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Each one of us came home a better colour analyst, the teachers as much as the students. Analysts L to R: Terry, seated (Michigan), Cori Johnson (Seattle), Courtenay Gibson (Mass.), Shahna McNally (Edmonton), Anette Henriksen (Denmark), Jorunn Hernes (Norway), Gabi Pusztai (London), Ksenia Zvyagina (Moscow). An atmosphere of everyone teaching everyone all the time is where I function best. As I looked around the room, I marveled at how this had come to happen. Here was a group of women, each one remarkable and gifted, fully committed to learning and uplifting one another. The spirit of sharing was so strong that I confess to moments of wanting to somehow hold the group frozen as it was right then. Of course, in a group so curious and open to new ideas, there will always be space to embrace new members. I believe in progress and that each of us can improve, and together help our industry to be better. That we provide a service that can change people’s lives, for our clients and for ourselves as well, was abundantly clear. —– Can you tell that we worked hard for three days? I’d like to tell you that it was all fun and games, but not likely with these two organizing things. C   C Christine Scaman (Ontario, Canada) T T2 Terry Wildfong (Michigan, USA) Terry is at — Without the generosity of our hostess, Leslie Chatzinoff, this event might never have happened. Leslie is an image analyst and consultant as well as a colour analyst. She is actually able to assemble and email you an entire wardrobe that links straight to the source sites. AL L to R: Anette Henriksen, Leslie Chatzinoff. Anette’s email is Leslie is at www. CTL Sorting out the lunch order, hardest part of the day. The look on Leslie’s face says it all. —— When I first discovered the color analysis community, I was thrilled to find that the prevailing atmosphere was one of kindness and collaboration. That attitude was abundantly clear at the conference. As analysts, we all have different strengths, different backgrounds, and different methods of getting from Point A to Point B, but we’re all committed to helping one another grow. The positive energy in the room was palpable. Cate Linden is the link to the site, Cate Linden Chromatics HC L to R: Heather Noakes (California), Cate Linden (Kentucky). Both analysts have travel schedules posted in the right column. — It is fabulous to see that we as analysts so see things differently some times, but are able to explain why, and respectfully disagree. I am also thinking it is useful to explore, like we did in some of the many conversations going on during the meeting, that there are cultural differences, and personal differences, that influences how a person’s colour tone is seen and expressed, and also how a person’s archetype is expressed. We could probably have explored this even further, it is fascinating! The amount of knowledge, skill, respect, and communication skills gathered at this meeting was enormous. I feel awestruck at the privelege of being part of this group of colleagues. Jorunn Hernes JS Jorunn Hernes (Norway), with Sharon Forsythe to her left, and Heather in the background. —- As for my impressions, they are very positive. I consider this a refresher course and a chance to see models of those seasons that I rarely see in real life. *Helen was especially interesting to see draped. It was a great learning experience and an opportunity to verify that we are all on the same page. I’m taking away a sense of companionship and a tightly woven international community of consultants that are truly the best. Ksenia (Moscow) KAH L to R: Ksenia, Anette, Heather. Contact Ksenia by email at —– I thoroughly enjoyed my time in NYC. Meeting other analysts from around the world was truly a privilege. It’s exciting to be creating strong professional bonds in a field where there has been little before. I learned so much from the insights and perspectives of others. Seeing new ways to look at and approach my own routine was enlightening and will also beneficial for clients. I look forward to more collaboration in the coming years. Heather Noakes Connect with Heather at —— I really wanted confirmation from the analyst meeting that I have been truly interpreting color effects correctly and placing people in their correct seasons since the training. I was extremely relieved and excited to not only find that I placed fabric and people in the same color space as other analysts, but that the other analysts were almost always in agreement with each other, and with you and Terry, when interpreting the different draping comparisons. During our initial training, I feel like I learned the black and white rules of Sci\ART color analysis and that it was during the analyst meeting that I learned how the system can be more fluid as well. Thankfully, most of my clients have not been so close to their neighboring seasons as our models were at the analyst meeting. It was extremely helpful for me to see a model at our meeting who has red hair. I have to admit that when I saw *Helen, I did think she would be a Spring. She was clearly best in Bright Winter. It was also invaluable to meet the other analysts in person. What a genuinely inspired, passionate, and very supportive group of ladies. Cori Johnson   CJ1 —– I think it probably goes without saying, but having the ability to meet our colleagues makes a massive difference (at least to me) to our ability to be aligned as a group and function as a team. I feel the only way to get our group to be the ultimate name in color analysis is to support each other and not compete with one another. When you know someone, it’s a lot easier to say “you know what, my colleague is closer to you and she is fabulous” to a potential client. On an individual note, I think it just helps to really know if the others see what you see. You don’t really know when you go home from training if you are there by yourself draping a bunch of bright winters who are in fact soft summers or something similarly off the mark. Draping someone with the other analysts provides some steady ground to stand on in terms of “where am I vs every other analyst”. Rachel Nachmias Rachel can be reached by email at GR Gabriella Pusztai (London, England) and Rachel (Philadelphia) Email Gabi at —— This was everything i dreamed it could be. What a joy, and so much LEARNING for me. One major take-home message for me (besides that I could not admire my colleagues more!):  Once we are down to the final two seasons, typically neighbouring ones, never take that contest for granted, regardless of where earlier stages of the analysis may have seemed to be pointing. So critical to look carefully at all the measures (ie skin texture; temperature; eye colour; face architecture; energy of drape & face; overall “compellingness”…). And for those clients at all close to the border, looking at both sets of luxury drapes seems incredibly beneficial:  not only in making a final season call that satisfies both you and the client, but also for finding where there may be  magnificence in the other season…the client is richer for it! Lisa Kelly Reach Lisa by email at LisaAnette Lisa Kelly (Ottawa) and Anette. —– Two new faces whom you will meet here soon. CRN Courtnenay Gibson (Mass., USA) with Rachel.   SM2 Shahna McNally (Edmonton, Alberta) —– More because they are all just so lovely. C2     C3   group —– The women above are the same as every woman reading here in that they are finding themselves in colours and lines. Even for us, seeing it on ourselves is not nearly as easy as on others. As businesswomen in any field, indeed this is true of every person, we know that our clothes speak volumes in telling others who we are. See the earrings Ksenia is wearing in the picture below? We were at the huge Macy’s on 33rd. As she was bringing them near her head, the magic was happening when they were still a foot away. RK —— Please email me ( to get in touch with anyone whose contact information is not above. —– Featured Image Photo Credit: The image is “Central Park in Fall”, taken by brooks215, linked to the source here.   —–

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  • "; ?> Jorunn Hernes

    Christine asked us to leave a comment about our colour tone and archetype:
    Jorunn Hernes, 12B PCAnalyst, Norway: Bright Winter, Yang Gamine!

  • "; ?> Cate

    Cate Linden, Louisville KY: Dark Autumn, Yin Natural 🙂

  • "; ?> Lisa Kelly

    Lisa Kelly, 12B Analyst in Ottawa Ontario, Canada. I am Soft Summer, and a YangN……very straightforward to type for both colour and archetype, it seems : )

  • "; ?> Johanna Jarvinen

    Hi, I’m Johanna Jarvinen from Finland, a 12B-analyst. I’m a Bright Spring & have just been analysed a Dramatic = YangD by Rachel Nachmias of Bestdressed.

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