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Colour Analysis for Brand Creation

Colour Analysis for Brand Creation

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This branding colour quiz advised me to use pink as the main colour for my business/website/logo.

Which pink?

Every pink? Any pink?

Pink and what else?

The answer is so easy, it’s scary. One of the pinks in you, of course! A human being is already a brand, with an inherent visual design of lines and colours. For Brand U to become Brand Inc. is a simple extension of what we already are.

This matters. People will create and associate images with colours on our websites just as much as our personal apparel. When you are your business, people see and hear your product every time you walk in a room. They buy your story almost instantly when all the inputs are perfectly lined up.

For a corporation, let the meaning of the product guide the branding. For a solo business, it is simply not enough to say “Red means this…” and “Blue means that….”. Which of the million reds do you pick?

Among the great offerings of colour analysis is a menu of 60+ colours that required huge expertise in colour harmony to assemble, dropped right into your hands. Every colour is balanced with every other. The combinations are so innovative and personally guided that nobody can figure out the formula. Nice trick to have up your sleeve. The fact that it all lives in you to begin with is the fairy dust.

From Bev Pomeroy, who coordinated the design of the new site:
I used the color analysis and the descriptive language that came along with it for Tracy’s website and the first iteration from the web designer was remarkably close to what Tracy was looking for.  I am finding it super interesting to see how your color analysis methods translate into a person’s brand design and brand inc.  And I am curious how others may be able to leverage the same method.

Would you be able to explain to me how a client would go through the process of having their color analysis from you or someone within your team?  I think we can use it as a brand creation tool with a lot of success.

I also think you could market your company more as brand/image consultancy versus color analysis / fashion / make up support.  I see how it has enhanced every aspect of Tracy’s business development.  It could do that for so many women business owners.

As you know, people are now trying to find their true self, being more holistic, organic…and what better way to market 12 Blueprints than by marketing it as a holistic, organic approach to becoming your true and natural brand?  It can be integrated into someone’s offline world in the form of clothing, makeup, hair and we have just demo’d with Tracy, 12 Blueprints color analysis can also be integrated into someone’s online world…from logo design, web design and even the energy/essence someone evokes with their online persona through video, FB, social media etc.

Bev Pomeroy

YWCA Vancouver Women of Distinction Award Winner 2011 (Innovation and Technology)

Vancouver’s Top 40 Under Forty Winner 2009

Stevie Award Top Canadian Entrepreneur Finalist 2009

The video below is also here at YouTube.

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman information is here.

Lisa Eldridge’s facial massage video is here on YouTube.

I am weaving back and forth because I am cold. I was telling Tracy how the continuous cold has caused me to give up. To which she replied, “Germination takes many forms.” Now, that’s what I call a friend.

So I change into warmer clothes to consider meaning in appearance. The video is also here at YouTube.

You can find Sacred Contracts by Carolyn Myss here at the iTunes store (and lots of other places).

I neglected to mention a great book on archetypes and branding, The Hero and The Outlaw, by Mark and Pearson, here at

Your website colours come from inside you. How you use them is where the advice comes in. Smashing Magazine is always awesome on site design. This post on colour theory for web designers is a good  and well illustrated tutorial.



2 Thoughts on Colour Analysis for Brand Creation

  • "; ?> Ellie

    Yup, I hear you 🙂 I set up my own business two years ago and my logo colours are a pink, yellow and aqua taken direct from my Light Spring fan. Those three colours are also in my work uniform. And the colours on every presentation or book I create, they’re the trade mark clients associate with me. The design is a very Spring one, and the kitsch earrings that are a great ice breaker with so many clients are Spring and Flamboyant Gamine combined. The feeling of connection with my work and the feeling of being myself when I work that it gives me is certainly reflected in people’s response to it. That authenticity has a real effect. Plus those colours lift me every time. It’s lovely to have the freedom to put them around me.

  • "; ?> Jane

    You know what I think is really cruel about hair dye? The orange afterglow. I too recently dyed my hair all over for the first time in probably more than 10 years, to rid myself of some really brassy yellow highlights from last year. It starts off an ok colour, then within weeks, the orange is starting to appear. Not great for those of us with cool or cool neutral skin tones. I’m determined to grow it out rather than get into a cycle of dye-dumping.

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