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How Light Summer Goes Gray

How Light Summer Goes Gray

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Many members of this Season were blond as children and feel right that way. It seems sometimes as though everyone wants to be blonde, but the question is, Do you want to be blonde or do you want to look good?

Base hair colour and highlight

As long as it is the right blonde, and not a toffee color, many Light Summers make great and very believable blondes.

Many others have natural hair colour that might be called light ash brown or light neutral brown or sandy blonde. Often, they are best with their natural hair colour. Summer hair often contains a wide variety of tones to make up the overall colour, with plenty of natural highlights.

In 12 Season Colour Analysis, the Light Summer is a Summer more than anything else. Spring plays a smaller role, so the personal colour palette become lighter and clearer, as though lit by the earliest sun.

If the base colour is blonde, or light brown by maturity, the best highlight is beige to light yellow, interlaced throughout the natural base colour. For some, a more yellow highlight works better than others. Staying closer to beige than yellow is more often successful. On all Summers, too-yellow hair may flush the skin tone with red.

Louise, in Louise and Stevan Are Light Springs, has a deeper base colour, one that is similar to that of many Light Summers in adulthood. Highlights would be unlikely to improve her appearance.

The base hair colour

The natural base is usually a light to medium ash brown, not golden blonde (which implies red and warm). On everyone, the more of the base that shows through, the less harsh and processed the whole head looks, and the more real and effortless the woman appears.

Dealing with roots takes a fraction of the time and money, especially if the colorist did not start the highlights in the top layer or at the part. For many women, highlights can often get bigger and bigger till the head is one big highlight. Aim for highlights to have a light touch, woven in like fibers of light.

This is a lovely example of natural-looking Light Summer hair colour.

Princess Diana Light Summer hair colour

Silver Hair

Season does not change over time because Season is derived from colours in the undertone, the skin layers beneath the surface where the blood circulates. Our appearance may appear to soften or cool as silver arrives.

Silver is light, associated with coolness, and Summers have natural moon silver highlighting in the skin and hair. These make the transition to silver hair truly effortless, something you don’t have to think about for a moment.

The one adjustment may be to add colour energy in attire and cosmetics. Once the hair has become a neutral colour in the overall appearance, adding back colour elsewhere ensures that the vitality stays high.

Our hair and skin are perfectly harmonized for us throughout our entire lives. We are given the exactly perfect shade of gray hair, just like every other colour in our genetic code. Warmer Seasons may have creamy ivory or warm pewter as their version of silver and they look fabulous, as if they were tanned all the time by the contrast with the apparently-cool hair, just returned from a wonderful holiday.

The Neutral Seasons have warmth and coolness in the skin. They wear silver and gold jewelry successfully. They might choose more gray clothes as hair grays to repeat the hair colour for a formal or organized effect, or add in more colour to add energy to the overall appearance.

The image below is of Light Summer. Silver hair virtually disappears into this head. It just looks like more blonde. They can be in their 60s with still a lot of colour left in the hair, because silver hair is just white. Light Summer just asks for less and less highlight, and eventually goes to the salon for a cut only.

Light summer silver hair colour

You can see the beautiful variations of colour in this natural hair. It’s fresh, light, and real. There is no tension in the viewer of feeling like they have to react to an exaggerated effect. Where highlights are concerned, no good comes of being an overachiever.

Remember that any Season can have any hair color. There are Light Summers with very cool, medium dark, or red hair (more of a pinkish brown). Leave that gift alone.

Light summer silver hair colour part




8 Thoughts on How Light Summer Goes Gray

  • "; ?> Jelena

    Christine, I really find the color comparisons that you typically do between neighbouring seasons very helpful. It’s so hard to really SEE a colour as it truly is as you see it in comparison to something else. Looking at the whites of the summers compared to the winter white, it’s very obvious how much yellower light summer is compared to the true summer white. I am actually very surprised by how much of a difference there is between the true summer white and the true winter white. I always assumed that the True Summer white was almost like true winter;s, but slightly more greyed. In the pic above, the True summer white almost looks light it has the slightest tinge of grey-ed brown, and not regualr grey.

  • "; ?> Cora

    I found your site yesterday and it’s been like a revelation finding what season I am (Summer, still don’t know which). Of course, I’ve been wearing the wrong colors most of the time. I’ve always loved light pinks and pearls (and cameos!) but I always thought I was not pretty or feminine enough to wear them. Like watching a party from a fence wishing I was invited and I really just had to dare to step in.
    Your post here has inspired me to wanting to go natural with my graying hair. Right now I’m an redhead (henna) who looks like a ghost in photographs.
    Thanks for making this site, it’s being really instructive.

  • "; ?> Shirley

    Christine. Wish you’d show Sonja’s part area.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Shirley – done, addendum to article.

  • "; ?> Shirley

    Thank you very much Christine.

  • "; ?> Tara

    The drape comparisons are very helpful here! I feel as though I am waivering between Light Spring and Light Summer. Would LSp’s white be slightly more yellow or creamy than LSu?

    p.s. At 28, I do seem to find the greys coming through, but consider them my free highlights. 🙂

  • "; ?> Kirsten

    This is that rare article about hair that I can relate to. Thank you for encouraging me to enjoy my natural hair color!

  • "; ?> E

    This color is quite similar to mine. I’m 36, and there are a few pale gray/white strands now, but basically it looks the same as it did ten years ago. I always thought it was too dull and grayish, even before there was actual gray in it, and dyed it golden blonde, strawberry blonde, auburn, etc., but now I’m starting to think the problem was the colors I wore (often winter or autumn) suppressing my own coloring. I think it’s time to grow out the dye and start appreciating it for what it is.

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