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Dark Autumn Jewelry

Dark Autumn Jewelry

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As in any of the 12 groups in Seasonal Colour Analysis, the variability is enormous. My Dad is a Dark Autumn. Here we are, the proud parents of our first pie. As a younger man, he appeared to have black hair. It wasn’t black in the sense that Asian people have ink blue-black hair, but it was blacker than the blackest coffee. His eyes are dark hazel. It would have been very easy to confuse him for a Winter, but the sleek shiny Winter look was all off. His character is practical, not emotional or theatrical. Like most Autumns, he had a sense of what suited him, but wore far more brown than anything else.

Me, Dad, and our pie.

Halle Berry could be a Dark Autumn, with her bronzed colouring.

My friend Gina is too. Her skin tone has an olive quality and her overall colouring is vivid and dramatic. She has all the fiery sparkle in her character that she has in her appearance.

Gina 1

These are the Autumn individuals who integrate a trace of Winter darkness, coolness, and formality. The colours are exotic, spicy, and more warm than cool. They are also dark.

The jewelry is strong and metallic, with heavy touches of copper, gold and bronze. The weight of Autumn jewelry is found but the regal touch of Winter calls for more simplicity, fewer pieces worn at once.

The look is expensive, rare, and precious. The feeling is of age and extreme value, as in heirloom pieces and vintage reproductions. The colours are deeply glowing embers. Just as there is weight and luxury to the fabric that suits Dark Autumn, so is there a strong essence to the jewelry. Flimsy fabrics belong to another Season, as does dainty silver filigree.

Dark Autumn jewelry 1.

Diamond is a classical Winter stone, as might be Ruby and Sapphire, but worn in warm metal settings, they add drama and opulence. The proximity to Winter certainly allows silver settings too, depending on the clothing being worn. Any cut stone in your personal colour palette will be perfect and with the tolerance for warm and cool, there are many to choose from.

The 1928 Jewelry company pieces always come to mind. The antique aspect gives the feeling of ancient treasure. The metals are a little darker and more heavily textured than the standard gold strand. The chains and links are usually considerably heavier than the delicate fixtures of most jewelry. The richly luxurious colours lend a precious and ornate feeling. The ambiance is of great wealth, of a library in glowing evening light, burning coals in the fireplace, touches of gold and and deep greens in the room, plush velvet and satin fabrics, and a dark burgundy wine.

Dark Autumn jewelry 2.

With the personal colour palette of fiery, spicy, passionate colour and the unique ability to wear striking and vivid contrast, this group comprises many of the more exotic shades and prints. Far-off spice markets and bazaars are evoked by paprika, cinnabar, and bay leaf. There are numerous lighter shades and neutrals, including black, but the defining terms are darkness and heat. Likewise, unusual and original jewelry looks custom-made and one-of-its-kind, adding to the impression of affluence.

Frivolous effects, casual clothes, and youthful touches are not in keeping with this strong bold energy. This Season delivers a serious visual impact. Clothes and accessories are important, creative pieces. Of course, the size of jewelry is always in keeping with the size of the person wearing it, so the pieces need not be enormous.

Dark Autumn jewelry 3.

These people may be capable, often forceful, organizers and leaders. Potent personalities need to be reflected in an exterior that is equally powerful. Anything soft or moderate just becomes a person wearing someone else’s clothes. The bridge that links the inner to the outer being, and translates into a compelling presence, will not be made.

The target is always to perfectly harmonize your inner core and exterior self. Your colour heat, your body size, your personal vitality are all expressions of the same energy form that came together as you. Learning to listen to the language of your soul creates a visual communication that just feels so right.



10 Thoughts on Dark Autumn Jewelry

  • "; ?> gina

    Wow this is so true of me. I am so NOT a pastel pale colored person. I absolutely love my fiery reds and deep chocolate browns. Paprika being one of most favorite colors and so hard to find in the stores. I feel alive in it.
    Thanks again.

  • "; ?> Ashley

    Hi Christine,

    I love reading your articles and insights into color analysis! I think I am a Dark Autumn myself. What lipcolor is your Dark Autumn model wearing?


  • "; ?> Christine Scaman


    That’s my wonderful friend, Gina. I’ve asked her to check in when she has a moment and let you know what colours she’s wearing.

  • "; ?> Christine Scaman

    Gina writes the following about the makeup above:

    No foundation just coverup which would be an Almay wand product at that time (probably 2 years ago) so a medium fair.

    Blush would have been MAC Buff

    Eyes: under liner would be MAC Coquette powder applied with the lovely MAC brush number 9. I use that on the top and bottom to line my eyes and then I used a very little bit of Lise Watier shadow 4 palette Les Cuivres (#151) (of the same I sent you years ago it is a combo with cream, dark brown with shimmer, gold and medium matte brown.) I used the dark brown for liner over the coquette to add sparkle and then a bit of the gold shadow at the edges of my eyes. The taupe colour on the lid but only outside corners since everything creases on me so badly and the cream powder on the inside corner next to my nose.

    Lips: That would be Aveda’s lipshine in Thyme Bud (colour number 570) I may n=have used a liner but it was probably simply a nude colour from Maybellione…nothing too special. I love the feel of the Aveda Lipshine..like I am doing something healthy for my lips. I know it has no lasting power but I was able to reapply often and was having dinner with the girls so it was a choice I made. Rather have that than a line left around my lips with nothing in the middle and this stuff wears off evenly all round so…..Thyme Bud is their best colour for me…or at least felt the best…not certain if a dark autumn still should think that but I still use it :)I love MAC and Aveda and Lise Watier all for different reasons. MAC has great eye colours and brushes I love the earth tones from them coquette, cork , saddle, and the Teddy pencil has a wee bit of gold through it.

    Mascara from Clinique High Impact in brown black or Diorshow in same colour. Still love Lancome’s Mascara…treated my self to Hypnose….tres cher but very nice as well as Definicils.

    Blush is now MAC Mocha and I use their Studio Sculpt NW 25 for the cover up foundation type instead of actually applying it all over. Always find I can’t breathe in foundation so use it sparingly around eyes (dark circles) and nose (broken capillaries) and the odd blemish.

    Hate to say it but no powder or anything else. Not a real finished look but I can be ready to go in less than 5 and my cream has a sunscreen in it so I am good.

    Lips: love the Clinique Chianti and Maybelline Tinted Taupe and Get Nutty plus my Aveda Thyme Bud. Also the EL Ruby which I use at night and a red from that same Maybelline Red Revival that I can wear and could find in Edmundston.

    Hope that helps.


  • "; ?> Ashley

    Thanks ladies!!! I was able to visit the MAC counter tonight and try out some of the colors. I bought “cork” eyeshadow and am anxious to try it with my “soba” and “woodwinked” shadows.

  • "; ?> Ineke

    Christine, I was wondering, when a dark autumn start to grey and fade a bit, are they still able to wear all the deep colors? I think my husband might be a deep autumn, buth now that he is getting older not every deep color is looking great on him. Although many browns are still fabulous!

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman


      It depends on the person. You’ll see my father, a Dark Autumn. He certainly can wear his deep, dark colors and looks years younger when he does. Faded color, especially faded cool color, is a disaster on this group especially. All Autumns often have a sense of their right colors but seldom wear them richly enough.
      Also, the Dark Autumn has enough drama to dress with high contrast, as a Winter would. So they look terrific in the darker greys, and their hair greys.

  • "; ?> Jeannie

    I really like 1928’s jewelry

  • "; ?> Melissa

    Hi Christine, I’ve noticed that most all of the makeup recommendations for Dark Autumns tend to be in the nude and brownish range. Are there some DA’s who might look better in spicier reds for lipstick and blush? And if so, do you have any makeup color recommendations? After doing tons of self draping and living as almost every other season for various amounts of time I’m certain I’m a fair skinned DA. But, nudes and browns in makeup look very blah on me.

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