Cosmetic purchases should be tried in person with your 12 BLUEPRINTS colour analyst prior to purchase. Within the same Season, women have variations in natural pigmentation, cosmetic preference, and skin chemistry, which may influence the suitability of a product. Colours are not guaranteed to be perfect for every woman in the same Season. Cosmetic purchases are not returnable unless the packaging is defective or the product is damaged. The refund policy is outlined in more detail on this page.

For items from Amazon, a “Buy only on Amazon” button on the product page in the 12 BLUEPRINTS shop links directly to the purchase page on Amazon where the purchase takes place. Canadian residents may find that the product is linked to the .ca site if it is available there. While I earn an affiliate commission for Amazon purchases, your entire purchasing experience is with Amazon. Amazon items are placed in the Season with which they appear to belong from the web image. I do not harmonize these items in person. If you purchase, be certain that the item may be returned. 

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