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Getting Ready To Be A Colour Analyst: Possibility

Getting Ready To Be A Colour Analyst: Possibility

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Part 2 in this series talks some more about picturing new possibility in your life, whatever it may be.

I share with you how others organized their thoughts to move from wanting something new to taking part in the change. For some, the answer is that the time isn’t right. That’s a good answer. Whatever answer is true for your life is the right one.

At this point in their stories, those of us who speak through the video are still in the earliest stages of imagining a new skill, a new contribution to our community, and what it might be like to join a new community of people who are creating their own lives.

Here is the link to Part 1, Getting Ready To Be A Colour Analyst: Invitation.




8 Thoughts on Getting Ready To Be A Colour Analyst: Possibility

  • "; ?> Katherine

    Christine, I have a practical question. I am thinking about becoming a Color Analyst, but I am currently renting. While I have plenty of space, I cannot paint the walls. Would I be able to have a home studio by putting up neutral grey cloths to block the walls? Or would you recommend I wait until I have someplace I can paint?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Great question, Katherine. The neutral grey curtains around the workspace would work fine as long as the room is fairly neutrally coloured, meaning no yellow or red glows. Tall curtains, thick fabric or double layered, and you should be fine. It also helps if the ceiling is off white or neutral since light can be bounced off it and diffused back down to the client. You also have the option of CFL or LED lighting these days, both of which satisfy the lighting specifications. The LED might be a little easier on the eyes in a closed in working area. Those of us who travel have devised all sorts of curtains. Two tripods with a dowel across the top are portable, inexpensive, and height adjustable. Garment racks work fine too.

  • "; ?> Katherine

    My ceiling is the stark white that landlords love, so I’ll have to think on that. Thank you for the advice!

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