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Colour Analyst Meeting 2015 Pictures

Colour Analyst Meeting 2015 Pictures

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We have just completed a powerful meeting with a group of our colour analysts. We thought you’d like to meet us.


L to R: Katherine Schlagal (Texas), Leslie Chatzinoff (New York), Rachel Nachmias (Philadelphia), Terry Wildfong (Michigan), Christine Scaman (Ontario), Elaine DeFehr (Manitoba), Monica Gill (Wisconsin), and Kaarin Huffman (North Carolina). Analyst contact information is in the analyst directory on this site (tabs across the top) and Terry’s site at Your Natural Design.

These women have understood themselves in colour. They are at various stages of practicing their most authentic image and essence in clothing line. To look round the room and see the unique definition in their presence, contrasted so much one with the other, was fascinating. One had the feeling of very strong, very distinct, individuals, bringing their entire selves to this and every other situation.

As a network that prioritizes continued learning, we broadened our skills in many formats, as you’ll see in the pictures. Colour is a dance that shifts, moves, and surprises. We may step in but we may never lead.


Observing several client drapings, including the elusive Soft Autumn.

We took the time to discuss what makes best best, because it appears in so many guises for so many reasons. In the photo below, you see a Winter green drape on top and a Summer green visible round the neck beneath. Why was Winter better? That’s a rhetorical question, as you know, since photos alter colour too much to know the answer. Real-time human eyes still see things cameras can’t.


Katherine, comparing Winter and Summer green, discussing the true meaning, and frequent misuse, of the term ‘harmony’.

Women often say to us, “I got it when I saw the makeup.” Cosmetics are an important part of our work and the advice clients receive.  Terry Wildfong, my fellow trainer, is experienced and instinctive with cosmetics. We took an afternoon the discuss foundation matching, including the colour capture gadgets in cosmetic stores these days, and selecting colours for women of different appearance in the same  Season.


Rachel and Katherine are Bright Winters. We demonstrated colour selection for women of different appearance within a Season. 



Elaine is a True Winter, a perfect model for the often-yellow overtones in the coolest Seasons. Terry is showing us how foundation colour decisions are made.



Working with fabrics using the palettes from True Colour International.

The ultimate solutions to our most beautiful, authentic, and effective presentation lie in knowing both our colours and our lines.  Knowing one or the other leaves the effect improved but unfinished. Below, Rachel explains an in-depth image analysis (PIA), including making accurate assessments of bone and shape and advising individual clients within their archetype.


Image analysis with Rachel and model, Elaine. Seated, L to R, Leslie, Monica, Katherine, and Terry.

Important time was created for discussing the future of our organization. We have arrived at a crossroads where we can choose to continue the status quo, always improving methods and materials but maintaining distinct business entities, or strengthening the collaborative advantages that we have. The analysts spoke in this regard in a clear, unanimous voice. We look forward to sharing the journey with you, our respected readers, clients, and colleagues.



6 Thoughts on Colour Analyst Meeting 2015 Pictures

  • "; ?> Laurel Harrington

    I just want to put in a plug for Monica Gill. She is a fantastic color analyst. She analyzed me (true winter) and my daughter (true autumn). I think I enjoyed my daughters analysis even more because I got to sit back and just watch the whole thing unfold. Monica is soooo thorough. We were both so happy with the experience. I wish everyone could and would get a PCA. It is so magical. There is nothing like seeing how beautiful you really are.

  • "; ?> HNP

    Hi I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I would like to contact Elaine DeFehr as the article tells me that she may be a resident in Manitoba, possibly any location near Winnipeg. Ontario is not so far, but with kids, that can be pretty far 🙂 Please use my email address typed in above. Thank you. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your articles and learned a lot.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Email Elaine at Elaine is indeed located in Winnipeg 🙂

  • "; ?> May

    Hello wonderful color experts!
    I have a question (a bit off topic but I thought if I post it here there’s a chance for many to see :))

    I’m thinking wedding colors. The guy is soft summer and the girl is soft autumn deep. What would be a good color combination if I want one color enhancing him and one enhancing her? 3 colors, I’m thinking dark moss green for her, marsala red for him and gold as accent. These go together and are beautiful. But I want more ideas! If plum is her color, what could be his? Not red. Navy? And if I’d like lighter combinations, any good ideas? Can soft autumn deep wear peach? Any good ideas are welcome!

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Hi, May,
      I’m not sure these analysts can help with more ideas than you or the wedding party could suggest. It comes down to taste really. If it were me, I’d look at the Pinterest pages of landscapes for these Seasons and choose the combinations that I found most breathtaking together.

  • "; ?> Olga

    This is so exiting, some analysts can’t even find soft seasons anymore. They are becoming rare, you know? And the lights too! The ‘ Any season can have any hair color and any eye color’ statement is being proved as a truth more and more everyday.
    Like, I was analysed as a soft summer, but I’m sure that I can handle the Bright winter colors!
    I just need a better analyst to guide me.
    If I could find a good enough in my country… of course.

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