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Best Makeup Colours : True Spring

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The  makeup colours that look most natural and believable on our face are those already in our face.

Choreograph your appearance to keep repeating.

You begin with a natural colour palette that is specific, not random.

Repeat it with your clothes.

And again in your hair colour.

Again in your makeup.

Once more in accessories.

Level after level after level of building blocks that stack up precisely. Every element is aligned. That looks like strength.

Once you learn which of the 12 palettes is yours, you hold your ideal cosmetic colours in your hands.

Please note that the colours below are approximations and look different on every screen. Your most reliable colour guide is the palette you receive from your colour analyst.


Best makeup colours for true spring

When these colours come from the same palette, they harmonize automatically. Each of the 12 palettes is configured to be fully mix and  match with the only limitation being your own preference. With cosmetics, that includes formulation, level of desired impact or drama, brand, and other factors. The colours work with another and every aspect of the wardrobe. You may choose to adjust darkness level in accordance with your own preferences, occasion, outfit, and so on.

In understanding who we are, we feel renewed. By wearing our own colouring as cosmetics, we also look rejuvenated, by 10 years at least.



16 Thoughts on Best Makeup Colours : True Spring

  • Jo

    One wee query:
    You suggest that the intensity of the lips should match the intensity of the hair colour – does that apply to all seasons, or just this one?

    And thanks for this series – I’ll be very interested to see each and every season in this format.

    Could I also request that when you have completed all 12 seasons you show them in a KalraSugar style recap, all together? I think that it will be amazingly informative!


  • Jo

    That was KarlaSugar, not KalraSugar!

  • Jenny

    Great colors for us Springs. But the rose color to the bottom left reads coolish on my monitor. I guess you posted a slightly warmer one IRL? Generally, I find that good rosy colors are hard to find. They often are a bit too cool or muted. My tip is to use a medium orange liner along with the “maybe too cool” rose and blend well with a q-tip This usually does the trick.

    Most makeup sites don’t talk much about how light influences our best makeup colors. I find it extra hard trying to wear roses on overcast and gray days. The slightest coolness in the colors show up then, and even my best pinks might look “a tad too cool”. On those days, the bright peaches are much better. And the warmer, the better! Then, on the other hand, a sunny day allows for roses and pinks as long as they are on the warm side. This applies to evening light as well. My pinks and rosy lipsticks look a tad better than the peaches in evening light since this light tends to be on the very yellow side. I look brighter in the pinks then.

    Beauty By Jeunique’s collection for Springs is great on me. Their foundation X3245 in Rose Beige is excellent, the best I’ve ever had. Nice lipstick shades from other brands: Nivea’s 17 Melon, Lumene’s 12 So Energetic and Max Factor’s 21 Pearl Orange.

    • Christine Scaman


      Thanks for those makeup suggestions. It is difficult indeed to find color clarity for Spring but it is there. I find Estee Lauder does some of the clearest colour, though MAC has several.

      When I make those palettes, I match them to the swatch book, but it will look different on other systems, more so than one would expect. For that reason, I don’t overfuss with it. Just trying to give you a collective visual to shop with, rather than belaboring each square of color.

      Agreed about the appearance of makeup in different lighting. I thought about that, but for myself, most days I don’t worry too much. I wonder if the brain of the viewer makes the adjustment, just as we do automatically when looking at white surfaces that are really seldom truly white. Evening light certainly needs an adjustment.


      I looked at Revlon glosses. Makeup you can’t test has wasted me more $$…I bought it hoping and certain it would be good, just to be disappointed. I wanted to swatch the Colorburst series you mentioned on Fb, but no testers at CVS or Target. They also had no tester for the Bright Winter/Spring color you wondered about. Jeez.
      Testing them myself, and daylight are my new prerequisites for all makeup. It’s another shopping mistake looking for a time to happen otherwise. I looked at a lot of makeup though, and I’ll post it over the next few days at Fb.

  • Ashley

    Revlon has a new lipgloss called Firecracker. It’s a sheer gold-toned orange. Hard to tell whether it would be better for True Spring or True Autumn. I will say, however, that it looked very different in the store (I thought it was a nice yellow-red until I got it outside).

  • Ashley

    I can swatch the colors, since I have them. Agreed so much about losing money on stuff like that. I have so many makeup samples that haven’t worked… At least those have only cost $1-2 each. Not so with drugstore makeup. I’m so thankful for the ones that let you return opened stuff.

  • eiffel

    thank you so much for your advices.
    i think i’m a true spring (or maybe clear spring).
    but what is the difference between a warm and a clear spring ? can i be both ?
    which hair color is the best for a warm spring, and for a clear spring please ?
    thank you !
    a french girl reader.

    • Christine Scaman

      Hello, eiffel,

      Warm Spring is a designation from another PCA system, Color Me Beautiful. I don’t use that category at all. Warm and Clear Spring are different, as is True Spring, and no, you would not be more than one at at time. Look through Lora’s site at for photos and good explanations.

      Choosing best hair for the Springs is challenging because of the frequency of red hair, like Nicole Kidman. If your hair is brown, then Scarlet Johanssen or Uma Thurman’s natural hair colours are good (do a Google search of their name and look through the Images for a colour that doesn’t look dyed).

      A Bright Spring could be Audrey Tautou or former US First Lady Laura Bush – there is very wide variability in this group. They can look very Winterish.

  • Sandra

    Thank you for this conversation ladies. I am a warm spring and I have been searching for the right lipstick and blusher colors myself. I agree they are difficult to find. I have also wasted a lot of money on disappointing makeup. I wish drug stores had testers also. It would make it so much easier for all of us. Searching here and there for the correct colors gets difficult and expensive. Perhaps we should all get together and change the system. Thanks for listening….

  • Laura

    Hi Christine!
    For the true spring lipstick, I would suggest Clarins Joli Rouge 719 Hibiscus – what do you think? I found it by accident and it was a real surprise, a pleasant one. And now I discovered they’ve made the publicity with Nicole Kidman, though the color on the publicity’s photo looks a bit brighter than it is in the reality (but close!). Anyhow, this lipstick makes me look gorgeous, and I must say it was one of the revelations that made me think I might be a true spring…

    • Christine Scaman

      Lovely colour. Really beautiful as it goes on. I was between TSp and DA, assuming the colour is the same in Canada. The number is the same. There is more red and less salmon than one normally sees for TSp, not that it isn’t workable. Usually deep salmon pink is what looks like red on TSp, or their best version of red. This product certainly made many beautiful combinations with TSp’s neutrals and other colours. Because harmonizing to Season is the background music of my life, a devil’s advocate, What else could it be?, is part of the game. TSp and DA share a saturation level, a similar amount of heat, and the colour certainly fits within their value ranges, just a deeper option on the TSp scale. Beautiful golden shimmer too.

  • Olga

    it is strange, when true spring colors are too light and true autumn too muted. But warm, with even teal looking too cool.

  • FFM

    Would MAC Morange (a very popular color) and Neon Orange work for True Spring?

    • Christine Scaman

      I don’t know, FFM. Generally, the neon colours work in the Bright Seasons if they will work anywhere…meaning that there are dimensions of cosmetic pigments that I believe exceed those found in human beings. With many cosmetics, (did Mac make one called Vegas Volt?), it still is the only thing anyone can see on the face even if the Season might technically hold that colour. Or, in the Munsell system that we believe depicts human pigmentation well, there are no neon colours.

  • Angie

    Hi – What about green eyeshadows for hazel eyes? Thanks, Angie –

    • Christine Scaman

      Green eyeshadow for any Season depends on the particular colour and what you use eyeshadow to do. Spring greens are bright and around eyes, I’d find them distracting from the eye colour itself. If the green were dark enough to create shadow, as it can be with Autumn, or if it came from the neutral colours, like a darker khaki from Autumn or Spring, it could work pretty well. Just for my taste, I’d rather use it together with other colours, like peach and brown for Spring, rather than in a large single area.I’ve also seen it used in place of eyeliner on a True Spring and look terrific.

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