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Best Makeup Colours Soft Autumn

Best Makeup Colours Soft Autumn

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In 12 Season colour analysis, we find the light reflected by Soft Autumn skin between the full incandescence of True Autumn and the cool, misty, balletic light of Summer, specifically Soft Summer.

Surrounded by harmonious colour, Spring skin light is gossamer, celestial. Autumn is the light of creation, terrestrial and material in its sophistication.

So many variations exist in the natural appearance that she may have suspected she is an Autumn but not been able to pull together the colours in clothing, cosmetics, and hair all at once. Although it is the saturation that is lower in this palette, I remind myself of the coolness necessary for her type of elegance to come through. When she finally sees herself in her Luxury Drapes, she is a little bewitched, the Is that really me? silence in the room.
The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science. Whoever does not know it and can no longer wonder, no longer marvel, is as good as dead, and his eyes are dimmed.

-Albert Einstein
This quote is from his essay The World As I See It.

Maybe the silence is about the mystery, and also about the gratitude that a better way was shown to me, as well as a way for me to show it to you.

Colour reactions

Her colouring lives on the sunny side of Autumn. She is lighter looking than many Soft Summers who are coloured on the shade side of Summer. Her colours may appear brighter than Soft Summer because they are warmer and include many yellows.

Darkness in cosmetics can be hard to control, not unlike this effect in the Light Seasons. Eyeliners look too dark, the product where most care is needed in colour selection. Using eye powder as liner is a good tip, depending on the woman.

Bronzer is excellent and easy to find. Avoid colours that are too red. Stay with golden peanut buttery shades. All Autumn defines a strong and lovely bone structure in their colours. Bronzer can be used as contour and brow bone colour. It adds vitality and a believable warm glow, without a made up effect. A touch of blush, a little lip and eye definition, and you are out the door looking gorgeous.

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In great makeup, we are all wearing our natural colouring. The viewer connects with it right away and allows us to wear our eye colour without creating competition. I love soft hazel green eyeshadow or liner on green or brown Soft Autumn eyes. Forest green is too sharp and obviously a cosmetic most of the time. This is a grayer, browner green, for instance, Jungle from the Blueprints line.

How to swatch makeup to Season was described in the Light Spring article. It is important to match your cosmetic to all the colours in the swatch book because your whole face has to wear it. It has to work with your eye colours, your blood (meaning circulation or native blush and lip) colours, and your neutrals, many of which are found in the skin and hair.

We see makeup that might match some isolated colour in a collection but does not work with the rest of the face. If a combination feels uncomfortable between the whole swatch book and a cosmetic, or you would never wear it in clothes, best not to apply it to the face.


9 Thoughts on Best Makeup Colours Soft Autumn

  • "; ?> trisha

    Within each neutral season can a person lean warm or cool? I was diagnosed a few years ago as a soft autumn, but a lot of the colors are too warm. For example, I purchased the Lauder desert heat eyeshadow pan and the colors don’t look right, too coppery clashing with my eye brow color which is ash blond.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Yes, certainly Neutrals lean warmer or cooler. I find that of all the products, eyeshadow can span the whole heat range pretty well, but nothing applies to all women, especially if she doesn’t look ‘average’ for the Season. For instance, an azure-teal-eyed Dark Autumn is better with greige eyeshadow than saddle brown. Hopefully your Season is correct and you just need a cooler shadow.

  • "; ?> Judy carter

    Another inspired, thought provoking column!

    My question arises from your paragraph that begins with the sentence: “In great makeup, we are all wearing our natural colouring.” Today, I found the proverbial -My Lips But Better- lipstick, which is L’Oreal’s Toasted Almond. And my eyes are olive green, greenish yellow, and muted orange.

    I self diagnosed as a Bright Spring, then had a PCA with Nikki Bogardus and she felt I was a Soft Summer. I like many qualities of the SSu palette, but can’t wear, especially in lipstick and blush, the blue-based pinks, mauves, etc.

    After rereading many of your comments, I am wondering if my natural harmony would align more comfortably with Soft Autumn. I have rosacea, and I was concerned that it would sway the PCA in a cooler, bluer direction than my natural coloring… eye color—and now lip color (which I had never considered) would actually suggest.

    Any thoughts? I would so appreciate any guidance you can offer.

    Many thanks for all the pleasant hours I’ve spent mulling over colors after reading your articles.

    Cheers! Judy

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Really hard to say, Judy, without seeing you. It is far more common for women who are SSu to believe themselves SA than the other way round, but you might be the exception. That lipstick is warm-side, but how it appears on you is influenced by your own pigmentation and also how you are used to seeing yourself. It wouldn’t be a colour I could see on a Sp, but any A would manage it, I would think. Happy to have filled some of your hours with value : )

  • "; ?> Jen


    I initially thought I was a Light Spring and was recently draped as a Soft Autumn. The drapes looked *phenomenal* on me, so much better than the LSp, and I’m leaning into my palette happily. The catch is that I am a super-fair, natural blonde SA with neutral skin and golden-green eyes, and I’m a Kibbe Romantic through and through. I wear tomato red surprisingly well (one of my best out-of-season drapes, though the rest were thoroughly SA); I also have a deep love of lighter-deposit lip colors that are red and I’m having such a tough time finding classic SA lip colors that really go with my personal coloring. Most are too brown, too raisin, too brick, much too dark or serious–or too orangey-coral. I’m a fun, silly, golden retriever personality. I feel like I can lean into the lighter colors of my palette to let my clothing reflect that, but the lipstick is throwing me for a loop. Your blogs have been such a resource for me–can you help? Thank you so much!

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Great Q. This shouldn’t be too hard, Jen, since SA makeup is by far the most plentiful on the market. I’m away from home at the moment and don’t have my makeup with me. Hey, I’ll ask on the Facebook 12B page and see if we can get a few suggestions. LMK if you’re not on fb and I can copy the ideas here.

  • "; ?> Sandra

    I am a Soft Autumn with reddish brown hair, green eyes and light beige skin tone with a pinkness. I have medium redness in my cheeks that I cover with concealer. I am not having problems with lipsticks, but seem do have with blusher. Either it is too brown or too pink. Does anyone have any suggestions for the right color blusher? I was thinking about trying a peachy/coral with the same color lipstick. Just to add: I believe myself to have neutral skin tone as it is difficult to tell whether my veins are green or blue. Help please..thank you!

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Soft Autumn divides into a few subgroups. Some women look fairly dark, others are quite fair. Too brown or pink is about what usually happens with this colouring. How does dusty apricot look? Like soft terracotta, a mix of brown and pink and enough yellow for the warmth in this skin. There are online groups that might recognize your experience and have suggestions, and lists of makeup to try. Type the Season name into Pinterest, you’ll find a lot to start with.

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