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| Getting Ready to Be A Colour Analyst: Invitation

Getting Ready to Be A Colour Analyst: Invitation

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So many people have a passion for personal colour analysis (PCA) and even dream that one day, they could become a colour analyst.

Maybe you never thought it could be for you but the idea won’t go away. You might want to do something for yourself. Perhaps you see yourself working hard in some unsatisfying part of your life, you feel doubts and concerns, but are not sure what to do about it. How do we align our thoughts to decide on effective action?

This is the opening for a series of videos reflecting on helping you know when the time is right. Our colour analysts join me to share with you how they walked through the decision process.  I am thankful to them for allowing our conversations to be repeated to help you move towards a solution.



8 Thoughts on Getting Ready to Be A Colour Analyst: Invitation

  • "; ?> Nicole

    Thank you for this video, it is also a dream of mine to become an analyst. I have struggled with self doubt now and again with whether or not I could master it. Yet the dream remains!

  • "; ?> Melina

    I’d love to become a color analyst, being so interested in the topic (as is probably apparent from my comments here :)), and I probably already know most of the theory required to become one, from gleaning all possible information from the articles on this site… (Though of course theory is only half of it.) But the problem is I’m not what’s known as a “people’s person”, i.e. not very social, so I’d probably not make a very good analyst in that sense, and also, the cost of the training (plus return flights to North America!) is truly prohibitive, I don’t know those who have trained actually do it… (I don’t mean to be negative, I do get why it’s so expensive, I just mean that it’s not something many people can realistically afford.)

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