf-yellow.

Everyone has amazing eyes. Once we notice them, we all find it hard to stop looking. It is so important to get rid of the distracting clutter. Calm down the skin, the hair, the over-makeup, and let your eyes leave an echo.



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  • Trish

    Thanks for this. It is really interesting. Here are some MAC shades (I tend to stick to MAC though I’m interested in Illamasqua now too) which might be worth trying out. One thing I have noticed is that Bright Winter is much pinker/redder than True Winter.

    Digit (though still a tad too blue- could do with being more pink-violet)
    Blanc Type – a wonderful cream colour (or Schroom which is frostier)

    Scene- a soft blue grey
    Electra- a silvery grey (frost)
    Print- a mid grey
    Typographic- a darker grey

    Omega-muted greyish taupe
    Coquette-darker taupe
    Concrete-darker taupe

    Blooz- a navy – could do with being slightly more purple – try MAC ‘Contrast’ eye shadow
    Phone number- Charcoal
    Smoulder- black
    Still looking for a nice purple – MAC only has a brownish aubergine.

    Lipstick: (Red-pinks and Pink-reds)- avoiding purple or blue pinks & reds
    Revlon Cherries in the Snow (fabulous)
    MAC Lustering (Sheer pink)
    MAC Lickable (Bright pink)
    MAC Speak Louder (Bright pink)
    MAC Chatter box (Red-pink)
    MAC Utter Fun (limited edition very Bright pink)
    MAC Ruby Woo (Bright red)
    MAC Russian Red (Softer bright red)
    MAC Brave Red (yellowed red- not orange)
    MAC Lady Bug (Sheer yellowed red)

    In addition:
    I find that instead of icy violet I prefer to use an icy pink shadow (such as MAC yoghurt or Pen n pink) as that flatters my skin tone- though I sometimes use an icy violet to go with the plums. I also suit Mulberry and plumy browns (that I borrow from Deep Winter) for a softer smoky eye- such as:

    Plums: (slightly more purple)
    MAC Shadowy lady
    MAC Blackberry

    Mulberries: (Slightly more pink)
    MAC Signed Sealed or Deep Damson (Limited Editions)
    MAC Sketch

    On Blue tones:
    I found (through expensive experimentation) that if I’m going to wear a purple shadow (for fun) that I really don’t suit blue-toned purples- the pink-type of purple suits me much, much better as it connects with the pink and warmer yellow tones in my skin. Bright winter is closer to Bright spring than it is to True Winter. I found that blue toned lippies are tolerated less well than pink and yellow toned ones.

  • Trish

    For blush:

    MAC Breezy (Deeper pink)
    MAC Pink Swoon (light bright pink)
    MAC Dollymix (Bright pink)
    MAC Frankly Scarlet (Bright yellow red)- it’s really really lovely for snowwhite cheeks

    Or MAC blush creame in posey

  • Lucretia

    Thank you for the great article!

    Would you say that Estee lauder stay Plumberry, swatched here:
    belongs to the true winter palette or to the bright winter one? I ask it because it clears my skin instantly, despite looking such an odd colour!

  • Lucretia

    forgot to add that the photo showing the effect of “stay plumberry” is the second, not the first one!

  • itari

    Thank you 🙂

    I’ve been waiting to read an article about Bright Winters (mostly because I suppose I am one). I haven’t been PCA’d, though. Nevertheless, I think that the colours would work for me. Even if I’m not a Bright Winter, I still love these.

    I know that eye colour is irrelevant in Sci\ART analysis, but you often mention things like “it’s a Spring eye”. Mine are somewhat similar to the cliche clear eyes. There’s an image of a Winter eye in the “Wall Photos” section of your Facebook profile. The iris pattern look just like mine, although my colouring is different (dark blue around the iris, which is cool blue-grey with bright green flecks, no brown at all). Sorry for asking so many questions, but there are no Sci\ART analysts where I live. I’m a theoretical sort of person, too.

  • Jeannie

    Can a cool winter wear the ‘freesia’ too? Would taupe and ‘freesia’ be good?

    • Christine Scaman

      To all,

      Thanks so much to anyone who contributed specific products. Believe me, readers thank you.

      MN Freesia is beautiful for both True and Bright Winter.

      Taupe – which taupe? You know me well, Jean. We might have 2 different colors in our heads. Can you find me a swatch/link? In general, yes it could work well. Generally like grey better on these 2 Seasons, but a grey, clean taupe could work.

      Very right, Jean, they are different palettes. Also very hard to find makeup because the industry produces little of this clarity, coolness, and intensity. Many women have to compromise between the 2. So, they might wear the same lipstick but the rest of the palette will direct the overall look either to True or Bright.

      Stay Plumberry could be True or one of Bright’s cooler choices. When I swatched it, it seemed a fair bit darker than the photo.

  • Jeannie

    Wow…the difference between Bright winter and True winter was not as noticable until I put them side by side…I really see the difference now. Mostly lips/cheek color.

  • Jeannie

    I had a makeup artist use this and a lt/icy grey with almost a icy blue/icy lavendar color to it…Freesia reminds me of the color with soft black eyeliner on it. I am still teetering on where I fall in the seasons.

    Hope your holiday is going well,

  • Kathy

    @ Trish and Christine (or anyone else familiar with the MAC shades mentioned)

    Would Pink Swoon and Dollymix be a bit too cool for a neutral season? They both look cool to my eyes (though Pink Swoon works on my warmish skin because it’s so sheer — but only in the summer when I have a bit of color). Fleur Power, recommended on A Greener Tea for a Bright Spring, is slightly warmer, but still bright and saturated.

    Revlon’s Sugar Poppy was namechecked on the Facebook page. Got it, love it, but I can’t deal with the scent of old-school Revlon lipsticks. I prefer gloss anyway, and found a cheapie from Wet ‘n’ Wild called “Candy Apple” that’s pretty close. Revlon’s Strawberry Suede is good, too, maybe more bright spring than bright winter. (And no funky taste.)

    I’m still not certain what season I am, so all this is relative. I’m confident that I’m a bright, just not sure which one. I think I’ll have a better idea when I color my hair a more neutral shade. I know haircolor is irrelevant, but when you haven’t seen yours for nearly a decade, it’s easy to forgot what your god-given coloring is.

  • Trish

    Hi Kathy

    I have both Pink swoon and Dollymix and I don’t find them too cool- compare Pink Swoon to Coygirl and you’ll see the cooler lilac tones in Coygirl. The main thing about the blush I use for my bright winter skin is that is clear and bright (but still natural)

    My sister is Bright Spring and she really suits Fleur Power, more than me.

    I was looking at Strawberry suede yesterday and I came to the conclusion that it would look better on a Cool Summer as it has the soft pink tones to it. I adore Revlon’s cherries in the snow and thier Matte eyeshadows are almost perfect dupes for MAC Matte2 collection (some of which are now discontinued):

    Revlon Vintage Lace = MAC Blanc Type
    Revlon Pink Innocence = MAC Pen N pink
    Revlon Lucious Lime- MAC Sunnyspot
    Revlon Venetian Blue= MAC Clarity (Discontinued)
    Revlon Riviera Blue= MAC Prussian
    Revlon Aubergine= MAC Fig
    Revlon Rich Sable= MAC Handwritten

    For reference I’ll decsribe the slight differences between myself and my sister

    Skin- her skin shows a tiny bit more yellow and mine shows a tiny bit more pink
    Eyes- almost identical in colour- a green, blusih gery with a yellow halo around the iris. Her eyes are lighter than mine though.
    Lips: Her lips are naturally peachy red in tone where as mine are more pinky red- both quite pigmented.
    Hair- We both have dark brown hair but she has definate auburn tones in her hair and some bright golden highlights in the summer where as my hair is more ashen in tone- my summer highlights go more grey.

    To look at us though you would’nt notice the difference till it was pointed out. We often comment on each others clothes for exmple she had a deep teal cradigan on the other day and we both noticed that it was more my colour than her’s – she still suits teal but just a tad lighter. When I put on her cardi my skin sparkled where as the depth of colour drained her slightly. In a lighter shade her skin glows.. .. it’s really quite interesting.

  • Denise

    Love the article and comments. I’m a bright winter and I like Revlon’s Fire and Ice lipstick and Nars Cactus Flower blusher. I also find the Dolly mix blush suits me very well.

    I prefer creams to powder for eyeshadow. I use Clinique’s creams in lavendar, cream and grey colors. If anyone knows of other cream eyeshadows in Bright Winter colors, I would appreciate the names!

    After reading this article, I tried a brown black eyeliner which I loved. It brings out my eyes and makes them dramatic looking and gives balance to the bright lipsticks. The other question I have is about purple eyeliner. I use an Almay purple amethyst eyeliner and I think it looks neutral on me rather than circus like. It may be because it’s a greyed down color, but I wondered if on a bright winter a color like purple would look more neutral than on another season.

    Great fun reading the article and comments!

  • Denise


    What would you recommend a bright winter do about coloring her hair? Mine is a dark brown black. I’ve never colored my hair and it’s graying now. The color isn’t bad but it isn’t good either (certainly not glamorous!). What should I tell my hairstylist? How to explain the concept of neutral?

    Thanks for any advice you have!

    • Christine Scaman


      Color it 2 shades lighter than the natural color is usually my best advice. The hair you had when you were 25. Gray works very well on Winters, because it’s inherently cool, stately, and dramatic, so consider whether you want to deal with roots and upkeep. If you do, as I do, then color it. Most colorists seem to say that hair color needs some warmth to cover gray, which is fine since you’re Neutral and can carry some warmth. Ask for the least amount of heat to cover gray, minimum red, as close to natural as possible but a bit lighter (seems a little softer on the complexion).

  • Ellen

    “Everyone’s eyes are amazing. Once we notice them, we all find it hard to stop looking. That’s why it’s so important to get rid of the distracting clutter. Calm down the skin, the hair, the over-makeup, and let your eyes leave an echo.”

    I love you, Christine. When I look at eye colour (say when someone says, “These are my eyes, what season am I?”), I immediately think, “How can I make this eye look captivating? What is the most inspiring that this eye can look?”
    I adore the way you worded this 🙂

  • Rachel Ramey

    What is a “Virginia turtle” eye?

    • Christine Scaman

      I’m not sure how a Virginian would describe it. When I saw it, it was a turquoise green, quite light for a Winter, even amounts of blue and green, and as clear as glass. Absolutely no cloudiness, it was like an utterly transparent bottle.

  • VE

    Here are a few more recommendations. When I get bored of charcoal eyes (liner/crease), I do black brown. Please post if you find clear champagne/snowdrop eyeshadows (matte and/or perle). Thank you.

    Revlon Fuchsia Fusion
    NARS Jungle Red
    eyeshadows (black brown/dark taupe–alone or mixed with greys/blacks):
    MAC Brun
    NARS Coconut Grove
    eyeliner (black brown):
    Lancome Black Coffee
    nude lip for BW: clear gloss w/spf (mid-high shine finish)

  • Kathleen

    Hello friends!
    I feel I should share this. But first of all I should tell you that I have NEVER posted on a web site before (although I’ve lurked on a few for a long time) and that I stumbled upon this site through stumbling on A Greener Tea less than a week ago.
    I’m not sure how I found A Greener Tea, but it may have been through searching for recommendations for a peach blush. Last week I came across Robert Jones’ book, Looking Younger, Makeovers that let you look as young as you feel at the public library and decided to check it out. I think he has many good suggestions for applying makeup and so forth but he is very big on bronzer and uses warm colors, especially peach for lips and blush and brown tones on the eyes. After reading this I got excited to try peach tones, something I’ve probably not used in almost 30 years!
    I should now add that back in the mid-1980’s in the heart of the Color Me Beautiful frenzy, my mother gave me a color consultation for my birthday. I was analyzed as a Winter and for quite a while was strict to those suggestions for clothing and makeup colors. Forward about 10 years and the Spillane/ Sherlock book comes out, Color Me Beautiful’s Looking your Best. I bought that, and decided I was most likely a Clear Winter but really made no major changes in my approach to color. Somewhere along the way in the late 1990’s I got off track with worrying about makeup colors. I kind of “got into” the Bobbi Brown approach of more toned-down (brown) colors. I appreciated her “natural” approach to makeup-up and the idea of just being yourself. I had a couple of Bobbi Brown makeovers at their counter where more subdued colors were used, and so forth.
    Anyway, after coming upon this site my whole interest in color theory was renewed. I would like to be analyzed to see if I am correct about “Bright Winter” but there are no SciArt consultants anywhere nearby. In fact I can’t raise their web site at all. But, I dropped my plans for peach blush and lipstick !!! and took to heart the suggestions I found for Bright Winter makeup…… Today I went out an bought a few things.
    First of all I went to a MAC counter and bought Dollymix blush, Lustering lipstick, and Copperplate eye shadow. Then I went to the Clinique counter and bought Raspberry Rush. Finally I steeled myself and went into a Merle Norman (that’s like a time warp!) and bought Freesia for highlighter. Oogled Dior’s Mystic Smokies at Sephora, but decided to try what I have first!
    Well, I got back to my car, and haven also eaten a frozen yogurt I needed lipstick so I whipped out my new Raspberry Rush. Put it on in the parking lot, car mirror, looked at myself and thought it has been years since I’ve looked so good!!! Ladies, that color turned my face around! Everything but my lips was the same: Bobbi brown foundation, her Sand Pink blush, a wash of a taupey eyeshadow and warm brown-black eyeliner.
    The effect was instantaneous with just that small change. Later, at home I added a pop of the Dollymix blush over what I had on, and also tried the Lustering lipstick, all with equally positive results. Tomorrow I will try the Copperplate shadow and the Freesia highlighter and also, following Christine’s review of MAC Studio Sculpt foundation, I scored a trial sample of that which I will apply. I am amazed once again how well this works!
    Obviously as I said above, I would still like to reananalyzed because I do know it is impossible to be objective about yourself. One thing that is interesting about my personal analysis as a Bright Winter, is that all those years ago when I first had it done, and was told Winter, in conversation I told my mother I was a Winter, and she responded that she would have guessed Spring! So maybe I really do have that Spring bit in there.
    I live in Lexington, Kentucky so if anyone knows of a Sciart consultant, please let me know. And sorry if this is posted at the wrong place.

  • VE

    –just found a good pale yellow eyeshadow highlight colour:
    Laura Mercier Luster Eye Colour in Starfruit

  • Kathleen Bryson

    This is a follow-up to my Feb. 23, 2011 posting.
    Peach blush? What was I thinking? There is no color that looks WORSE on me than peach! I was finally able to arrange a Sci\ART color analysis in Columbus, OH about 3 1/2 hrs from here. Would not have been bad but it poured BUCKETS most of the way there. I was proclaimed a True Winter which would have been my 2d personal choice; I thought I could be Bright or True. Robin, my analysist, kept going back and forth between Bright and True color swatches and said I was really hard to pin down, but in the end decided I was True. So I wasn’t too far off but now have to “blue” my makeup a little more but I love my colors and will have fun trying to find them! Several are really spectacular on me but I have doubts I will ever find them in clothing. I love all the pinks and purples too which may be easier since there are so many. Many thanks to you, Christine, for this wonderful site and to the many other women who have posted color suggestions on the various “winter” pages.

  • Kellee

    I just found this site while using google to see if there are any color analysis companies in my area in Indiana. I didn’t find any but love this web site. Looks like I’m a bit late on the commentary but I was wondering if anyone could help me with the differences between Bright Winter and Cool Winter. I have ruled out Dark Winter since I have very fair skin, can’t wear olive green or rust well and just don’t seem to fit as well with that category. I have dark brown hair and medium brown eyes, look great in black, hot pink, and royal blue. I have very cool undertones to my skin and have to use foundation for cool toned people. I think that I’m probably a cool winter, as my hair would be salt and pepper if I didn’t color it but I feel like I can wear bright saturated coral, which falls into the Bright Winter category. I’d love to have myself draped but found nothing in my area. Does anyone know a good way to help me decide if I’m a Bright vs. Cool? I don’t wear green that has yellow in it well, which may mean I’m the Cool. Any help would be much appreciated. I’d love to order some swatches but want to get the correct ones. Thanks.

    • Christine Scaman

      Hi, Kellee,
      You’re very colour perceptive in your descriptions of which colours would belong to which Season. As you say, your observations seem to contradict enough that we won’t be able to do this from verbal descriptions. Accurately calibrated drape colours will be the only way to sort this out that I know. I find reds a good colour to notice skin reactions, so TW is blue-based while BW is strawberry. You’ll see articles here about TMIT, 3 Best Colours for each Season, and several in the Winters. Hover the cursor over More Topics in the top L area. Look under Winter and For All Seasons.
      Hopefully you saw the Analyst Directory. True, nobody in Indiana. Most women work this into a business trip or holiday.

  • Kellee

    Thank you so much for your comments, Christine. I ended up doing an on-line color analysis since there is no draping in Indiana, and after a lot of photos and debate, I was deemed to be a Bright Winter, which I do believe is true. I got the 12 tone fan which I love having. Taking it along to shop makes things so easy. I bought some of the makeup as well. The Bright winter blush is wonderful for me. I have one question about one of your comments. I’m not sure what TMIT means. Thank you for your tips on where to look on your site for some great winter information!

    • Christine Scaman

      Kel – TMIT means The Most Important Thing

  • Dalise

    Hi Christine,
    Im a Bright Winter and finding the makeup-hair color aspect very easy and intuitive. But Im stuck on hairstyle. Do you know of any information that provides clues to Bright Winter on hairstyle?

  • Jez

    Could a BW wear benefit’s “posie tint”? (The light pink version of benetint). Or does the lip always need to be med to dark?

    • Christine Scaman

      Probably it would be fine, Jez, though I haven’t seen the colour. For sure, the lightness would work. A Winter looks better when the lip has definite presence on the face, but as the lightest of the Winters, the lip need not be dark. I love peach myself, but to show up against the saturation of this natural colouring, the cosmetic has to be very saturated or it will look like clear lip gloss. I also love strawberry reds. This colouring does funky very well too, as icy violet glosses.

  • AC

    A few recommendations:
    Eyeshadow Lancome “gris fumé” 5 colours in one box (charcoal to very light, slightly yellowed grey + icy peach) I know “gris fumé” means smoked grey, but this is not a DW choice I think. The greys are not browned in any way, but slightly yellowed.

    Clarins Joli Rouge Brilliant 13, Cherry – a nice transparent strawberry red.

    I would be grateful if anyone would post their BW favourite brand for foundation – I can’t find a good one.

  • Erin

    Thank you for this great post; your blog is so helpful! I have been having a hard time finding BW makeup colors that don’t overwhelm (I am youngish, very fair, very neutral and look like a light), but these are a few products that I find are very flattering on me. Some of these also flatter BSp.

    -Tarte blush in Natural Beauty
    -Clinique Chubby Stick in Chubby Cherry and Two Ton Tomato
    -Revlon ColorBurst lip gloss in Strawberry
    -Benefit Benetint and BeneBalm (I like the Posie and ChaCha versions too – pink and coral – especially when mixed)
    -MAC shadows in Copperplate, Gleam, Jest, Urban Decay Virgin and Stila Kitten (lean warm)

    I would love to hear more of your thoughts on the “ice princess” and “girl next door” types of Bright Winters in a future post if you have the time please. 🙂

    • Christine Scaman

      Thanks, Erin, for your suggestions. About your request for ideas for those images, can you be more specific about what you’d like to know? I can ramble on and on and still miss what you wanted to know.

  • Corinne

    Dear Christine,
    I live in Poland. A few years ago I was analysed in the old 4-season system but I don’t feel right with the result. Therefore I would like to have another try. Is the girl from Prague, that you introduced some time ago still available? Or maybe another analyst in central Europe?

    • Christine Scaman

      Corinne – may I have your permission to forward your email address and have her contact you? I believe she is seeing clients. Could you reply to my by personal email, and I’ll connect you both if you are agreeable.

  • Corinne

    Christine -thank you, that would be great.

  • Kelly

    I don’t know if I’m a bright winter. I have pale, clear, pinkish with a hint of gold skin. My eyes used to be pale, clear and translucent aqua like the Caribbean sea. They now have some yellow/brown in them making them more green. My hair is med. brown on the ashy side. With my eyes changing I am questioning if I’m a bright winter. Thank you!

    • Christine Scaman

      BW is the lightest Winter, Kelly. Your colouring could easily fit. That said, you could also easily be several other Seasons. The only way to know is by draping in real time. Even from photos, I couldn’t say more. Your Season is not really about what you look like. It is about how your skin will react to colours, very surprising and unpredictable in most people.

  • Lindsay

    Hello. I hope someone will still reply to me, as I know this thread is a bit old.. so I’m understanding that frosty/icy shades work well for eyeshadows…. what about lime green/neon yellow…(yes as an eyeshadow) and what about metallics? Thanks so much! I’m a Sicilian with very olive skin, almost black espresso brown hair, and amber eyes. Finding I’m a clear/bright winter has been the best thing.

    • Christine Scaman

      The colours you ask about are mostly a matter of taste, Lindsay. As long as the colours are in your palette, how you wear them or combine them is your choice. Metallics in the sense of shimmer are fine.

  • lindsay


  • Mary

    Nyx cosmetics makes a pretty saturated red blush (called, appropriately enough, Red 🙂

  • Mary

    What are your thoughts on contouring for BW? I feel attracted to the drama and contrast and do look really good in glamorous makeup. What I feel a little less clear about is the introduction of the brown tones for contouring. I do highlight already and I like that a lot.

    • Kelly

      I use a brown eye shadow or a brow shadow in a brown taupe shade with very little warmth. I love it! It contours perfectly without adding warmth. I use a eye brightener as a concealer rather than a foundation. It works great. Bright Winters have such glowing skin we don’t want to cover it with heavy foundation but we all need that help to cover the red and dark areas. Try the cooler brown eye shadow for contour and see what you think!

      • Mary

        Thanks for the great advice, Kelly! I’ll pick up a brown shadow to experiment with. I like the sort of polished look contouring can give and am excited to try it now I have some direction.

  • Ricarda

    Hi Christine,

    maybe I am a bright winter or spring. Here in Germany I unfortunately have no easy opportunity to get draped in your great system. But I love and appreciate very much your comments and recomendations on your website! As well as I read many other blogs from your colleagues. That’s how I try to learn and analyze on my own.

    Since some days I have draping cards for BSP and BW as well as a small set for all 12 seasons – very helpful! I matched my most loved and complimented peaces in my wardrobe and found out, that they are more often BW than BSP. And I have a great talent to buy pieces right in the middle: several dresses an tops in cool / deep greens with springy floral prints for example.

    And now to topic: cosmetics for BW! I experimented a lot with lipsticks as there are many recommendations in the web. Some labels are not available for me. Some others from Europe seem not so familiar in USA, Australia, Kanada. (This is sometimes no surprise.)

    For example Milani Color Statement Lipsticks in Flirty Fuchsia (BW?) and Cherry Crave (BW or BSP? kind of strawberry red). I love both and I bet at least Flirty Fuchsia is surely BW.

    Or Isadora ( a special brand only in a big German beauty shop): Flirty Fuchsia (a little lighter than that from Milani), probably BW and Red Rush (a very bright melon pink), maybe more BSP than BW.

    Some recommendations for BSP seem to light or blah for me (for BW?). Burt’s Bees Hibiscus is unrecognizable on my lips.
    Clinique High Impact Lipstick Citrus Rose as well, almost a little “muddy” (brownish).
    MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick Insanely It is almost transparent on my lips and after one spoken word the darker natural lip color is coming out between the little colored wrinkles.
    New Temptation (clear, slightly cool red) is better. BW?
    Some more opaque lipsticks for BSP seem too flat in a way: MAC Fusion Pink. When I put some red or darker fuchsia on top (MAC New Temptation, Milani Flirty Fuchsia) its is perfect. BW?

    Once in Belgium I had a makeup consultation. I got a great eyeshadow I still love most. It is a very cool icy pink mingled with light gold powder. A very shimmery thing. Looks totally natural on my eyes, sometimes pinkish, sometimes a little coral or yellow/golden. Quite decent in a way although the powder itself looks crazy. Does this sound like BW? Unfortunately I don’t know the brand and have never seen something like this again. It is also a great lipstick finish for the evening.

    I never use fondation: never found the right one and never liked the concrete feeling and look when I tried (no offence meant for women who love it and look great with it, I only talk about myself). I am 41 years old and have still natural blonde hair, a neutral to golden shade. In the sun it is really bright golden. My Eyes are blue/teal with a quite sharp dark blue, almost violet rim around the iris and some greenish-yellow bursts around the pupil. The overall impression is mostly teal, sometimes blue, some times almost green. (I know, this does not help to find out my season. It is only for better imagination.)

    These are some thougts and recommendations from my German perspective, please forgive my Denglish and I hope some other readers (maybe from Germany oder Europe) get inspired.

    And I wish so much for a trained analyst in Germany! (Maybe I have to do the training myself 😉 )

    • Christine Scaman

      Thank you for all these ideas, Ricarda. I also hope that you can be analyzed one day. You will find the experience unbelievable and amazing. Several EU women are considering training, or have been and will open their businesses soon. I hope that you won’t have to travel too far (or wait too long!)

  • AC

    Dear Ricarda
    Germany is a very big country – but in case you live towards the north you could consider Annette in Denmark. She has several clients from Germany and she is very friendly and will even pick you up from the train station. She lives about 1,5 hours from the German border with fairly good train connections. You can find her details here on this site. I just thought I would mention her. Good luck.

  • Ricarda

    Dear Christine, thank you for your answer, I always reed your announcements of new Analysts!

    Thank you, dear AC, I knew about Annette in Denmark. Unfortunately she is as far as London from my home, it would be no one-day-trip. I am in the middle of Germany.

    At the moment I wait for my corporate fans bright winter and spring from Australia. I am very curious to see the hole span from light to dark in comparison. And especially the reds added to the bright spring corporate palette. I always loved and wore red a lot in my life and I would like to know, where they belong.

    I have a question if I get it right, as far as I can see from my draping cards (from Rachel A.-S.): Are the only seasons with bright, clear lilac and bluish purple the winters? And is it true that this lilac-purple “background” has much influence to the blue tones?

    (I am not sure if you say lilac or violet or purple, I mean something like your eyeliner color for bright winter or the dress of Megan Fox on Truth is Beauty as celeb example for BW).

    In a way the blue tones on BW seem to begin where the blue tones from BSP end, with respect to the cooler violet aspects. Is that true?

    I find nothing similar (e.g. softer) in the summers, only a very nice and very light version in light summer. The Spring violets are muuuuuuuch warmer, yellower as it seems to me.

    In short: Winter = Violet?

    Today I tried such a violet eyeliner – at first glance it looks good to me, and I saw that this color is matching perfectly the little violet veins on my eyelids – stunning! It is enhancing the yellow and green areas of the iris. The white is white and nothing looks morbid compared to earlier trials with feathery greyed violets (maybe for soft summer?) At that time my husband said I looked as if someone had given me a black eye. I never experimented again with violet. Until now when I read about these very bright and clean violets for the eyes on the website!
    Tomorrow I start a real-life test 🙂

    • Christine Scaman

      Ricarda, I’m sorry, I am not at all familiar with Rachel’s draping cards. Perhaps she would be the better person to answer those questions? What you say about BW and BSp blues sounds about right, though each separate colour has its own particular nuances. Winter contains much red violet, meaning pure red and blue, the primary colours. Playing with purple and violet in eye makeup is quite challenging because it is so easy to misunderstand the colours of the iris – and yet, they are dominant to skin in our awareness because they are so vivid.

  • Mary

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a good icy violet gloss, clear/sheer neon pink, and a bright purplish-pink? I love this sort of color:

    Thank you!

    • Christine Scaman

      Gloss, IDK, Mary. The colour is very similar to the Blueprints lipstick called Scintillate. On some faces, Darling Pink looks like this, being sheerer, bluer, and crossing over beautifully with TW and BW.

      • krista kelly

        Do you know if Kate Rimmel 111 Kiss of Life is a good one for us. Also, Maybelline Vivid 870 Shocking Coral? I was told these were great for BW but wanted to check with the expert. 🙂

        • Christine Scaman

          I’ll find time to have a look, Krista.

          • krista kelly

            Thank you Christine! I saw your video with Jocelyn. You are stunning! Which winter palette are you?

        • Mary

          Thank you for the recs, Christine! I found a pretty sort of orchidy color in Maybelline Hot Plum.

          I am definitely looking at brighter/more saturated shades than I did before. I realize now that vivid in the tube is way less so on me, even though I a very fair.

          Thank you to everyone for posting their BW faves! Some lipsticks I like:

          Rimmel – Back to Fuchsia
          Rimmel – As You Want Victoria
          E.l.f – Fearless
          Nyx – Chaos (such a sexy red!) (Nyx is a good brand for color choice and saturation)
          E.l.f. – Flirty & Fabulous
          Cover Girl – Tempt
          Revlon – Fuchsia Shock

          Physician’s Formula has a very, very sparkly gray palette that I am *loving*. It comes in nudes/browns as well. It’s my everyday shadow now with a charcoal liner.

  • KK

    I tried Rimmel 111 Kiss of Fire and Maybelline 870 Shocking Coral. I’m feeling like they are a bit warm or orange for me. I may lean more toward the cool in lippies. I love Maybelline 5th Avenue Fuchsia! Anyone else have this experience? I’m going to give it another try tomorrow and see how 111 goes.

    • Christine Scaman

      I looked for these but the store didn’t have testers. Did find Maybelline On Fire Red and Siren in Scarlet that looked really good.

  • Mary

    @KK, I’ve also found that some reds can read as more orangey than they appear in the tube.

    Christine, do you know the optical/scientific reason why some light lipsticks (usually pink) can appear chalky or disjointed against some (maybe even most) women’s skin? The baby pinks that are almost pastel I feel have a lot of white in them, hence the chalkiness. My skin usually looks yellowed by comparison next to it and the people I’ve seen wearing it where it looks the most off tend to have more yellow or gold (at least visually) than I do, so the lipstick doesn’t interact with the skin at all; they appear totally separate. I guess the women who look good in pastels would best suit that level of saturation?

    • Christine Scaman

      I’d put that down to the nature of the cosmetic product, Mary. I don’t think it presents useful information about Season. Several of the early colours from the Blueprints line applied chalky, despite looking fine on paper. IDK if that’s related to interaction with human pigmentation, the fact that paper is white so the chalkiness wouldn’t show up, some ingredient used to lighten the product (white, for instance, which can look chalky in the Summer palettes and creamy in the Spring ones, quite normally on canvas but not normal on humans). Look for another product altogether.

      • KK

        Thank you Christine! I tried the Siren in Scarlett Maybelline you suggested. It looks totally natural on me and is a great color!
        I’m a girl who used to make my lips lighter than they are in a nude color all the time. I would play up my eyes. I never dared to wear bright colors and now they are natural for me and oh so beautiful! It’s really cool to pop on a beautiful lip color, a little concealer around the eyes and nose, a little brow and voila!
        Love it! You’re the best Christine! Thank you for showing me the way.

        • Mary

          Thank you for the insight, Christine. I had an example of a woman yesterday at work whose coloring is similar to mine (except she’s silver/gray) who tried on a beautiful watermelonny/rose colored dress that absolutely knocked my socks off. She looks great–vibrant, alive, vital, and interesting. Then she tried on the same dress in a sort of very light denim blue. Not *terrible*, but it looked–to my eyes–quite washed out and non-descript on her. I expressed my strong preference for the rose and said I felt like the blue didn’t say anything about who she was. One of the concepts I really love is expressing self authentically through style and color and I really appreciate you helping me to clarify and express that further in my mind and life–thank you.

          She asked another customer for her thoughts and the lady said she love both on her. She wound up going with the blue because she said she was a quiet person and that expressed herself better. I want my clients to be happy and enjoy what they purchase and I could see the red was way outside her comfort zone. It just seemed a very poignant illustration of playing it a bit safe when expansive choice could yield so much greater results.

          • KK

            So true! I’m sure she will come around. It’s a process accepting your greatness! 🙂

  • Ricarda

    Mary, this is a good example!

    I try to dress my self authentically BUT the more I think of it and compare myself in different clothes, the more complex it seems to me. I can look very defined, forceful and vital in bright, cool and dark colors. Some say I look serious and imposing. On the other hand I can look sweet, juicy and vital in shades of yellow, pink or coral. And here some say I look gentle and soft. Who am I more authentically? Both “traits” are part of me – that is what many friends and colleagues of mine say, and I see and like both in me too.

    What would be the way of PCA? Find a palette that supports the “middle” (what would that be?)? Or advise me to decide which one I want to be more, because one palette cannot support opposite traits? Or find a palette that supports both effects/traits within one pallette?

    As far as I understand it, every palette has such a bandwith of hues and levels of darkness and lightness, that many different effects or personal traits could be emphasised. All potentially belonging to one single human being (we are complex). But where are the borders of exaggeration or extremeness? Compared to what?

    And: To me this is not only a question of personal traits to underline (psychology) or personal preferences and comfort zones to maintain – as we perceive ourselves or our dear loved ones do. The judgement of looking severe, intimidating, dull, soft, decent or shrill depends so much on the social environment: where we live, how our friends and hobbies are, what work we do, what kind of customers, clients or bosses we serve. In a certain clique or team some distortions in the dresscode may be valued as pretentious or tasteless. And some ladies may love to outdo each other in a playful and lovable way. Outsiders might be either impressed or disguised.
    Do we love each other for reciprocal assimilation – or do we love each other for differentiation?

    At the moment I explore how far I can go: How brigt, how cool, how dark and how multicolored I can go withot looking (and feeling) silly or intimidating. I like to be an eycatcher – but not for the wrong reasons! And finding the appropriate comparisons and judgments (or judges) is challanging to me!

    It is very impressing to me when I read of the analysts meetings when they drape together and the analysts come to the same results because of the same reasons! To me that sounds like more than groupthink, fashion trend or just accidentally shared preferences.
    And at the same time: who knows how we judge in 200 or 2000 years? We have seen many human ideals of beauty and color…


    Christine, I’m sorry for asking you about Rachel’s draping cards. I lack the correct overview who uses what exactely and how far the 12 type systems really differ.

    Now I have the Trucolor 12 tone bw and bsp fans, the corporate edition! They are great.

    And I have to correct my previous conclusions about violet a bit: bsp has a lot of intense and “real” violets! Of course bw has its own and they are more red, blue and deep. But I was surprised how “crazy violet” the bsp violets seem to me. I would never have expected this 🙂 And I was surprised, how warm the bsp yellows are on the fan, I had expected more lemon yellow.

    I had some really eye-opening afternoons with the fans and my wardrobe and lipsticks! And again this “analysis” reveals that I wear and love parts of both. The bsp greens and turquoises on the one hand – and the bw blues, yellows and neutrals on the other hand. The pinks are from both but more bw. Same with lipsticks. Interestingly I go rarely to the very warm side of bsp but I love the deep red parts ob bw, sometimes even darker than bw. Light colors do not really exist in my wardrobe, with very few exeptions. Many brights, many darks and mostly dark and clear grey neutrals.
    Any logic in this?

    And I still know this is no proof of belonging to one of those types…


    For the German and European readers my best lipstick matches Bright Winter:

    12 tone corporate bw:
    – Isadora Perfect Moistrure Lipstick Flirty Fuchsia No. 149: 2.6A-2.7A
    – Milani Flirty Fuchsia Lipstick No.16: 2.7A (very bright, pure and quite dark!)
    – Isadora Perfect Moistrure Lipstick Red Rush 148: 1.9A

  • Lindsay

    Hi Christine,

    Quick question, or for anyone who know for that matter…
    is burgundy or aubergine a flattering color for bright winters?

    Thank you!

    • Christine Scaman

      You’d have to show it to me, Lindsay. 8 or more of the 12 Seasons have a version of those colours, BW being on of them. I might say that my idea of those colours is better serving Autumn coloured people. BW wears a purple-violet-red like sugarplums.

  • Jen

    Christine, this is such a great resource. Thank you.

    Lindsay, my experience with burgundy is that I can wear it as a shirt but not on my face, which was what finally tipped the scale for me in favor of BW vs. DW (that, and the fact that my new hot pink shirt from Target is the best color I’ve worn in at least 5 years). I have a gorgeous burgundy lipstick (Clinique Cranberry Cream) that I can only wear if I sheer it out with my finger. It’s too dark otherwise. It would probably be gorgeous on a true DW.

    Some things that work really well on me (black-brown hair, medium brown eyes, neutral fair olive skin):

    Revlon lip butter in Candy Apple
    Revlon HD gloss in Fire Opal
    Revlon HD lipsticks in Petunia and Hydrangea
    Clinique chubby stick in Two Ton Tomato

    Revlon blush in Wine Not
    Clinique Superbalanced foundation in Alabaster (an earlier commenter asked about foundation; this one disappears into my face and evens out everything)

    To be determined. I’ve always preferred black mascara and black or gray liner (e.g., Clinique Quickliner in Slate)

  • Olga

    Would you say that eyebrows should be emphasised in Bright/True/Dark Winters too? Or Dark Autumns? Because you said that about the Bright springs, then you know that really low to medium contrast blondes can be any winter (or DEEP autumns) as well, but sometimes they end up looking like this: (but happy… So, to emphasise – let’s say “fill” – eyebrows could be a sort of remedy – until 2 years later, when this woman starts to tell: “I was draped as a x season but,…”)

    • Christine Scaman

      It depends on what makes sense on the woman. In these photos, neither woman looks right in her cosmetic choices. To my eye, they are both a bit awful compared to who she could be. I believe that great makeup means becoming more of what you already are. I also believe that great makeup means feature definition in balance so the viewer’s attention is divided equally in a believable face. If brows are naturally light, even in a Dark or True Winter, then definition with a lighter colour will be more convincing and less obviously false. Brows can also be defined by adding light above and below. Makeup is different from clothing.

      • KK

        I agree Christine, the two photos have very awful makeup and a fake look for such a young woman.
        I have med. brown hair, aqua eyes (BW) and medium brows. Actually, I have very little brow left from all the plucking in the 90’s. I define them with a darker brown and love the contrast. I have tried lighter brown brow colour but it doesn’t do anything for me.

  • Olga

    From here:

  • Mary

    Hi Christine,

    I enjoyed watching your YouTube videos on neutrals and learning about the makeup.

    I’ve been using a sparkly gray palette for the past year and I felt intrigued by the possibility of having brown options. What qualities should BW look for in the stores? I have silvery-green eyes.

    Thank you!

    • Christine Scaman

      Mary, this is a difficult question to answer verbally and have you select the right colour. Colour is entirely comparative, but how to make that useful to you? BW brown is yellow-greener than TW, darker than BSp …. it’s not helping you. As a Neutral Season, BW has warmer and cooler versions of every colour including browns. They can seem more red-purple or yellow-green. These are unusual colours with no easy analogies from the world around us.There are light, medium, and dark versions of each. You know that you can buy 12 of the BW neutral colours in a kit, right? Look under Recent Posts in the L sidebar for Introducing the Neutral Collections. If you’re in the US, Leslie at has them for purchase.

  • FFM

    I recommend Rimmel Provocalips in Kiss Me You Fool. It is a clear, juicy, vibrant red with a whisper of sunshine 🙂 On a bright winter, I think it goes perfectly with a Little Black Dress.

  • Lynn

    Can you list some brand names for a lipstick and /or gloss in the color sugarplum? (I’m in the US)
    Thank you!

    • Christine Scaman

      A good Q, Lynn, I was just thinking about this yesterday as I was cutting fabric in this colour. I don’t know of any, but I no longer shop for makeup in retail situations. The best place to ask would be in the online Bright Winter groups. Are you connected with those?

  • Lynn

    I’m in several of the color groups actually,but I was curious about what your suggestions would be. Thank you for taking the time to reply 🙂

  • Mary

    Does anyone have suggestions for drugstore charcoal and brown-black liners they like?

  • Kelly

    Can a BW wear a really light pink like Maybelline Vivid’s pink pop? I feel it’s a bit too blue. I found another one that is just a little bit warmer but not sure if this is more for another season. Thank you Christine!!! You are so wonderful for educating all of the women!

  • m.

    You have to check whether it matches your skin (if it’s not too light, etc.)

  • Anna

    Hello Christine,

    I have the older version of the 12 Blueprints palette for Bright Winters. I thought that the silver was okay (thought not great) on me, but thought it could use some adjusting as I am finding shimmery light shades work best on me. What are your thoughts on mixing a little of the sunny white on top of the silver all over the lid? I think it makes for a barely there light shimmery grey.

    Thank you!

    • Christine Scaman

      Anna, I find that mixing the colours in the palettes almost always makes for better colours, and especially with the BW palette. My favourites are described with the product in the Shop on this site.

  • Anna

    Thank you, Christine. I’m still trying to find the right mixes for me, but I am really enjoying the palette and the quality of the eyeshadows.

  • Inga Johnson

    Hello Everybody! This has been a fascinating discussion! For foundation, I have found that Clinique Even Better Refresh: hydrating and repairing make-up is great! It takes some time, but since my skin’s ph changes the color, I striped six of the colors and kept track of which ones they were, on my jaw and on to my chin, and let the stripes dry without blending. Then I looked at the stripes outside in the daylight. I was shocked! I have always been matched with a medium pinkish foundation, but with this method, I was a very light “warm neutral”! Everyone looks at my blue eyes and light blonde (no yellow) hair, and they use the “formula” they were taught. I can now slap on this makeup in a hurry, and it disappears, but covers blemishes, etc. It is true that eye and hair color do NOT determine one’s best colors. I agree with Christine – the “chemistry” or the magic, that happens when a color lights up your face, and you look happy and relaxed, is the clue! Thanks, Christine! This has been very enlightening. My new favorite drugstore lipsticks, both by Almay: Love Big, and Be Fearless. Good message! LOL. Love Big is a bit too blue, and Be Fearless, a bit too coral – but mixed together (I bought both) WOW! Line with Maybelline Color Sensational Shaping Lip Liner in 140 Pink Coral, and voilá! Bright & saturated beautiful juicy hot pink coral red. That is, on my skin in the winter, with zero suntan. I thought people would say, “Why are you wearing a clown mouth?” Instead, people were saying to me, “You look great today! Did you get a new haircut?” LOL. Life as a bright.

    • Christine Scaman

      Thanks, Inge, for the great story and useful info! Life as a bright indeed 🙂 Love that you mix lipsticks. We’d all love that one tube but the reality is that once we’re ok with mixing, it’s simple and fast and creates a better colour much of the time.

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