| Getting Ready to Be A Colour Analyst: Commitment

Getting Ready to Be A Colour Analyst: Commitment

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This is Part 6 of 7.

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Thank you to S. for the beautiful header photo of Spring, the ultimate metaphor for hope and renewal.


3 Thoughts on Getting Ready to Be A Colour Analyst: Commitment

  • Zezé

    Christine would you consider doing a Light Summer landscapes post? I was reading your other posts with examples for other seasons and it really helps me visualize the whole vibe and general aesthetics of the palette.

    I’m currently facing doubts about my self appointed season (Bright Winter) because some people have expressed distaste in seeing me in the darker or stronger colors of the palette, apparently black makes me look “small” and I struggle to wear white.

    • Christine Scaman

      I would love to, Zeze, but time will be very short for the next few months. Those posts take a fair bit of time and reflection. Possibly a better solution for you is that the second edition of Return to Your Natural Colours will be printed in July (I hope). It is being edited now. Each Season is discussed in depth, from many perspectives. You’ll be able to read about LSu and BW, and the others as well.

  • Zezé

    Oh that’s great!, I’ll be sure to check it out when it’s out then.

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