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Colour Analyst Meeting 2015

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The date and location have been set for this year’s meeting for the 12 Blueprints and Your Natural Design¬†analyst group.

We will see one another in Grand Rapids, Michigan, from September 24-26, 2015.

The weather should be sunny and warm. Not like what’s outside my windows today…



For those who will fly, use the Gerald R Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids. It is about 20 miles from the hotel and is all expressway. Taxi is roughly $35. Between Terry and I, we may be able to help with driving.


This meeting is happening for you. We are here to help you, speaking for Terry and I and collectively for our group. If you want to learn something, tell us what it is. If you feel some uncertainty but are not sure how to address it, let’s talk about it by email or Skype.

The agenda is still fairly open. We will include several drapings, structured in various ways. Time will also be set aside for in-depth debriefing after each draping,

Other topics include cosmetic colour and application and everything around the Red Drapes. Many analysts have requested a conversation about creating a business structure and developing business opportunities. This will be featured somewhere, possibly as a peer-exchange round table in a relaxed evening session, which I personally look forward to. I love this topic.


Drape Sale
  1. 50% off ($14) drape sale. Since the beginning of drape making almost 2 years ago, changes have come along, including my commitment to more expensive fabrics and more diverse colours (reflected in a higher purchase price than when we began). This has resulted in an accumulation of perfectly good drapes that can be put to great use. If anyone is interested, I can bring them.
  2. Anyone interested in adding to their Luxury sets, or want specific colours in Luxury sets, or who would like to add (not exchange) different colours to their Test Drapes, I am happy to take any requests and have the fabrics available to view. They can be made into drapes once I know how many are wanted. If you could email me privately so I can keep everything organized, would be great.
The Revenue agencies of both the US and Canada require that drapes ship out of Canada (rather than you taking them home with you). I have no choice in this. I will be happy to take your orders and fill them once I’m back in Canada.


What’s Next

We are at an exciting time in our industry. Modern colour analysis is being better defined every day. Improvements in accuracy and service at the single client level are giving us the confidence to find new applications for this most remarkable service. The advent of social media platforms allows us to offer our clients resources more generously than ever before, as we enjoy our shared passion and diversity. So much to talk about.

Looking forward in every possible way, and especially to seeing you in Grand Rapids.



2 Thoughts on Colour Analyst Meeting 2015

  • "; ?> Michelle

    Hello Christine! I have recently discovered your web page and I like what I’ve seen thus far: ) So much hard work! And very professional: )

    I just saw your post regarding your drape sale and your meeting in Grand Rapids, Michigan in September 2015.

    I know this is a stretch, but is there any chance you would sell drapes to those who are not among your analysts? Or those who will not be in attendance?

    If you are willing to sell, I am interested to know the price of an entire set of drapes? As I am only just beginning to learn how the different colors affect one another. : )

    Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Best of luck to you! This is a very fascinating endeavor I am only just learning about.

    the best to you,


    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Hi, Michelle,
      I am happy to sell drapes to members of the public. You can find that information under the PCA Client Resources tab under Personal Luxury drapes. Please do contact me if you would like more info.

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