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Best Makeup Colours : True Winter

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In 12 Season Personal Colour Analysis, True Winter is the pure Season whose most important colour fact is its coolness. By ‘most important’, I mean ‘least medium’. The saturation and darkness are medium to high. Only coolness is set to maximum.

The color at the core of Winter is red-purple, clear and blue-based. Combine the coolness with darkness, and we formality, distance, immobility, and also, we sense danger.

Best makeup colors for True Winter

Winter needs space and will resist any sort of control. Tough and brave, selfish and loyal, this beauty is awesome and comfortable with the extremes.

True Winter has some serious strength in their colouring. They can balance impacting makeup, and you might say that they need it to fully appear. They may wear eyeliner along the inner rim of the eyelids, the waterline, and look even more remarkable and a little fierce.

It may take time to get used to fuchsia, ruby, dark plum, and crimson in blush and lipstick. Begin with sheer colours, but don’t compromise the colour. Your makeup will be invisible, or else it will be noticeable as some warm, wishy-washy shade on your skin tone. Look for sheer red-violet, fuchsia, or raspberry tones.

The basic eyeshadow is a clean, crisp steel gray. Winter grays have little visible colour, maybe a touch of blue, red, or purple. In other Season grays, the colour is more visible.


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  • "; ?> Ellen

    Perfect, Christine. These are exactly the colours I know “work.”

    I’ll just list a few in case anyone wanted to try them.

    An eyeliner I love is Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner in “17 Surf.”
    I love the colour (but not the texture- such a pity) of Prestige Aftershock Lipstick.

    An interesting light pink is Bourjois Eyeshadow pot in “34 Rose Tentation.” It has a slight iridescence of yellow/green. I’ve also been meaning to get back to “04 Noir Precieux,” which is a blue black. There’s also a good gunmetal silver, but it’s so shiny that it feels unwearable for daytime.

    The widely-available and often loved lip-and-cheek is Stila Convertable Color in Fuchsia. It’s almost exactly the first pink in blush/lip.

  • "; ?> itari

    I’d love to see someone wearing these colours. I figured out that I’m probably a Winter, just because cool and saturated colours look really good on me, while more muted tones make me look sallow and ill. Dark sapphire is one of my best colours. However, the True Winter makeup palette is a tiny bit too cool for me (or at least I feel so). There’s probably some borderline warmth in my natural colours, I guess. I might be a Bright Winter, after all.

    Oh, and there’s a one thing I wanted to ask. There are 23 topics about Cool seasons and 14 about the Warm ones. Is it because there are more Cool than Warm people, or just a coincidence?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman


      Just a coincidence, and one I must rectify. Now you have me thinking though, I see fewer Springs than any other group, so maybe not coincidence. I like writing about people the best, I am far more inspired.

      Trish and Ellen,

      Thank you for taking the time to do this. Women appreciate it and it saves me so much time!


      A good point. This is easier to understand once you’ve seen a draping process. So, a True Season has no heat in their skin undertone. Of course the overtone, the color we see, is beige or brown or some variation. But the undertone that determines how that skin reacts to color, if it is purely cool, when you put a drape on them with even a slight degree of heat, they will turn yellowish in the skin/white of eye/teeth. Nobody has fuchsia lips, but fuchsia is the color that will merge with their own coloring and look most natural.
      Ellen always help me explain with great analogies. This isn’t blue or even purple. It is just cool relative to any color that has yellow, orange, or gold in it, which looks murky and dull instead of clean, crisp, and sharp on this skin.

  • "; ?> Trish

    Looking at these shades above I’d suggest the following MAC make-up shades as a guide:

    Hilite: Warmer white (Limited edition from TG quad) and Digit
    Shadow: Scene and typographic (or Soot- a pro product)
    Eyeliner: Blooz
    Blush: Coygirl or Swoon (or Full Fuchsia – pro prouct)
    Fuschia Lipstick: Show Orchid (pro product)
    Bright blue pink lipstick: Girl About Town
    Deep pink lipstick: Rebel
    Lighter blue pink lipstick: Lickable

    Tone Grey eyeshadow quad

    Can’t wait for Bright Winter shades!!!!! Hurry please 🙂

  • "; ?> Ellen

    Ineke – My lips naturally give the impression of light mauve- Fuchsia is actually warmer (more red) than this. Evident to me is every scrap of warmth in the lipsticks I put on. It will either clash, “sit on top” (to use Christine’s phrase), or my skin just looks sickly.

    I agree that coloring is never pure cool, but neither are these colours, as “pure cool” makeup colours would be deathly and blue. The only colour that might be too vivid or unrealistic is the purple on the bottom right in the grid..

    When I can get a hold of appropriate grey eyeshadow, I can take a photo of myself if you like. Otherwise, I suggest looking at “Emily is a True Winter.”

  • "; ?> Ineke

    I’m a cool winter myself (is similar to true winter) but I can’t wear blushes and lipsticks in those colors. Like Itari said, it’s too cool. I wonder if it’s anyhow a good thing to do: wearing makeup this cool. I mean, all humans have some warmth in their coloring. Skintone is never pure cool. Do women really have lipcolor like fuchsia and purple? And if so, is that really a color you want to emphasize?

  • "; ?> Jeannie

    Perfect timing and so helpful. Lora definitly thinks I am a True winter. These makeup color confirm it. It is really helpful to see the differences between True Summer makeup and Cool Winter makeup. On screen the colors do not look to much different but when I printed them out…big difference…Winter is much more intense. Your comment about Emily rings true…darkening the hair would be a good option for his type to match the eyebrows.

  • "; ?> Ineke

    Ellen, when I look at the pictures of Emily, I don’t see someone with very blued makeup on.
    It looks to me almost neutral. I know I can wear those colors, for sure!

    Ellen wrote:
    as “pure cool” makeup colours would be deathly and blue.

    So true! That’s what I meant. Too blued is not something you would desire for your face 🙂

  • "; ?> Ineke

    Thanks for explaining Christine! I have had a color consult with the draping process, so I know exactly what you mean. And yes, I did turn (more) yellow with warm colors.
    It’s good to keep in mind that colors are perceived warm or cool relative to their “neighboring” colors.
    Thanks for that reminder!

  • "; ?> Donna

    I would never have known I was a True Winter had I not been draped. (Lauren/Color My Closet). I don’t use all of these, but I know they work for True Winters:
    EYES: Estee Lauder (EL) Pink Ice (highlighter), EL Blue Smoke Quad, EL eyeliner in Midnight Blue, MAC Knight Divine, Lancome Style Section (a metallic silver shadow) and Makeover (silver pink), Laura Mercier eyeliner in Bleu Marine
    LIPS: Chanel Provocative and L’Oreal’s Sea Fleur are almost identical fuschias, MAC Lickable & Girl About Town, EL Candy and Plumberry
    BLUSH: MAC Swoon, Coygirl; Stila Convertible in Fuschia

  • "; ?> Jeannie

    What color eyes do you have?

  • "; ?> Ellen

    I was able to try a number of colours today (mostly lipsticks), and I will agree with all of Trish’s non-pro suggestions (I was not at a Pro Store)- the lipsticks and blushes I’d picked out myself and found they were Rebel (which I’d already found myself), Girl About Town and Lickable (which I really want to get now!), Coygirl and Swoon 🙂

    I particularly loved MAC Scene eyeshadow 🙂

    Lip colours from other brands I liked were:
    Shiseido Perfect Rouge in R516 and RS320
    Shiseido Lip Crayon in LC3 (although this could be for any of the Winter blends, through to Bright Spring and Deep Autumn, perhaps)
    Elizabeth Arden Cranberry Cream seemed slightly brown, but I really liked Pink Pink Shimmer 14
    YSL Glosspur Lipgloss #5
    Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss Stick in Wild Plum
    Estee Lauder Signature Lipstick in Brilliant Pink 59
    Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Last Rubillite 188 (I could only find this in a pack, but I was told only Australia no longer stocks it as a single colour, so you might be able to get it!)

    Dior looked to have a lot of really nice eyeshadow sets, too.

  • "; ?> Sarah

    I got my colors done and LOVE IT! I never knew I was a true winter, I have blue undertones, light skin, hazel eyes with a grey ring. All autums and warm colors look terrible on me, I just didn’t know it. I’m nervous about wearing the cool colors that actually look awesome on me, I don’t want people to think I’m icy but any warmth in the clothes does nothing for me. I tried the cool dark brown on my eyes and they just popped, or a dark navy shirt and my skin and eyes looked great…. I’m just scared to wear them. My closet was full of peach and warmth, now how do I wear all the icy cool rich colors without appearing so well cool and icy since there is no warmth to them? I darkened my hair to a cool chocolate brown that matches my eyebrows. My hair used to have warm red in it because the salon people always wanted to try to warm me up but it actually made me look worse. I love my new cool hair color but how do I deal with my new very cool, icy, deep color clothes. I love the feeling of warmth, they just look terrible on me.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman


      Quite funny to read this. It takes time. You can’t adjust to a whole new vision of you so quickly. Everyone else can though. They feel a sense of relief that you “cooled yourself down”. Many people, like my sister, are naturally drawn to colors that do not suit them at all. That’s fine. Nobody is objective about themselves. The most recent article “When Your Season Doesn’t Feel Right” may help.

  • "; ?> Jeannie

    When you have analyzed a True Winter…do they like the contrast between their skin and hair? Do they feel like they look ‘harsh’?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Interesting Q, Jeannie,

      I would say that the contrast feels very normal to them. Even highly contrasting people have never indicated that they feel their contrasts are too strong, which is why your Q has me thinking here. Strongly contrasted people with light eyes look sharper, less blended together, than when there’s dark hair AND eyes. Olive skin looks less sharp than ivory. Any celeb come to mind to describe what you mean? Liv Tyler? Dayle Haddon? Anne Hathaway?

  • "; ?> Jeannie

    I do think sharp is a better word for it. My coloring seems to be very close to Emily’s but I am a little more yellow overtone or something. I think because most people tan (I tan very well…without trying) it is hard to maintain the purity of the True Winter coloring. Liv Tyler is pretty close. I really like the cozy plum you used on Emily…it look very natual on me..I think I am just hesitant about any of the darker colors but maybe I should just use gloss with then. Would you say not liking matte lipstick..choosing a more glossy look is more a True Winter thing?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      No, I think it has more to do with the woman’s comfort level with makeup, Jeannie. I’m a Winter too, but I prefer slightly sheer formulations to matte or opaque ones. It feels more natural. Stick to True Winter colors, but try a more sheer formula. Also, I use the medium-darkness swatches, not eggplant, etc, in makeup.
      Dayle Haddon was a big Canadian model years back. Still in some anti-aging ads for L’Oreal. She may be a Bright Season, with those eyes, but the contrast is high and she is sharp. Same with the model for ELauder, Hilary Rhoda. That’s a good photo of Haddon, but me, I find her lips a tad too muted/grayed, and her dress too, to fully maximize her starlight potential.

      Ellen, snapping into focus is an enormously important thing, but harder to show than “clearing the skin”. At , you can see my own progression and it shows it pretty well. Not less makeup at the end, just different. I’ll show it to you when I can get photos of my daughter, Ally, too. I recently showed her on Fb, but in a Summer top. In no way does that show you the crispest, most brilliant face. She looks soft and mushy, the last things she really is.

  • "; ?> Jeannie

    Just looked up Dayle Haddon…not sure who she is but her coloring is very similar to mine. I like how her makeup is not overly blue or too dark. Would she be considered Ivory? I actually think she may be a tad darker than I am . Seeing her picture really helps.

  • "; ?> Jeannie
    I think she looks the best here. I would like to have that lipstick color…fuchsia?

  • "; ?> Ellen

    Jeannie- that is a great colour on Dayle Haddon. It looks like a sheer blue red to me. I love glossier looks! Maybe it is a True Winter thing. Gloss feels clearer and more glowy. I do like MAC Rebel as a matte shade, but it feels “dramatic” and is only for when I’m happy to make that impact. That’s a self-correction/conformity thing, not a personality thing. I love the “Snow White” effect it gives.

    The True Winters I’ve seen analysed love how focused they look in their colours. I don’t know if this is your phrase, Christine, but we all “snap into focus.” The contrast isn’t noticed because it’s already there. It just pulls it all together. I don’t know whether it’s the same in SciArt, but they’re the easiest to analyse for us.

  • "; ?> Jeannie

    I have a closet full of jewel tones but I don’t thing many are as crisp as a True Winter’s need to be. I agree about the sheer makeup vs matte…especially in True Winter makeup the colors can be intimidating. I look forward to seeing Ally’s pictures in her True Winter form.
    Do all True Winter’s have roughly the same undertones? I was just thinking about how Brooke Shields looks quite different than say Lauren Graham.

  • "; ?> Jeannie

    I see why you say it needs to be blackened sapphire. I tried a waterproof eyeliner as dark as I could find but it came out looking like blue ink on me.
    Love all the advice, all the information you post has made me learn to appreciate my coloring instead of wishing it was different.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      We are all unique. We all have spent too much time wishing we were different, which is time wasted. There’s already not enough time to think about the things that are good and changeable. Did you look at pics of Hilary Rhoda? I really see similarities between you.

  • "; ?> Jeannie

    The first similarity I notice is the infamous EYEBROWS! Her haircolor is similar too. I found a picture of her next to Liz Hurley, it was surprising that she seemed much cooler than Hurley. I looked up her makeup, makeup artists typically put bronzer on her…the one you actually recommended in your A Greener Tea Cool Winter article, Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer.
    I do like how she typically wears sheer lip color but still looks great in rich color like plums or red.

  • "; ?> Jeannie–10093–Hilary%2BRhoda%2BWallpaper.html&usg=__GLrygcBzlc4k4BvQy20ShpHYdoA=&h=768&w=1024&sz=44&hl=en&start=299&zoom=1&um=1&itbs=1&tbnid=lvbK2eGeadnVaM:&tbnh=113&tbnw=150&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dhilary%2Brhoda%26start%3D280%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DN%26rlz%3D1I7DKUS_en%26ndsp%3D20%26tbs%3Disch:1

    This is probably one of my favorite looks on her.

  • "; ?> Jeannie

    Interesting Chanel has a model very close to Hilary Rhoda’s coloring but seems even clearer.

  • "; ?> LauraJane

    Hello Christine!
    I wonder if you could tell me…is it possible to be a dark blonde veering towards light brown as a true winter? And if so, does this mean that Liz Hurley, Kylie Minogue and Romola Garai are all Cool Winters…?? Many companies think that Kylie is a Summer but I really feel she is a Winter…any thoughts on this? I have the same skin tone and eye colour as Liz Hurley but my hair and eyebrow colour is more like Kylie’s…

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Hi, LauraJane,

      I am so not someone who can analyze a person’s colors by photos. I find it too misleading. Still, some analysts like Lynda at are great at it.
      I have ONE and ONLY ONE feeling about hair and its relation to your Season : ANY Season can have ANY hair color. The minute you start to generalize, you’re on the path to the wrong answer.
      Liz Hurley – not sure. She’s like a lighter version of Hilary Rhoda, a model who certainly seems to have the drama to balance black. For me, it’s all about the drapes.

  • "; ?> Jeannie

    Personality wise…Kylie Minogue seems like a Bright Spring. I have seen Liz Hurley listed as Cool Summer, Bright Winter and True Winter. Her natural hair color is much darker than how she wears it now.

  • "; ?> Krissy

    I’ve seen Kylie minogue listed as a Soft season, specifically Soft Summer but she glows in Brighter colours like Bright Spring. Agree it matches her personality too.

  • "; ?> Ellen

    LauraJane, it really does come down to the drapes. You could look Soft Summer until the right colour gets on you, and then suddenly everything looks focused and more intense. I personally prefer Liz Hurley in clearer (ie, Winter) colours, even though her colouring might initially suggest Summer.

    I remember reading in my manual (not SciArt), that Bright Winters can have medium or medium-light warm blonde, I suppose because the contrast is then between the coolness of their skin’s undertone and the warmth of their hair (a contrast of temperature rather than of value).

    As for Kylie, she reminds me of Heather Graham: young, and with what looks to be natural hair, they come across very much as Softs. At the same time, they seem to look great in those Bright colours. They both have light hair and eyes, though, and could equally be Light. But check out clips of Kylie as Charlene on Neighbours (there’s a clip of her first appearance) and Heather Graham in Twin Peaks and you’ll see what I mean.

  • "; ?> Victoire

    I know I’m several months late to this conversation, but I happened to stumble across it and thought it was a great piece. I’m a Cool Winter, and the colours you posted are almost exactly the same as my favourite shades.

    In response to the comment by itari, requesting a photo of someone wearing the recommended colours, here is one of mine:

    The eye colours are all from the Dior shadow quint #970, Stylish Move, with the darkest shade in the quint used as the liner. The lip colour is Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Flash #982, Black Tie Plum:

    While I’ve never been typed under the Sci/Art system, I will say that as a Cool Winter, I couldn’t be happier with my contrast level, or with my colour palette! To me the Cool Winter colours evoke drama, luxury, and a diamond-like brilliance that I love.

  • "; ?> Maya

    Wow Victoire, absolutely beautiful!

    I was finally analyzed and I’m True Winter. I’m not a stereotype of the season. Deep grey-blue eyes, ivory skin and medium dark ash brown hair. You could easily think I’m True Summer, but clearer colors and black look better on me. Or I in them, rather.

    I have been told earlier that I’m an Autumn. But autumn colors make me look yellow and pale.

    It will take time for me too to get used to the brighter cool shades. Or maybe it’s just a question of taste. I did wear a clear blue red, almost like magenta lipstick to church last Sunday though, and I was on stage, lol! It looked good on me but I was wondering if it was a bit over the top. That’s the feeling I get sometimes when getting used to these True Winter colors. Am I a bit too much? But then people never comment on it, or if they do, they say “wow” or “that color is great on you”. But for now I think I’ll stick to the sheerer shades with make-up.

    I too love the boldness and the drama of the colors. I love drama in general. I’m a dramatic person. But I don’t show it easily, so to the outer world I just seem distant and cool. The people who know me better know that there’s a whole lot of drama in me! lol.

    And I love my black!

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  • "; ?> Shannon

    I was deemed a TW and am now adjusting to my palette. What Christine said about true winter hair and eyes being all over the place describes me to a tee. My eyes look like a warm color of brown (they are actually 3 different colors. I guess that’s hazel), my hair is a fairly neutral shade of medium brown and my eyebrows are a lighter, ashier brown. My skin is very light beige with very pink hues, especially when I blush. I am colored similarly to Michelle Dockery from Downton Abbey, though my hair and eyebrows are lighter than hers. Where I find a need for contrast is in my makeup, more than anything else. If I wear light colored lipstick, I look ill. I have to have a darker colored lip, which on me looks natural. Also, various shades of purple eye shadows that I’ve tried, look neutral on me, whereas my sister looks like she has a black eye in the same shades. I am still getting used to my season, but overall this has been a great experience. I thoroughly enjoy your writing, Christine! Thank you for your hard work!

  • "; ?> Lena

    A great pink lipstick for True Winters:

    Wet and Wild MegaLast Lipstick in “Mauve Outta Here” ( 907C )

  • "; ?> Shannon

    I have a question for my fellow TWs that read this. Are any of you on the lighter side of TW, but have fairly dark eyes? I look much better in white than black and colors like navy, I look better in a lighter dustier version.I also find the icy winter colors are my best, such as icy mint, icy blue, etc. Is it possible I am in the middle of TW/TS?Does being a true winter mean we can balance black, but maybe it’s possible it is not our best choice? I am very pale because I absolutely can NOT tan. I burn after 5 minutes in direct sunlight. So my skin is really delicate. I have been color analyzed and I saw that I am definitely better in cool colors. Orange, brown, tan, mustard, all make me look ill. I’m not doubting my season, just wondering if there are any of you who are on the fairer side and can make some recommendations on cosmetics and best color combinations. Many thanks ladies!!

  • "; ?> Shannon

    Above, I meant TW/TSu 🙂

  • "; ?> Betsy

    I just discovered Revlon’s ColorStay Overtime in the color Stay Currant. I’m a true winter and I love it, plus it stays on all day.

  • "; ?> Laura

    I realize this is an old post but after endless hunting, searching and testing and finding lists on line that were full of discontinued products I opted to leave this list here for anyone else – like me – who wanted some updated brands and colour suggestions.

    Your mileage may vary – I was draped a True winter – but I do lean a tiny bit bright so there are a few brighter lipsticks I can get away with.

    Here – in no order – are lipsticks that were bought in the last 6 months that absolutely work with my true winter colouring.

    Liquid Lipsticks

    NYX Soft Matte Creams / Milan, Prague, San Paulo (leans a tiny bright) and Istanbul. These are by far my favourite colours. I know TW are suppose to have a shiny lip, these absolutely work with a touch of glossy balm.


    Mac/ Rebel, Quite the Thing, Rose Zen, Perpetual Flame, Violetta , Lickable

    Mac/ Colours that work but I feel lean bright/ Show Orchid, Flat out fabulous/ Chatterbox

    Mac Lipsticks that have been suggested all over the web but absolutely did not work for me – Up the Amp (too milky) – Girl about town (similar to Flat out Fabulous but was missing that dash of plum ) Milan Mode, Lovelorn, Ruby Woo (actually turned Orange on me!!)

    Urban Decay – Jilted, Turn on and Gash (limited edition) BUT Gash was the perfect deep aubergine and when they bring it back again I will buy several for back up it is just that perfect dramatic lip. If you look up a dupe for Gash you will come across suggestion for Nars Mascate – As a dupe it did not work for me, I found Mascate leaned a tiny bit orange just enough to make it wrong.

    Wet N Wild Megalast lipstick in Mauve Outta Here (mentioned in an above post as well) is my #1 lipstick choice for colour. It lasts all day and is a great buy. Fantastic hue on this lipstick. Cherry picking worked but I feel it leans bright. I’ve seen it on both BW and TW lists. I bought 15 WNW lipsticks and these were the 2 that worked for me. (boo) Think Pink swatched well against the fan but it didn’t do anything for me. I’ve seen similar colours to this suggested for TW so you may have better luck with that kind of pink.

    Hourglass – Ballet in both the lipstick and the lipgloss.

    Estee Lauder – Powerful ( this was a suggested dupe for a discontinued colour on one of the TW lists, but I cannot remember the original)

    Happy Swatching!

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Brilliant, Laura! On behalf of the many who will read this and find a beautiful cosmetic, thank you for sharing so much info. The lists are indeed out of date. Also there is such wide variation because of all the ethnicities that appear so often in the Winter groups. Many lip colours are just too dark for Causcasian women. Women need to use judgment when choosing from those lists.

  • "; ?> Laura

    Glad to share the information!

    I wanted to leave a blush list as well as so many of the great mac blushes were discontinued like coy girl and swoon.

    I also should have added that my skin tone is fair – Mac NW10. I also have black hair and blue green eyes.

    Well Dressed
    Dolly Mix
    Peony Petal – Similar to Nars Gaiety

    Gaiety ( #1 go to blush of all time/ love this blush)
    Desire (leans bright I feel – but works for me)
    Mata Hari

    Clinique (these are really great blushes! Very blendable and buildable)
    Plum Pop
    Berry Pop (leans a tiny bit bright)

    Benetint – This blends a true neutral red on me
    Loli Tint

    I leave the list as a trying out point if you’re lost and looking like I was. I wish I had of been draped a long time ago. I would have saved a considerable amount of money on cosmetics.

    I also learned one hard truth – pallets and collections are 9 times out of 10 not going to work for me and are not worth the money- they all tend to lean more toward the warm tones. I now prefer to buy my shadows individually and create my own pallets.

    Thanks for the blog Christine, I pulled a lot of very useful information from your posts and have a great deal of appreciation for the knowledge you share.


  • "; ?> Jessie Belle

    Laura, a million thanks for your help. I was just classified as a True Winter and was feeling very lost about comestics (the reason I got draped in the first place). I can’t thank you enough for this list. I’m so excited to start trying these out. I really appreciate your help.

  • "; ?> Esther

    I’ve just stumbled across this website and love it.

    I’ve never been color typed, but I’m almost sure I’m a true winter. I have cool, pale skin (Macs N1 face and body is a tad yellow on me), dark brown hair since I was a kid, and green-brown eyes.

    Laura, your list of lipsticks is so on point! My favorite colors are mac rebel and flat our fabulous, and as bright as they are, they just look natural on me. Ballet from hourglass–same story. And as for up the amp, girl about town, and milan mode–I have tried all of those, and they all fell somewhat flat and just didn’t work for me. Something wasn’t quite clear enough.

    Another favorite lipstick of mine is matte magenta by Clinique. It does lean a bit bright, with a touch more yellow than what I’m used to, but it works for me. It was completely overwhelming on all of my friends who have tried it, but my dark hair and cool skin balance it out, and like rebel and flat out fabulous, it makes my eyes look super green.

    I’m enjoying your wonderful website. Best of luck!

  • "; ?> Tatiana

    Hi, Christine and everyone!
    I want to thank you for the information about Seasons and espesially about lipstick tones)) All my life i ‘ d been choosing warm pinks, than i read your articles and notes and pushed myself to try smth new. Special thanks to Donna for the lipstick names))))
    So i have started to use MAC Rebel, MAC Girl about a town and Lickable. At first i was really scared, it seemed like everyone was looking at me, but then i got used it. Now i am totally happy with violets and fuchsias.
    Thank you for your website – it gives inspiration and strength to change)))
    P.S. dont hesitate to add some advice or critics)))

  • "; ?> Fuki

    I want to thank “Trish” (in the 2nd post) so much for the MAC lipstick recommendations for all 4 colors in the palette Christine posted! I tried on “Rebel” at a MAC counter, took a selfie outside, and saw the creamy skin and bright eyes I thought I could only achieve with fuchsia lipstick. I have not been properly analyzed yet, but for now True Winter colors appear to flatter me the most. I love bright, clear colors and the Bright Spring and Winter palettes are my favorites. Nevertheless, I’ve had to admit that my skin is quite sensitive to even small amounts of yellow/orange/brown in anything I wear. Now, Christine, I am East Asian but what lip colors do you recommend for Caucasian True Winters?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      True Winter seems to divide into 2 groups. Those who wear fuchsia lips and blush best, and those who wear red best. Some can do both but it’s not usually my preference. I no longer maintain the makeup lists that I did when this article was posted, though I can tell you that the Blueprints line does not have an excellent TW red. It’s a very particular colour. A TW analyst recently sent me NYX pencil in Plush Red, Arden Lip Spa in Poppy, and Smashbox Infrared, all good contenders. Online lists are plentiful though, should be easily searchable.

  • "; ?> FFM

    Thanks for your suggestions, Christine. Since this is a TW makeup blog, I thought I should mention that here in Australia there seems to be some sort of a “TW trend.” It’s bad enough that many women are clad in black–TW black-and-white clothes are also everywhere and wearing many women I see on the streets, to a point where I don’t remember their faces. Lots of women are wearing TW black-colored lashes and I don’t even remember their eye color half of the time. Many cosmetics saleswomen in malls (shopping centers) are wearing a shade of lipstick resembling MAC Rebel, and most of them look ghoulish and ashen as if they put a thick layer of gray foundation on their faces. I know that only an in-person PCA can confirm one’s season, but I’ve witnessed plenty here what a non-TW looks like in TW clothes and makeup.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      This is funny and interesting, FFM. I am sure that there are regional and cultural preferences regarding appearance. Scandi countries sound much the opposite of AU 🙂

  • "; ?> Meri-Irmeli Eskill

    May I joy your conversation. I live in Finland. I am True winter, too. I like to use YSL lipstick,01, Le Rouge and ysl 07, and 57. My skin likes nbr. 57 especially. Very soon i want to buy nbr. 19, vintage color.

  • "; ?> Gwen

    Great help, everyone!

    I am 67 and was just draped True Winter, despite being Mary Kay draped Autumn over 20 years ago. Ironically, when I let my dye grow out a few years ago, and became a mix of white/silver, and grey haired, I naturally gravitated to purples and pinks, and have loved navy, royal blue, and black my entire life. So clothes-wise, not far off. Make-up however, was another thing. I had gravitated to plum eye shadow. But I most needed a do-over in blush and lipstick. I have never loved red on me; I’m still trying to get used to that. But here is what a mostly white/silver haired, 67 year old True Winter is using: (p.s., I have medium brown eyes that have a colbalt ring around them, I learned at draping…with faded freckles. 🙂

    Blush: MAC Pink Swoon

    Eye shadow: darker color is NYX Skinny Dip. I have a Cover Girl light lavender I’m using for the base shadow, but it seems out of production so I’ll have to find a replacement soon.

    Lipstick has been the biggest issue for me, so far.

    Ones I don’t like on me:

    MAC Lickable, Girl About Town and Show Orchid. All of them TOO BRIGHT. This might be an age thing, or age mentality thing. Just way too over the top for me.

    MAC Violetta (too blue-looks sickly) and Up the Amp (almost okay, but ultimately too milky as someone above mentioned.)

    Colors I DO like:

    MAC Speak Louder. A very tiny hint of almost coral, but blue-pink and clear enough to me, without being neon like some I mentioned above)..that it just makes my whole face pop. I feel AWESOME in this!

    MAC Rebel: I’m not quite bold enough to wear to work, but sure use for date nights. (and in a few months, when I retire, work won’t matter any more, so…LOL) I Love this color!

    Wet n Wild Mauve Outta Here is as fabulous as stated by a couple ladies above. I just now prefer a little more sheen than it provides. Might have to consider a light gloss (I generally hate glosses) on top of it.

    On the fence: Maybelline Lust for Blush. Another matte, and it borders on being too neutral for me, but the color is nice. Perhaps a little light gloss would liven it up, too.

    Still to try lipsticks: MAC Beetroot (I think it’s going to be a hit for me) and Chatterbox. (might be too light, but worth the try.)

    I might be 67, but I’m a work in progress, make-up wise! Thanks for SciArt and the amazing Amanda Roberts who changed my life!

  • "; ?> Gwen

    I just commented…need to remove MAC Speak Louder. It really rang too coral. My bad.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Thank you for all the information you have shared, Gwen, including what didn’t work. Agree about Speak Louder 🙂

  • "; ?> Gwen

    A few weeks later, and now I’m in love with MAC Show Orchid. . It’s bright, but it brings my face to life.

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