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How Cathy Found Colour Answers

How Cathy Found Colour Answers

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We live in the privileged position of making two to twenty colour decisions as we create our appearance each day.

For many women, the situation is an amorphous cloud, a shapeless blob of a problem. Given a voice, it might sound like,

– “The makeup counter is nothing but scary.”

– “All I do is struggle with my looks.”

– “Despite all the money I spend, I never feel good about my choices.”

– “I gave up on makeup long ago.”

– “I’ll spend money but if I’m being honest, what I don’t want is the perception of trying because I never had to before.” 

If asked, “Do you know what you want?”, the answer is a variation of

– “No, maybe, sort of.”.

One version might be, 

– “What I want is to not have this problem. Can you tell me why I have this problem? Can you tell me what to do about it?”

Yes and yes. 

What we want is to change the shapeless blob of a problem, a labyrinth with no way in, into a functional decision tree. From this tree hang beautiful solutions to our every colour question.

In the first video (here on YouTube), we hear Cathy’s colour story so far. 

Databases are amorphous blobs of information. The job of the colour analysis is to identify one person’s unique colour coordinates within the database of all possible colours for all possible people.

With her coordinates, which go by the name of Dark Autumn, Cathy has terms of reference for colour. Managing appearance became ridiculously easier once she walked one colour road instead of every possible road. 

I can only help if the client is interested in doing something. Otherwise, it’s just one more PDF. Cathy saw the value, felt committed, and said,

– “I’m not paying you to protect me or tell me that everything is possible no matter what.”

Cathy wanted her info straight up: 
  • No white anything. 
  • No blonde hair unless it grows that way.
  • No pastels.
  • No icy frosty colours.
  • No bleached or faded colour. 
  • No sugar coating, literally and figuratively.

Video 2 (here on YouTube) explains how she found those answers.

These days, Cathy is entering the same stores and listen to this: she’s making new choices for the same old questions she faced before. Now, that is amazing.

The needle in her life is moving again. She believes in her answers and finds her way to them every time she shops.

The reference to the 4 Statements that Lead to Wisdom comes from the latest in the Armand Gamache series, Kingdom of the Blind, by Canadian author, Louise Penny. In the book, the author mentions Matthew 10:36 as the source, but I don’t know if that is a true fact or not.

I believe that Ms. Penny referred to the 4 Statements in an earlier book as well. Maybe Google will know….Of course, Google knows. The book was Bury Your Dead

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  • Rachel

    Interesting reference to Matthew 10:36! I’m not sure what the connection would be, as I have not read the book you mentioned. But Matthew is amazing! I love 10:39. “He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it.” Reminds me of John 10:10. “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

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