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| Colour Analyst Meeting Photos Toronto 2016

Colour Analyst Meeting Photos Toronto 2016

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Meeting colleagues has so much value beyond staying up late for talking, shopping, and eating. Meeting family members is one of the best parts.

For me, the very best part is seeing what I love through another person’s eyes.

Meet some of the analysts, several of whom you will soon meet again as they launch their businesses. Doesn’t seeing groups of people tell you so much about each of them? I could stare at these photos for hours and always notice something new.

Here is everyone behaving themselves properly:

analysts1From L, back row: Lisa Kelly from Ottawa, Elaine DeFehr from Winnipeg, Monica Jones from Haida Gwai (formerly Queen Charlotte Islands in B.C.), Naomi from Vancouver, Katherine Schlagal from Texas, Andrea Martincic from Phoenix. 

From L, front row: Jennifer Ballard from Oregon, Christine Scaman from Ontario, and Courtenay Gibson from MA and CT. 


And then how most of us look most of the time,



The perspective of the model and person draping,


In the back with her hand on her cheek, you see a future analyst whom you will meet early in the New Year. Missing is Elaine DeFehr to whom we extend our thanks for diligently recording our time together with many lovely photographs.


To everyone who was there this year and who will join us in the future, I share the #1 song on my playlist right now. Beautiful place, beautiful people, and a hauntingly gorgeous voice to remind us of the capacity of the human spirit to be there for each other, as we felt at this meeting – and that dreams really do come true.




6 Thoughts on Colour Analyst Meeting Photos Toronto 2016

  • "; ?> ruby

    So, seasons I’m guessing (or in 3 cases know from this blog): back row SA; TW;BW;BW;BW;TW, front row BW;DW;TSp.

    Am I right? Interesting the number of winters, do you think this is significant or simply pure coincidence?

  • "; ?> ruby

    Correction -I meant BSp not TSp for front right.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Almost right 🙂 I will let the analysts in question share their own information if they wish. About the many Winters…it might be significant in that Winters are attracted to PCA for various reasons. I have never done a study or come to any conclusions about this, it’s just a passing observation many have made. It might be insignificant as well, like saying “There are more Winter people in the world so we will have more in this profession and any profession and we will test more Winters.” but that logic makes no sense, of course. It’s anecdotal almost, like saying there are more GM cars on the road so more GM cars will get into accidents. Too many other factors are being ignored. PCA comes down to one person, one chair, one analyst, one set of drapes, one moment in time.

  • "; ?> Lisa Kelly

    You are right about me being a Soft, Ruby (I’m left end of the back row), but its Soft Summer. SA would have the white a bit more buttermilk/honey, and my scarf more army-green; ha, just warm it all up a trifle. Along with me next to Winters, i also love the contrast of me standing next to a Gamine : ) What a fantastic weekend.

  • "; ?> Sara Beth

    Christine I love your jacket! Would you mind sharing where it is from?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Always happy to share, wouldn’t even mind if we wore it the same day to the same party. It’s this:

      but I bought it at Nordstrom by mail before they had them in Canada. In case it matters, the navy is more Dark Autumn but for the degrees of difference, no matter. The sleeves are nicely sheer too so it’s lightweight. Also runs a bit big.

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