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Clear and Muted Orange in Eyes

Clear and Muted Orange in Eyes

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I am very excited about this post because eyes are so magically beautiful. If Personal Colour Analysis is a window into our truest self, then eyes are the lenses through which those colors are projected back out into our world as our feelings, memories, and histories.

On our Facebook page, I once called a dark green-brown eye swamp water green.The eye colour is particular to some people in the Bright Spring and Winter Seasons. One day, I will find you that eye colour, but today is not the day.

In 12 Season, or 12-Tone Colour Analysis, clear eyes are often found among members of the clear (high saturation) Tones, namely Winter and Spring, and their 2 blends of Bright Winter and Bright Spring.

Because humans are coloured in perfect equilibrium, we all look heathy and energized at our best, with shiny eyes and glowing skin. If one person’s eyes were placed into a different Season’s face, we would see the disparity right away.

Here are two eyes, Winter (top) and Autumn.

Clear winter eye


Muted autumn eye

Can you see the parallels with these items?

clear and muted orange colours

Can you see which item matches the orange in which eye?


A reader sent me this most amazing eye photo.

orange eye colour

Medium-dark brown hair, reddish in the sun. Lashes are light. The orange is similar to the brick but has the clarity of the beer bottle. Without drapes to measure the colours, we are all guessing Season. This could be a True Autumn for all I know, but I sure get a Spring feeling.


12 Thoughts on Clear and Muted Orange in Eyes

  • "; ?> Maja

    hi Christine!
    so the only really important base is a skin tone and skin undertone?

  • "; ?> Kathy

    I don’t comment so much anymore as I’ve I yet to be formally analyzed, though I’ve narrowed it down to some degree of winter influence, but basically warm. This leaves me with bright winter/bright spring, or dark winter/ dark autumn. I’m fairly certain that by traditional CMB standards, I’d be a dark autumn (dark warm hair and eyes, light skin), but those colors feel “heavy” on me.

    I’m fascinated by the eye in the first picture. My eye color is similar to orange/brown surrounding the pupil, but my entire eye is that color. In photos, they look jet black, and in natural light, they look more amber, but I don’t have “colors” in my eyes like ones shown. The man in the first picture is a bright spring, right?

    I’d love to see some examples of darker-skinned, dark-haired, dark-eyed people who weren’t dark autumns or dark winters.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman


      Not certain what you mean by “base”, but it is right to say that only skin matters in determining Season. Factoring eye and hair color will make you correct sometimes, but incorrect other times – my opinion only. Others will certainly disagree 🙂


      Audrey Hepburn, Liza Minelli – probably not Autumn blends. The man is a Bright Winter. Bright Spring is often dark-hair and dark-eye too.


      It depends on the person. Theoretically, Soft Summer should contain enough heat in the skin for bronzer and gold jewelry, but I don’t prefer it on them. Sometimes, it’s a very tight call between Soft and True, sometimes it’s obvious. Depends if the person is on the warm or cool side of the Season, or right in the middle.

  • "; ?> Chiara

    Eyes are so fascinating 🙂 in those clear eyes photos, eyes seem glassy, highly reflective mirrors of water…is that also a “clear” hint besides color and pattern? It’s like they are not easily overpowered by anything and stand out also without the help of make-up…they’re gorgeous 🙂 My eyes are a soft blue/grey/green color (not sure of the actual color lol) and have a yellowish ring around the pupils…It’s a good thing that any season can have any eye color, otherwise I’d be more confused about my season than I am at the moment lol I think I am a True Summer but I should find some colors to make sure I am not a Soft Summer instead…Maybe golden jewellery? Golden jewellery doesn’t harmonize with my skin, it just sits on top of it…Could a Soft Summer present the same reaction? In your post about Soft Summer jewellery you said that Soft Summer can wear golden jewellery, provided that it’s not too yellow/golden…Can this season wear it as successfully as the silver one?

  • "; ?> Kathy

    Christine –

    Audrey seems like a bright winter, while Liza, I’d guess, is a true winter. I don’t see warmer colors flattering her at all. My dad has olive skin, dark, ashy-black (now salt and pepper) hair, and dark brown eyes, and I suspect he is also a true, not dark, winter. He’s dark for sure, but nothing about his overall look is “warm,” and even the slightest hint of autumn color turns him green. (I mean, literally, like his skin takes on a greenish hue.)

    From the examples I’ve seen here, I can’t tell a bright winter from a bright spring at all. Bright winters have just a bit more depth to their coloring?

    What I was actually asking about was women of color who, by traditional color analysis, get lumped into dark winter or maybe dark autumn. The CMB system is flawed, in that respect. This site is one of the few I’ve seen that address that:

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      I’d agree with your guesses about Audrey and Liza, Kathy. I can’t tell the Brights apart either without the drapes.

      I don’t see many women of darker ethnicities. One African-American woman was Dark Winter. One Asian woman (Chinese) was Bright Winter. I may be wrong, but I think Imogen Lamport writes the Chic Fashionista, no? I respect her a lot. She uses a different analysis system than I do. Sci/ART is no different, regardless of skin color. You need to be draped or it’s a guess. Educated guess, yes, but you’d be amazed what the drapes can reveal (and conceal).

  • "; ?> Nae

    Hi, I would love to read a complete post dedicated for bright springs, how you can know if you’re a bright spring, the colors that suits them, makeup tips, everything you can say about this.
    Thanks a lot!

  • "; ?> Leigh

    Very cool demonstration! You have a gift for teaching, Christine!

    Am I the only one who is finding it difficult to analyze the colors in my own eyes? It’s strange; I’m really good at identifying nuances in colors normally, but with my own eyes, I lose all perspective.

    I know the over all look of them is sort of a medium jade color, but I can’t tell if it’s the gold in the center making mostly blue eyes look green? Or if the eye itself is green-blue anyway, and just ALSO has gold. I also find it hard to narrow down the exact shade of gold.

  • "; ?> Carrie

    Loved this post. Just a little fyi to add: thechicfashionista is Anna Villaruel, and insideoutstyle is Imogen Lamport.

  • "; ?> Jade

    Ah I see it makes sense.I wear Clear/Bright Winter colors the best. But it didn’t seem to make to others sense due to my eyes not being bright blue or something. But none the less I have a very clear hair color,eye color,and skin color. And this article helped quite a bit. My eyes look like his! Thank you for these articles I will continue reading on!

  • "; ?> Chyna!

    I have greenish eyes with orange spikes around the center. I’ve always wondered why my eyes have orange in them, bur I’ve never really found out.

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