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Best Makeup Colours : Dark Winter

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Personal Colour Analysis (PCA) has its origins in your soul. It reaches way down to the innermost part of your being and identifies the vibrational energy of the colours you project on the outside.

You are a being of light. Once you know the colours of your natural light, you can repeat them in everything you wear. It’s not just to look good, though you surely will. Words like wholeness, complete, unified, and aligned, inner with outer, may help you think about colour in a different way.

Without PCA, you cannot possibly know your own rainbow. Like most folks, then, everything you wear, every item in your makeup drawer, your jewelry, and your highlights all communicate something different. The result is like a visual white noise.

Your makeup colours are your clothes colours. Your clothes colours are your eye colours. Your hair highlight colour is in your skin’s pigments. A thousand questions answered when you know.

clothing for dark winter colours

In 12 Season Personal Colour Analysis, Dark Winter includes Winter’s cool and dark colours, with the red-violet core of all Winters. An element of Autumn is still present slightly dulling the colours, as Autumn does. I am a Dark Winter. Sandra Bullock and Winona Ryder probably are too, and so are a Canada goose and a bald eagle.

The person is not necessarily dark, but the colours that optimize their skin and eyes are dark relative to the other Seasons. Greens are darker, corals are darker, and the overall look is medium to dark.

As Winters, some of the lights are very light, as icy colours. Compare that to the Dark Autumn, who is not flattered by icy lights because they are primarily Autumns. Their light colour palette is very different from Dark Winter’s, though the darker colour palette has some similarities.

Nude beige lip colours are a choice Winters should avoid. To balance the eyes and hair, colour on the mouth brings the entire face into focus. Winters look fabulous with clear dividing lines between colour blocks. When the lips blend too much into the skin, it does not look healthy, natural, outdoorsy, or pretty. It looks like Snow White with lips the colour of concealer.

Many would say that we can’t go around with fuchsia, purple, or crimson lips at the office or the soccer game. In a heavy application, that may be so. A Winter going for a more natural look will stay true to their palette, as anyone does, but choose a more sheer product.

Best makeup colours for Dark winter

Eyeliners shown at the bottom are charcoal or black-brown. Urban Decay Zero is a good charcoal for women of this colouring.

The makeup will work with every eye colour in the Season because the skin colours are shared. Who got green in the eyes and who got brown doesn’t matter when the greens and browns are the same.


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  • "; ?> Jeannie

    Thanks Christine, I have been waiting for this article for my mother in law, she keep asking me what colors to use. For a cell phone picture it really looks good, it is amazing how much different you look in Dark Winter colors vs Dark Autumn, it seems like a minor change but really isn’t. Like Jennifer Butler said, ‘it is either in the socket or it isn’t’. 🙂

  • "; ?> Tiara

    Oh how you glow Christine! Your eyes radiate such beautiful color, even the oddness of cell phone photos can’t hide the radiance that comes from a woman harmoniously wearing her perfect colors… So glad you finally did a “Best Makeup Colors” for your own season!

  • "; ?> lategates

    Hi Christine: I know this has probably been answered somewhere on your site, so please forgive me for asking it again….you mention above that ‘your clothes colors are your eye colors’. I am having trouble understanding how this can always be true if the color of ones eyes do not play into the draping process. thanks.

  • "; ?> Ashley

    It’s been mentioned on the Facebook page, but Benefit’s Good to Go lipstick may be a good alternative for Scant.

  • "; ?> Denise


    This is a beautfiul post – so resonant with dark winter’s energy. Thank you. I’m wondering if people who could never decide between winter and summer in the old 4 seasons system might be dark winters – more clarity of color than true summer but more toned down (?) than true winter.

    Do you prefer silver or gold for jewelry for dark winters?

    Can you recommend some Clinique or Revlon lipsticks for dark winters?

    Thanks so much!


    • "; ?> Christine Scaman


      True Summer is so variable that I can imagine many, many people placing themselves there.. Bright Winter, Bright Spring, Light Spring, and possibly Dark Winter too.

      I usually prefer silver or pewter for this Season. The Neutral Seasons really are variable in their ability to wear gold and silver. It is important for anyone to go beyond and silver though, and incorporate the shiny-ness of the metal, the option of other metals, and the use of stones. Light shiny gold is not so good for this group.

      I can’t recommend a colour in the lines you asked about. EArden Sugarplum Shimmer is good.


      That colour is so on my list to try.


      Your Colours Book is an exploded diagram of the precise colours in your body. There are 60 colour tones there, every blue, green, brown, yellow, and orange you are made of. Your eye colour will be among those, or be composed of some mixture of those exact shades. I have never once seen it not be the case, in any Season. Having said that, the hair color may not be in the Book. There is such huge variability in hair color among Seasons, and less correlation between hair pigments and skin. Your hair is still perfect for you skin, just less predictable. I have a red-haired True Winter husband and daughter with the same warm amber eyes as Catherine Zeta-Jones. None of these people will wear those warm browns in clothes or makeup or hair dye, but these unexpected elements are the gifts of uniqueness we sometimes see.

      Tiara and Jeannie,

      Appreciating the power of subtlety to make huge change, especially when reinforced by level-after-level repetition is one of the most difficult concepts. I know that you ladies both understand the difference of seemingly small changes.

  • "; ?> Jo


    I had the same questions as you about eye colour. Then I read how you can identify several different colours in the eye.

    My eyes have always been ‘blue’, but when I stand next to a window (north facing for indirect light), and hold a mirror up close, I can find a deep soft teal (sea blue/green), a soft blue (WWII British Airforce uniform blue), vanilla/soft gold, a touch of autumn leaf brown and a hint of warm slate grey.

    The first time I did it, it blew me away.

    What made even more of an impact was when I compared those shades to my Deep Autumn palette, and found each and every one of those shades matched on the swatches.

    However, the vague ‘blue’ that people see when they stand 4 feet away and look into my eyes is a mush, like mixing several paints together – and is no indication of Season at all.

    Hope that helps.

    (try the mirror thing – you will see what I mean, unless your eyes are so dark they seem black!)

  • "; ?> Ellie

    Christine, thank you so much for these articles. Going from thinking you are an autumn to knowing you are a winter/autumn blend is crazy, but knowing what colors to try helps so much. Even the picture of your clothes inspires me!

  • "; ?> Maija

    Hi Christine,

    I’m still trying to figure out my season… Today I bought a blush that is excellent on me, it’s just like the color of my natural flush. It’s Estée Lauder’s Signature ‘Fresh Plum’. Is this a Dark Winter color, or rather True Winter Color? Or could True Summer get away with it? I also bought Clinique’s Buttershine lipstick as ‘Lilac Dream’ and I looks nice and natural on me, I can pile it on as much as I want but it still looks very natural. It’s not a very dark color though, but I wouldn’t say it’s light either.

    Thanks for this excellent article,


  • "; ?> Nicole

    I really need to get my analysis done. I think I’m a Dark Winter, although the argument could be made that I’m a Soft Summer. I’ve been told I’m an Autumn just because I have reddish gold natural highlights (even though I have pale skin and blueish undertones). People at makeup counters have a hard time with me because of the aforementioned skin tone, one eye is dark brown with blue green, the other eye is predominately greyish green with dark brown around the iris. Oh, and I was born with black hair and black eyes, although then my hair turned ash brown until I hit high school. LOL. I’ve loved black since I was a child though. The first piece of clothing I remember loving was a black corduroy romper.

  • "; ?> Alison

    I like doing smoky eyes with a subtle pop of color – what colors would you suggest? Eggplant? Navy? A certain kind of purple?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Either eggplant or navy could be very good, perhaps with a grey mid-colour and an iced lavender highlight? (iced lavender at, you want Madcap mixed with Dilute).

  • "; ?> Alison

    Thank you so much! I’ll try the iced lavender – I saw it in your “3 great colours for Dark Winters” post and thought “What, really?” – I know the navy, the battleship grey and the brown-purple-plum as obvious choices, but icy lavender?

    Then I remembered when I was an early teen trying on formal dresses, and the ones that popped on me were Dark Winter red, and an icy purple one with very simple black ribbon touches. Aha!

    I’ll keep my eye out for an icy lavender highlighter shade, since its tough for me to buy cosmetics from overseas when I’ve never been able to try them in store. If any Dark Winters reading this know of a good one in an international brand I’d love to know!

  • "; ?> Katie

    I can not stop thinking about the “beef stew/gravy on snow” reference.
    I have stopped wearing warm brown eyeshadow for maybe 3 days – and the image of what I used to wear everyday – makes me think of that reference every time.

    I’ve been enjoying Clinique Totally Neutral trio —

    I’m wondering if you have an updated favorite makeup list for Dark Winters? Or even any info on where you found a foundation that worked with your neutral cool skin?
    I’ve seen the Luminosity lists – – but since you are a Dark Winter and so thorough – I take your word – even though I know each Dark Winter is different within the range we are given.
    I’m going to order somethings from EleaBlake – too. 🙂

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Katie – now that my book is in publication and the makeup lists are on facebook, I try to reserve something for my own clients, and all that’s left are my own makeup lists. They’re really nearly identical to Luminosity’s, but I’m less permissive about what I include (for all the Seasons). New favorite lipstick: Givenchy Mystic Pink. New favorite eyeliner: Smashbox Indigo Ink. The foundation I wear is Merle Norman Sesame. Comes in Timeless and Long Wear depending on your skin. Excellent colour. I adore the eleablake blushes, all of the colours. I also love Kooky eyeshadow.

  • "; ?> Katie

    Thank you for the recommendations – I really appreciate it. I wish I could have made it to Canada for you to do my PCA.

  • "; ?> Katie

    Do you ever find that the midtone color in the totally neutral quad (the one on the far right) ever looks to yellow or some similar effect on your skin? I think it’s even labeled as a khaki on the back. The other two colors are fantastic – but I find that one tricky sometimes.

  • "; ?> kaetlin

    I’ve been told I’m a soft winter, so would I look at true winter and look through a layer of soot?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Kaetlin, the person who would answer your Q is the one who told you Soft Winter. I don’t use a category or designation that combines the Winter groups and softness of colour. Good Q though :), True Winter through a layer of soot is my Dark Winter. Is that what they meant by Soft Winter…well, I don’t know. It’s possible.

  • "; ?> kaetlin

    I mean fog? there is very little info about soft winter out there

  • "; ?> Jerica

    Hi Christine! Congratulations on your wonderful site; it has been very helpful in determining my best colors. I absolutely love my look in Dark Autumn colors during my tanned summer months and my Dark Winter look in the pale winter months. My question is about my makeup during those pale winter months. I seem to sit on a thin autumn/winter line during those months and the browns and golds of autumn makeup look like they’re just sitting on my face, but the dark greys and blues of winter dull my most recognizable trait: yellow-brown, tiger-like eyes (I’m often told I look like one). My issue in the winter becomes that I have cool black hair, those yellow-brown eyes and “coolish” skin and I can’t seem to find colors that make these three things harmonize. Do you, or any of your wonderful readers, have any suggestions?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      My own take, Jerica, is that some piece of information is missing from the puzzle. Your tan doesn’t influence your Season or your colours. You may have more melanin in your skin but it’s still the same colour as the rest of the melanin your genetics create. It’s hard to answer without seeing you but in my own experience with Neutral Seasons, nobody sits on that thin a line. Yellow-brown eyes appear easily and often in any of the 5 Winter influenced Tones. Seems to me that only a draping will find the true and sustainable harmony in your colouring – which sounds completely fascinating, by the way.

  • "; ?> Daenerys

    Your colouring sounds like Catherine Zeta-Jones look, even the eyes. Perhaps the right colours for her are the right colours for you.

  • "; ?> Nadine

    Christine, I think I may be a dark autumn or a dark winter.I am having difficulty choosing between them because I can wear makeup from both. I have dark brown hair, brown eyes with some green, and medium olive skin. I can wear mac wood winked lightly mixed with other colors and blue liners on my top lid with dark brown on bottom. Clinique a fig blush looks better on me than lancome aplum. Fig jam lip butter by revlon can sometimes look too brown, and revlon’s rose velvet looks good on me. Red is my best color in clothes, as well as navy. Is there a makeup look or a lipstick I could try to determine the best fit? I think I am either on the warmer side of winter or the cooler side of autumn. I recently wore a deep cherry red dress to a party and so many people commented on how great I look in red, and that red is my color. There are similar reds in both palettes. I can also carry most, if not all, of the reds from both palettes. Also, maybelline’s cream shadow in Bad to the Bronze looks great on me, as a Mac makeup artist complemented my eyeshadow recently. Can a dark winter wear that? I love Keira Knightly’s makeup looks, and I think I look good in similar colors. What would you suggest I try?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      I don’t have suggestions beyond what you’ve tried, Nadine. You’ve used good comparisons. Once the colours get this close, it’s rare that a person comes to the right conclusion without an analysis. If I’m really confused between the 2 Dark Neutral Seasons, I’ll compare the DA and DW lightest colours. They’re very different. A DW is good in white, a DA isn’t.

  • "; ?> Alison

    Hi Christine!

    I would love to find a lipstick for each lip colour in this post. Any recommendations?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Alison, I pull those colours from my imagination as ideals. Although I have favorite DW lip products, none represents an absolute ideal as seen on a monitor. The instant it goes on a woman’s skin, it’s different. Put the same colour on two women, it looks different on both.

  • "; ?> Nadine

    Thank you Christine for this wonderful site! I learn new ideas each time I come back to read more. Today I tried Dark Winter makeup. I used Mac groundwork paint pot ( a taupe brown) with Mac smoke and diamonds on the lid ( which is a dupe for Urban Decay Pistol). I lined my eyes with a dark charcoal gray, which I smudged with a shimmery charcoal shadow. I darkened the crease with the darkest color from cliniques totally neutral trio. I used Lancôme Aplum blush. When I visited the Mac store, I tried on Fast Play lipstick and darkened my eyes with mystery eyeshadow. I continued on to shop for clothes. When I held up to my face shirts and sweaters in the Dark winter colors such as cranberry, rasberry, and wine, I noticed my face light up! I actually said wow! I I understand now! I always thought aplumb blush was too cool, but I think that was because I was pairing it with smokey bronzy brown eyeshadows closer to Dark Autumn. You mention Fast Play as a lipstick to use over other Dark Winter colors. My question is do you like it by itself on this season?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      There you go, Nadine. You’re seeing it now, I can tell from your writing. Aplum is OK, I wore it for awhile, but it’s softer/browner than what I wear today. Winter is better in a berry/cranberry/mulberry colour, but quite clear, even the DW. Fast Play…haven’t looked at that in awhile. I’ll be at a MAC counter in a week, I’ll get back to you. Do have a look at MaryKay Spice N Nice if you are closer to Dark Autumn. It’s excellent.

  • "; ?> Nadine

    What other blushes do you recommend I try? Mac breath of plum, Nars amour, Chanel plum attraction, clinique breathless berry or something other?

  • "; ?> Nadine

    I wore my Dark Winter makeup again today and headed to the mall. A sales lady who knew me said hello from a distance and asked if I had my makeup done? I told her “no, I did it myself”. She said “oh, it looks nice”. I’ve been wearing the same makeup as in the previous post, but instead of Mac smoke and diamonds, I used Bobbie Brown Rock shimmerwash (which you mentioned in a post to mix with the dark color from Cliniques totally neutral trio). It’s discontinued, but I found it yesterday at a cosmetic outlet store. I checked out Urban Decay’s Pistol at Sephora and it looks pretty much the same. Do you have both? Do you prefer one over the other for a Dark Winter? I was wearing Lancôme Aplum blush, and while in Sephora I tried a small amount of Nars Sin blush on top. It added some depth and a glow which I thought looked nice. Can a Dark Winter wear that? Maybe I’m closer to true winter. I’m on the hunt for a great Dark Winter blush! I have a sample of Aplum from a gift with purchase set. I thought Clinique berry delight was a bit warm for the look I was going for. Also, I tried Revlon Plumalicious lipstick yesterday, and it is the perfect everyday berry color!

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      You do sound near TW, Nadine. I know a few who wear Plumalicious to perfection. I haven’t tried it on myself so not sure how a warmer DW would wear it. I went looking for Smoke and Diamonds, it was limited ed. and not carried here any more. Aplum is where I started (mixing with MAC Breath of Plum), the first being too muted, the second too pink. It took awhile to find great ones. As I recall, Sin was muted or something, it isn’t on my DW list. I do have NARS Turkish Red on there, but boy, you have to be careful with those products. A dusting is plenty. Berry Delight is warm and a colour I’ve never settled anywhere. Of all the Seasons, this is the hardest to find blush, maybe because I see how it goes on every day. I continue to find the eleablake selection probably top of this line – I have 3 and mix them, fabulous product. MaryKay Bold Berry is pretty good too. Did you ask about Fast Play MAC liptsick somewhere? Too muted, it’s S Su.

  • "; ?> Sharon Saxton

    hi Christine, I was recently draped a dark winter. I am 63 with salt and pepper hair. My question is, should I stay on the cool side of my colouring rather then a mix? I read as you age you cool and a lot of dark winters go to the cool winters. Could I wear any of the cools now?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Over time, Sharon, I’ve become less and less convinced that anybody really shifts Season. We might move a little bit to a cooler place, a more muted place, or both, or we might use our palettes differently once hair silvers, but the change is unlikely to be from DW to TW. That would necessitate a substantial increase in saturation. Since you have just been draped, your analyst should be able to answer those Q. She was able to see your skin’s reactions to warmer and cooler colours in your Season, and your tolerance for TW colours also. Some DW are quite cool and clear and can certainly manage TW colour to some extent. Usually, I suggest women wear their full palette in clothing but adjust to their best heat level in cosmetics.

  • "; ?> Sharon

    Hi Christine, thank you for answering my question. I would like to ask one more. Being Dark Winter should my blush and lips be one on the warm side instead of cool? Or should you have one for each, cool and warmish depending on what your wearing?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Depends on the woman, Sharon. Your analyst can answer a lot of this from your draping experience but makeup is not entirely predictable even in women whose draping reactions were the same. Makeup mixes with our overtones and natural degree of pigmentations and interacts with our particular eye and hair colours. You’ll want to try a range, take photos of yourself, and see where you fall. If one of my students analyzed you, she has my entire makeup list. You can find a range of colours there. Try a few samples from Sephora with different outfits and see which you prefer.

  • "; ?> Tara

    Hello!! With the newer articles filling out this “best makeup colors” series, I would like to see an update to this one. I understand it’s not practical to write this article over, but I’m sure you’ve had some different ideas in the almost 4 years since you wrote this. Also, I noticed the make-up suggestions in your newer articles that would be glorious, since a lot of the DW make-up recommendations out there are now discontinued… I KNEW I should have bought the Clinique Totally Neutral trio when I saw it the first time lol.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      I can work on that, Tara, but truth is that I seldom swatch cosmetics these days. Do have a look at Rachel’s Best Dressed page on facebook, some nice ideas recently, and Terry’s MaryKay posts (of which I own a lot) on

  • "; ?> Nadine

    I have a gift card to Saks that will expire in a few weeks, and would like to use it to purchase Dark Winter makeup. I was looking at the Burberry Beauty Complete Eye Palette in no. 1 Smokey Grey, and the new fall Dior palette in Bar 056. Are these Dark Winter? Is there anything else you’ve come across that I should look at? Bobbie brown has a new cool palette for the holidays and Laura Mercier has Smokey Suedes and an exclusive classic smokey eye palette for Saks for double the price. I’m leaning towards the first two, but would love your opinion on the best colors.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Nadine, I would gladly tell you if I could. To get near a Burberry counter, I would have to get on an airplane. Dior and BB are a long drive. I will be in the US in about 3 weeks but that doesn’t help you very much. Have you asked in the various online groups, if you belong?

  • "; ?> Nadine

    Christine, would you be able to get a general idea from online pictures? I would be grateful to just hear your opinion between the Burberry and Dior.

  • "; ?> Corinne

    I have the Dior Bar palette and all of the 12 tone palettes and I would say it’s a match, provided you lean cool. All of the colors minus the peach highlight also look good with the TW palette. It would be too smoky for BW, too cool for DA.

  • "; ?> Nadine

    Thank you Corinne! I do lean cool.

  • "; ?> Christine

    Hello, Christine. I have been reading your website for a long time and I am so grateful for how you share your journey and your wisdom. I was draped and found to be a Dark Winter a few months ago. The analyst (who was trained by you) said I am leaning a bit cool, toward True Winter (as opposed to toward Dark Autumn, I suppose?). I have had a lot of fun and ease finding most cosmetics, save for skin-color matching products. I realize how much skin varies within a season but I want to tell you my observations in case you can share your own as both a Dark Winter and as a color analyst, and any other suggestions you may have.

    My coloring is similar to Pam, who you have written the Dark Winter article about. Similar in terms of darkness of hair and lightness of skin, although I appear a little darker. My eyes are that kind of dark green-brown swamp water I have heard of. So what I am interested in is the properties of skin color, if there are any trends you have noticed. Most foundations are reading as pink, peach, or highlighter yellow. I have tried MeowCosmetics (have you heard of them or tried them? Very interesting color selection), and the ones that are the better matches are marketed as a yellow/olive/peach blend undertone. I am noticing that while yellow tends be called “warm” in cosmetics, that the yellow that matches my skin is cosmetics is a cooler, greener yellow. Maybe a bit like a yellow olive fruit, but a little less green.

    Have you noticed this skin in Winters or other seasons? Is this really a cooler greenish-yellow that I am seeing, despite cosmetics labels trying to convince me that my skin is “very warm”? It has been very difficult to find foundations!

    Thank you for reading,

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Hi, Christine,

      Thank you for the photos, you do look very beautiful. Winter skin is often greener than it appears. I suppose it stems from what must be added to yellow to create the cool-enough-for-Winter version. By adding blue to cool, the colour looks greener. Winter skin can often appear smoky or gray until it meets its right colours, but foundation must correlate with overtone as well as undertone, so the product can look gray compared to other Season’s foundations. Foundation labels are very misleading in terms of cool and warm, I disregard them entirely.

      Have a look at Lancome Teint Idole 24h, in 210, 220, or a mix. It’s often pretty good.

  • "; ?> Christine

    I also e-mailed you a photo from my draping in case you are interested. 🙂


  • "; ?> Christine

    Thank you so much for your reply, Christine. I tried the suggested foundations yesterday and again today and much to my disappointment, my skin looks like a dull grayish pink. I wanted it to work so badly but I must admit defeat.

    I think I understand what you are saying about the blue that is added to the yellow sometimes causing the foundation itself to look a bit gray or green. Is it a clue at all that my skin is turning gray itself and not maintaining its own color when I apply the Lancome Teint Idol 210N? One other clue I will add (even though you have said the cosmetics cool-warm labelling is misleading and inaccurate) is that every foundation I have ever tried that is called neutral or cool looks pink or gray on me, and “warm” looks too hot- peach or orange or at very worst, highlighter.

    I see my skin as light, with a perceptible cool yellowness to it and ever so slight green cast.




    • "; ?> Nadine

      I am a self diagnosed Dark Winter and will be receiveng a PCA in a few weeks. I have found that Bare Minerals Matte in Fairly Light works great for me, even in the summer. The fairly medium is too dark on me. The Matte colors differ slightly than the original formula, but the original makes me itch. I use moisturizer and then Clinique City Block 25, which is slightly tinted and gives a drop of coverage. It also acts as a primer. I then take a small amount of bare minerals and swirl a big fluffy brush and apply using swirling and buffing. I do that twice and then apply the hydrating mineral veil to set it. It works beautifully for me, and doesn’t look dry. You can always mist your face. Mac has a good one. Also, the Mac makeup artists use Mac Face and Body on me in N3. I hope that helps.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      You won’t know the answers till you are accurately draped, Christine. You can have pinker and tawnier Dark Autumns, who wear very different foundations. There are warm looking, green-grey, and blue-pink looking True Winters in the skin overtones, and foundation has to be adjusted for each one. Get the Season right from the undertone (draping actually assesses the colours beneath the surface layers of skin), and sort out foundation afterwards. That’s when you’ll have the answer, the correct answer, to all your very valid Q.

  • "; ?> Christine

    Hi, Christine. Thanks for your comment, although I was a bit confused by what you meant.-If you were suggesting that I have not been draped, I will clarify that I was draped by a 12 blueprints analyst as a dark winter. Nevertheless, your comment did inspire me to get in touch with her to clarify what overtones she saw in my skin. She told me that my skin color was unusual, but that the closest match was mary kay beige 1 (which was just a bit too yellow). She said that the overtone is olive to yellow.

    I am still yet to find a great match, so any suggestions are quite appreciated.

    Christine P.

  • "; ?> Sharon

    Hi Christine. I have a quick question. I’ve been draped a dark winter. I have salt and pepper hair. While on vacation I had on a bright coral shirt. The photos where amazing. My question is can a dark wear brights? Bright winter came in second. Was I misdiagnosed or can I float into another winter? I seem to get more positive comments when I wear brights.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Coral is a very easy colour for many Seasons, Sharon. DW could easily pull a BSp version of coral. On Rachel’s blog (, there is an excellent comparison post between DW and BSp. Also, all Winters and even Springs have colours that can seem ‘bright’, but whether they actually belong in a Bright and/or Winter Season palette can only be known by testing with those palettes. All Winters have colours that are very saturated so absolutely no reason to suspect the Season.

  • "; ?> Camille

    I work in a hospital where I’m only allowed “natural looking” makeup. Whereas red lipstick may look natural on me in some settings, I can’t where it a work. I’m looking for a good lipstick suggestion that isn’t discontinued. I see Mac naked Paris listed a lot and it looks like something I could get away with at work but of course it’s discontinued.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      I’m assuming Dark Winter, Camille? I wonder about a sheer mulberry that’s not too glossy or red-violet. Merle Norman used to have Stolen Kisses, it might be one to try, depending on the workplace’s boundaries for natural.

  • "; ?> Ellie

    I am a self diagnosed dark winter (after having trying bright winter, bright spring and true winter). I generally always wore black eyeliner because my coloring could handle the intensity and avoided all browns because they looked wrong and muddy. But I just picked up Lancome black coffee and love it! I topped it with Mac Brun shadow (looks brown in pan) but the two products don’t look brown on me. My eyes are brown-ish, not very dark (look honey colored in good lighting). Up close you see green, yellow and rust. The ring around the iris looks dark grey/purple.

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