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How Springs Intensify Eye Colour

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The wonderful benefit of colour analysis is that by wearing the colours already in you, same value, warmth, and saturation, you attain the youngest, healthiest, skin tone and the most natural looking makeup.

When Spring eyes are light in colour, they are usually quite light. If surrounded by dark eyeliner, hoping to create attention with a strong light/dark contrast, the problem is that the dark colour does not appear anywhere in the natural colouring, so it looks false or apart. The other effect is to do what a dark line around a light shape always does, to close it in and make it appear smaller.

For all 3 Springs,

1. Makeup is not earthy or pastel.

Earthy means orange and muted. These colours are desert tan colours, like bronzer. Springs have warmth in the colouring and brown eye makeup can work, but it’s often lighter and more yellow, from Rice Krispies to beer colours.

Pastel means softened with gray and not too pale. Spring colouring is  vivacious, with colours that are creamy or juicy. Pastel effects are beautiful for Summer colouring, and not the best choice for any other.

When makeup is too cool, the effect is ghostly in the skin, rather than healthy and glowing with vitality. Warmth is a cornerstone of Spring.

2. Eyebrows matter.

PCA brings attention to your eyes like never before. They are the focal point of your entire being. The brows are the upper frame for the eye. Keep them neat and shaped. The cheekbone is the lower frame for the eye.

3. The waterline of the eye is the inner rim of the lower lid.

In colours in harmony with your own, it will be calm and clear,  the same colour as the rest of the skin. That looks healthy, cleans up the white of the eye, and sharpens the iris. You could put a line of cream eyeliner there.

4. Never underestimate the power of jewelry.

It is always viewed with the eyes. Violet eyeliner may not look entirely grownup in makeup, but violet in jewelry can be remarkable. Spring infuses everything it touches with happiness and movement, so can it wear a lot of bright, clear colour. Even costume jewelry and plastic beads work very well. They express the exuberance, the enthusiasm for life, that is felt even at the outer reaches of the Season.

If you are young and want to wear violet eyeliner, be sure it comes from your Personal Colour Palette. Stay away from purpley grey or brown. It’s the color of the string on the necklace linked above.

5. Mascara is cool brown to black brown, depending on how dark you are. Black looks like spider eyelashes. Some of the dark-haired Bright Springs can wear black. Smear a few out on paper to compare them.

6. Wear your eye colour and wear its complement colour in clothing.

7. Wear a yellow-cream or yellow-peach eyeshadow hilite. It brings out yellow in the eye.

Light Spring

These people may be translucently fair or more medium in appearance, in keeping with the narrow light to dark range of Summer and Spring. Some have ash hair and look like Summers. Some have yellow-green or brown in the eye and believe they are Autumns.

This is a Light Spring eye. Notice that there there is yellow in it. It may be a green yellow, but it is certainly not an orange yellow. The eye belongs to Louise in the article Louise and Stevan Are Light Springs. Notice how cool and ash her hair looks and that she is not particularly light, though Stevan is. Notice too that the lashes are not very dark.

Light spring eye with light lashes

Repeat effects using makeup if eyes are blue or green will be the cream eyeshadow hilite or the cream waterline pencil, but go easy with this waterline thing. It can look bizarre quickly. If you love a pale aqua eyeliner, you’re under 25, and you are not in a professional situation, have at ‘er.

With the Summer cooling effect, Light Spring still has more grays in their palette than browns. You want an eyeliner that defines without overtaking. Rimmel Stormy Grey is good. Summer may have left an unexpected charcoal rim to the iris and this repeats it nicely. Wear your gray clothes, for the same reason.

Keep makeup light in colour. Do not be talked into pops of colour that just compete with what you are. Even contour eyeshadows should be light. Louise does not wear dark makeup.

If green is in the eye, wear your clear light red lips, even as a sheer. Red and green are complements.

Go easy on the frost. The Summer Spring blends have a deceivingly fragile complexion. Makeup effects can take over and fast. Do a thin shimmer in one place at a time, maybe inner corner of eye. Or maybe do a lipgloss over lisptick in a light peach-gold like MAC Instant Gold Lustregloss.

True Spring

These are the fair-skinned, light-eyed, yellow blondes. In the real world, the True Spring may have medium brown hair, since there are few real blondes after 30, and glowy golden green eyes.

Same repeat effects as Light Spring if eyes are blue or green.

Brown eyeliner is good. Warm yellowed gray also works. As ever for Spring, it is not an orange brown. Can Spring still wear orange? Absolutely, a clear orange. It’s just that the browns are not oranged.

Balance the eye with lively lip colors. Flat and safe looks like Nicole Kidman in pale hair and lips. Spiritless in a Season based on the very opposite concept. The whole face, the entire presence is drained and diluted. True Spring can balance a lot of the right colours and look fantastic in them.

Brown eyeshadow is fine. Light and clear, such as linen, blonde, and honey eyeshadow.

Wear bronzer that is not too yellow or brown. It should be a sheer, pale, yellow-golden-beige. This is Stila 01 at Sephora. Sweep it up onto the forehead, around the eye.

light spring bronzer

Add a touch of cheek highlighter in a light yellow gold if you’re young. This is the face of the glowing outdoors.

As ever, wear your eye colours from your palette somehow every day. A scarf, a pin, an earring, a purse, a hairband.

Bright Spring

If the eyes are light, you may wonder why Summer pastels are so detracting to the appearance. If the eyes are darker, you wonder why Autumn drapes look tragic, while all the lines are eased away by the Spring drapes.

These women can use the light/dark contrast of dark brown or grey eyeliner with light eyes, because the darkness of the hair and natural light to dark range will create balance. The grey must be clean and crisp, and less dark than Winter. Merle Norman Galaxy and Annabelle Mercury are good.


46 Thoughts on How Springs Intensify Eye Colour

  • "; ?> Heather

    Hi there – I never got any emails, but I found this from a ping-back. I’m taking this as a compliment, right? 🙂 Thanks! Although if my neck looks yellow, it’s probably the camera because my skin has so much pink in it.

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    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Heather!! Hi 🙂

      I e-mailed you 6 ways from Sunday but your software kept telling me that my comment wasn’t relevant to your blog. I don’t know what word it was fussing with.
      Of course it’s a compliment! I don’t know anyone’s Season till they are draped with the Sci\ART system, but I get asked so often “What does Bright Spring look like??? Quit telling us they look Wintery and show us already!”

      I found you through Google, looking for a photo of that eyeshadow quad and had a Eureka moment. Glad you don’t object to the link. I think your photos are outstanding by the way, because I completely know how hard it is to get them.

  • "; ?> Rachel

    Hi, Christine. Thanks for this thorough analysis of Spring coloring.

    I have a question about the stereotypical True Spring look personified by Uma Thurman, Charlize Theron, and Cameron Diaz. How do we interpret them as examples of True Spring coloring given that they are all natural brunettes? Do they represent what naturally blonde True Springs typically look like? Or do they represent what brunette True Springs tend to look like with colored hair? Is the typical True Spring adult woman more commonly blonde or brunette?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman


      Good questions. The interpretation is based solely on skin, right?, so their hair color doesn’t make any difference at all. They probably were this blonde as children, but have darkened with maturity as almost everyone does.
      I’d say that they do look similar to a True Spring. To me, Cameron Diaz especially. But we have no idea what Season these women are till they’re draped. Plus, we never see them without makeup. They seem to tolerate very yellow hair without bad effects, which few but the Springs can do.
      They look like brunette True Springs with colored hair, I would guess. But even in their hair’s natural state, their version of “brunette” is a lot lighter than mine, for instance.
      I see very few True Springs where I live. Those I’m sure are that Season remain blonde as adults and very fair skinned, but I would guess the variation would be as wide as in any other Season.

  • "; ?> Zandra


    Thank you so much for this!!!

    I’ve been up and down the different seasons trying to figure out which one I am and everything seems kind of wrong, especially since looking at the photos of the PCA’d people at facebook… so WHOLE and peaceful and harmonious. Your link to Charlize Theron in too cool colours really opened my eyes for the possibility that I might be a spring. I’ve been trying out true summer colours in the last two months or so and in the pictures my face shape looks distorted… it looks so HEAVY. Drained. And my skin is so, so, SO light (read pale). I turned back to light summer (even though I knew my lips look pale in this type).

    But now I’m thinking light or true spring. Yesterday and this morning I took a couple of pictures… couldn’t find more than one true spring colour, the yellow that’s in your atricle about undertones. BUT, that yellow (in the form of a very large tea mug held next to my face… =) came out as the only pictures in which my teeth didn’t look completely yellow… got me thinking. I have a huge amount of yellow in my blue eyes and I’ve never seen them this way before, lit up, I’ve always wanted to tone down the yellow and thought they were really, well… uninteresting, ugly. The skin looked a lot less pale and seemed evenly coloured (couldn’t see a trace of that pink around my eyes or on my chin). Light summer looks forced in comparison with the yellow areas in my face.

    Anyhow, now i’ve got a few questions:

    1) Out of curiousity, what effect does a sun tan have on a. the draping and b. wearing the colours afterwards? Any difference? (Not that I personally get a tan that anyone but me would notice… it’s more like a shimmer or sparkle than a colour)

    2) Yesterday I tried Clinique Precious Posy and it seemed to disappear into my skin, except for a pink trace… iced lotus looked poisonous… Is there a Clinique blush for true spring that I can try?

    3) Have you PCA’d a true spring and if that’s the case, what were your experiences?

    4) I have very, very light skin with freckles (also light for some reason) and slightly ashier hair than this
    but my eyebrows and eyelashes are fairly dark (and more ashy). If I like what I see when I’ve tried true spring out, could contrasting brows and lashes explain why?

    That should cover my curiousity for now…


    • "; ?> Christine Scaman


      You appear to be closing in on it. 🙂
      For your Q,
      – tans make no difference to your clothes, since your skin’s fundamental reaction to color doesn’t change; you will not flip Seasons.
      – tans can be a problem for the draping process; can be hard to see the subtle optical effects or yellowing that occurs in people in too-warm color
      – True Spring is the one PCA I haven’t done, but there is a woman I work with that I’m certain is True, or very close. Stevan is also very, very close.
      – You could try MAC Fleur Power blush and Crosswires lips for True ; Precious Posy is not clear enough, and it’s too light as I recall , better for Light Spring
      – freckles, eyebrows, eye color, hair color,…irrelevant. Of no use at all in guiding you to choosing a Season. Will mislead you entirely. Truly. Ignore them all. There is far, far too much variation among humans to use these as clues.
      – are Light Summer >Spring’s 2 palettes vastly different? Well, you certainly can tell them apart when you see them side by side. There are few or no swatches that would be similar in the 3 Seasons.
      – do visit for pictures of celebrities in the 12 Seasons; different PCA system from mine but still a lot of value in understanding the variations.

  • "; ?> Zandra

    Just to clarify: It seems more that probable to me that I’m a light spring rather than a true, but I still need to compare to get it right. Also i’m trying to understand the difference between a light summer leaning towards spring and a light spring leaning towards summer. Big difference? But it’s still the fan colours that makes perfection, right?? The examples of lights that I’ve seen all have so smooth faces, not a lot of freckles or mixed pigments… like walls of mu, makes it difficult to compare. Oh well, I’m off to the Clinique counter for lipsticks to match with Precious Posy, couldn’t find the glosses yesterday (no lip-plumping for Swedish women).

  • "; ?> Denise

    This is a great article! Thanks for the pictures to illustrate your point. Even though I’m a bright winter it inspires me to think of new ways to use my palette (always wear eye color somewhere!).

    I love the earthy muted look on the right woman – and whenever I’ve tried to do it myself I go flat and plain (or fighting with the colors like in the pictures). The question I have is – that earthy look seems so natural on Autumns – more natural than the other seasons in their right colors. Can other seasons get a version of the natural, earthy look?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Short answer, Denise, no. I rolled it around in my head a bit, wondering how you might interpret ‘earthy’, but I couldn’t come up with anything that would work. Each of the 12 has a very unique edge that nobody else can work convincingly. When we try, the best we can hope to achieve is nothing. And downhill from there. It has no energy, like wearing someone else’s clothes. Clothes and makeup need the right person, and the whole thing comes alive.

  • "; ?> Denise

    What a relief to stop trying to look like someone I’m not.

    Now I just need to figure out what kind of clothes and makeup need a Bright Winter!

    Thanks Christine

  • "; ?> Zandra

    Thank you so much for the answers!

    I’ve been thinking about those questions for a long time.

    Did a try out yesterday… might seem a bit crazy but it was a lot of fun: Precious Posy on one cheek, Iced Lotus on the other and Peach Pop on the lips!! (How can that go wrong?! Haha, OF COURSE I looked like a clown. Pretty funny clown.) Anyhow, I wore that for a few hours and “documented” with my camera in all kinds of lighting. Turns out I was a bit optimistic about that yellow after all, Peach Pop popped a little bit too much in my opinion. After that everything got trickier and I need to explore the lights more with matching lip colours and clothes. They both looked really nice and it also got me thinking that maybe I have misinterpreted Light Summer as cooler than it actually is. But then again, two options instead of three or four is what I call progress.

    One thing is perfectly clear to me now – I need yellow… and I need pink. Any chance you’ll be doing a ” ___ is a light summer” in the future?? I have looked at Lora’s site but the light summers all seem icy and the light springs so overwhelmingly powdered that I don’t get a lot out of it (Lora’s not to blame for that of course). A thick layer of frost on any kind of ice cream makes it unappealing and no one in their right mind would pour facial powder on spun sugar and want to eat it. In the meantime I’ll try to find things light spring since there’s an excellent post covering light spring here.

    I read on facebook that you’re taking a holiday – I wish you a really good one!

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman


      Sonja Is A Light Summer is here already – look under More Topics in the top bars, and click on Summer.


      Quick answers
      – hair is irrelevant entirely to the Season, but often there is a similarity among people of this coloring/skin/hair and the way they wear their palette
      – Bright Spring could be lighter, could be red, could be blonde, could be medium ash brown. Many are surprisingly dark. If the drapes say Bright Spring, they will all balance those colors, because what we’re perfecting at all times is the SKIN; hair falls into place automatically
      – eye patterns do not correlate tightly in everyone. Sometimes yes, sometimes they will only mislead. Go after the skin. Truly is very hard to identify Season on your own. If ever you travel to a city with a Sci\ART analyst, get this done. The best analysis, you will never regret it.

  • "; ?> Denise


    I really am continuing to feel freedom in letting go of finding a way to look like an autumn. I have some brown (my shade of bright winter) pants that I used to wear with soft autumn colors, aiming for natural but looking blah. I put them on today and saw an immediate intensifying of my hair color and a dramatic “feel” to how I looked. I thought, “hmm . . . even brown looks dramatic on me, I need to use these with my bright winter colors.” It felt so good to go with what is rather than try to be something I can’t support. Thanks for teaching me what NOT to try to wear! Why oh why do we want what we can’t have and discount who we are? Your sites encourage women to stop that madness. It’s important work you do.

    Have a lovely holiday!

  • "; ?> Zandra

    Hello… again…

    I just realized something, it’s got to do with the sun tan question… and also why I thought Iced Lotus looked poisonous (but I couldn’t pin point it at the time and chose to ignore it until I could). My freckles are more pronounced in the summer – and Iced Lotus don’t jive with my freckles!! (My cheek and eye seem small and my freckled nose really big) I KNEW something was wrong with light summer! Isn’t it ironic? That’s probably why I’ve always changed colours in the summer. I’m not arguing with whiter teeth anyhow. Maybe I won’t have yellow areas in my face either if I get clothes in spring colours…

    And maybe I don’t have to beat myself up for buying those yellowed white tops that I never use because they don’t match with anything else (I put one on today and got compliments from my friend and looks from all over, hasn’t happened for quite some time). And just maybe I could wear the neutral of my dreams, a light camel that is sort of gold, like my hair. Also I think that you’re right, I’m going to try that true spring blush as soon as I get to a larger city. I just couldn’t believe what I saw when I first looked. Hair, eyes, soft yellow golden??! Even my eyebrows and eyelashes go there!! Not to mention my skin, it looks… even. I look completely different, soft, full of life. And my mother does fantastic in my true summer blush and gloss. Win-win.

    This is huge for me and I really want to say (read shout) an equally huge THANK YOU for doing all this. Like Denise state above it’s such a relief not having to fight the inherent colouring (I’ve tried earthy as well). I had absolutely no idea – I tried to wear winter colours for a really long time because I liked the impact of black. I’m going back to bed now, it’s in the middle of the night here, couldn’t sleep with all the excitement going on in my head and my impulse control has never been very good =)

    Christine I wish you the best,


  • "; ?> Andrea


    Thank you for this article, it is very helpful!

    Does a Bright Spring have to be so dark like Heather Karuza (I mean hair and eyebrows; because her skin is light)? (Lora’s examples of Clear Springs are mostly bleached blondes, so it is difficult to say what their natural hair colour is).

    In your answer to Zandra you wrote: “freckles, eyebrows, eye color, hair color,…irrelevant. Of no use at all in guiding you to choosing a Season. Will mislead you entirely. Truly. Ignore them all. There is far, far too much variation among humans to use these as clues.”
    But you also wrote about a Bright Spring in this article: “These women can use the light/dark contrast of dark brown or grey eyeliner with light eyes, because the darkness of the hair can balance it.”
    Do women with certain hair colours tend to belong to certain seasons, or is it really irrelevant?

    Could a Bright Spring have lighter hair and eyebrows than Heather Karuza (who looks like a Bright Spring) and still be able to balance the contrasts and colours of this season?

    I think I have similar colouring like Heather Graham (naturally she is not so light blonde; my eyes do not look so “bright”, but I have that translucent quality like her) or Julie Andrews. It is diffucult to find someone, because these women are wearing make-up in photos.

    I know that probably I am a Spring according to the blush colour I am able to wear – I have Rimmel’s Powder Blush in Coral and I like it on my skin. Coral and peach is better than salmon pink. Summer and Winter pinks have the “anemic” effect on me, autumn colours look like mud on my skin. But I think I am not absolutely warm, but more neutral, e.g. instead of camel I can wear taupe and stone in combination with brighter colours like turquoise or brighter shade of violet.

    I could be a Light Spring, but I have in my eyes in the yellowish ring just around my pupil also some autumn brown, not much, but it is there (but autumn colours look wrong on me) and I also have some petal shapes and several spikes in my eyes.

    I would like to ask you especailly this: Should I take these eye patterns into consideration as a sign of being a Bright Spring, rather than other two types of Spring? According to your experience, does the eye pattern match with the Season which you determine by draping? I read (do not know exactly where) that first you do the draping and only then you look at the eye patterns of a client. Do “True” seasons always have the corresponding eye pattern for that particular “pure” season, or is it like this that even these True seasons can be closer to one of their neutral neighbour and it is visible also in their eye patterns?

    I think I could be a Bright Spring closer to True Spring than to Bright Winter, that is why I do not look especially winter-y and black does not belong to my best colours.

    But still it is a success for me at least to know that I am a sort of Spring 🙂 Unfortunatelly I do not have the possibility to visit Sci\ART PCA analyst, so I have to decide myself what season I am.

    Thanks and have a nice holiday!

  • "; ?> Andrea

    Thank you Christine 🙂

    So the SKIN always comes first in the colour analysis, not the eye patterns.

    It is really difficult to find my season myself, because an experienced colour analyst is able to see what is the right skin reaction to the right colours. Maybe what I think looks like “mud” on my skin actually does not. I wish I could visit a Sci\ART analyst if I had the possibility. But for now I would need to somehow do it myself 🙂

    I am looking forward when you show us the Bright Spring make-up colours, as you did recently for the Bright Winter, to see if this could really be my season 🙂

  • "; ?> Jenny

    Truth is, most eyemakeup out there looks ghostly or dirty on Springs. Pastels also tend to look very unhealthy.

    I have almost never found any eye makeup that emphasizes my eye color and doesn’t look made up. The exceptions are a dark brown eyeliner (matching my eyelashes) and a light yellow or bright/light camel highlighter, just like Christine writes. I also find it very true that wearing colors that intensify my eye color is much better than actually putting those colors on my skin.

    In my experience, most eye makeup colors are made for Winters, Autumns and a few for Summers. The light neutrals (warm taupes, camels, yellows) might work, though. Medium gray liner also works well. The problem is, many of those light neutrals are sparkly or frosty. This looks bad on adult women – even iif the “frost” is golden.

    So fellow Springs, have fun with lipsticks and blush instead!

  • "; ?> Heather

    Oh I’m sorry my site wouldn’t let you contact me. How strange :-/ Next time you can email me directly Thank you so much for the compliments btw! So sweet of you to say! You are quite knowledgeable and I really like your article!

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

  • "; ?> Zandra

    Hello once again!

    I’ve concluded that I’m a True Spring! Seems that lipstick can be a good tie breaker between two seasons. I tried four lipsticks for Light Spring and my lips look kind of swollen and sore bacuse the actual colour disappear and only shimmer is left on top. My skin looked like glass about to shatter. Then I studied your article about best mu colours for True Spring and ended up getting a lipstick from The Body Shop called Sunset Peach, balances the eyes. Later on I decided to get MAC Fleur Power without trying it on first (my b/f went on a trip to one of the three cities in Sweden with MAC counters, a man visiting a mu counter apparently doesn’t happen everyday, haha). Fleur Power is perfect, very nice of you to recommend it, Christine. The colour is in perfect balance, could’nt be stronger or lighter, definitely not more pink (it doesn’t turn up pink – and my colouring is very sensitive when it comes to pink). It is simply really, really good. If I had someone to recommend it to I would, but I don’t seem to know any woman who’s a True Spring.

    Speaking about intensifying eye colour, I think that lipstick and blush matters more than eye shadow. I have small eyes and even though I notice the difference when I put eye shadow on, I have to keep the colour quite light (I’ve made a highlighter and a yellow grey from stuff in my mu bag based on your recommendations for TS mu colours). Eye shadow seems to have more of a “clearing the way” function, while lip colour balance the eyes to make a triangle leading up to the eyes. Cheek colour sort of widens the triangle below the eyes, balances eye size. At least, that’s how I perceive it. Everything together looks really nice, mu make the colour effect accumulate.

    My family is all over the map tonal wise, my mother is True Summer, my father looks fantastic in True Autumn and my brother is very likely a Soft Summer (no one can do cool faded colours better). My b/f, his mother and his sister are all Dark Winters while his father’s Soft Autumn. So weird!? Seems to be quite good fit in personalities too. Christine, do you see many families? Are their colouring more spread out or more held together? And couples? A good friend of mine is a True Summer and I’m quite sure that her b/f is too, but my guess is that that’s not very common. (The other day that same friend showed me her new lip colour together with a scarf in soft navy, dusty cool pink and lavender… Summers can look so **** elegant! Right out of Monet’s garden. Like there’s no effort to it. I have serious summer colour envy now.)

    About the light summer article… What I really meant was that I’d need a photo or two with drapes and mu to be able to wrap my head around the Light Summer concept.

    My next step will definitely be to order a palette. Thanks again!

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman


      I’m glad you’ve solved the mystery. Most families are quite spread out. Couples are usually spread out, though I’ve seen 1 who share the same Tone. I agree that lipstick and blush do more for eye color than eye makeup. Well spoken 🙂

  • "; ?> Zandra

    Thank you!

    It is really good to know, I feel happy in these colours, comfortable. They feel obvious now, but they sure didn’t when I didn’t know which way to go (but I noticed very early on that autumn and winter tones were out of the question, very heavy, I look tired and/or greyed). Maybe I’ll send you a photo or two when I feel settled 🙂

    If anyone else would like to try and self-analyze I would say to go through one tone at a time, with photos, and not jump to this tone or that – because the tones are distinctly different even when they share season. Excluding a tone because of a misunderstanding throws the whole process off… not so needless to say. Moving through them one at a time makes it easier to control the variables. A good point to start is to find out whether black is wearable or not. Looking only in the mirror is not an option. I felt safe with Light Spring colours when looking in the mirror, but the photos revealed that those colours didn’t balance my skin. Understanding what looks good is the hardest part, it takes a lot of time not only to find out but also to change perception accordingly (and there’ll be setbacks here and there, always).

    It would be very interesting if someone were to research the effect of colour analysis (on, say… stress levels?) with a combination of objective and subjective measures.

  • "; ?> Ashley

    My season is undetermined, but I can vouch for that Hard Candy mascara. It gives color but doesn’t seem too dark.

  • "; ?> Ashley

    Saw this picture of Cameron Diaz. Looks like her natural color.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      I really like that one, Ashley. I’ve seen her yellower, and she can pull it off, but it looks processed for sure. This shows the terrific delicacy of the Spring and the remarkable glass-like transparency of the eye. I bet that’s as close to her natural hair as you’d ever see her. The lighter ends add that bit of grown-out-summer sunshine, without the weird yellow stripe thing.

  • "; ?> Adrienne


    This is a great article, and I just thought I would add my two cents on the topic. I do not have the opportunity to get myself analyzed, and so I have (after much research and draping of various things around the house (including curtains, lol) come to the conclusion I am a bright spring. I always thought I was a spring, but I lost interest through my teenage years as some of the true autumn colours did not sit right. However after the discovery of clear spring colours, I went and brought 2 tops in those colours, and everytime I put them on it’s like I’ve had a coffee. Those happy colours, literally make me feel and look glowing and sparkling. My one struggle is at the moment to find the right (brunette) hair colour.
    Also I wanted to add that not only am I a clear spring, but my husband is a clear winter. (I thought this was interesting to note after reading the comments above)

    Thank you for all this awesome information Christine.

  • "; ?> Rebecca

    The Hard Candy cool brown mascara you mentioned… could it be their Ginormous Lash in Mudslide? They make a few different brown mascaras.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      I don’t live near Hard Candy products. Perhaps someone can help? I got the info from a client and I honestly can’t recall whom.

  • "; ?> Mel

    Thank you for this article, and thanks for posting those make-up looks, I love the first one !
    I’m one of those who can’t wear brown in make-up (it doesn’t fit with my skin color) or clothes so I won’t go for the second look.

    I’m happy to see a dark-eyed Bright Spring, and it’s been a few days since I’ve been thinking I might be one despite my dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and warm golden skin (like Rihanna’s)… I mean, I feel like DA colors are too overwhelming on me and those browns aren’t right, plus I look great in black and I can’t wear red… it’s too much for me ! In fact, I realized I might be another season when I remembered how great I look in a light bleached denim jacket while it’s not at all included in DA… I guess DAs have greater contrast than I have.

    I was wondering, should I wear gold or silver ? Which do Bright Springs usually wear ? (I know it’s warm so I think it should be gold but I feel like both could fit ?)

    Thank you, and it’s a pleasure reading your posts

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Mel – Rihanna is probably a Soft Autumn, but apparent skin colour is not how PCA works, as you know. I see Holly Valance as BSp. Maybe Jessica Simpson too, I’d put her in peach before curry. B Sp, all Neutral Seasons, do well in gold or silver. Adjust the gold to be quite yellow and for the pieces to be super smooth and shiny.

  • "; ?> Holly

    Finally, I know who I am now! As a medium golden brunette with fair skion and blue eyes, I knew I needed warmer colors, and when I read this article, a lightbulb went on. I’ve never been able to wear any makeup that’s too orange, and I’ve always had a problem wearing browns. I once got a 2 shade color palette from clinique that was described as a taupe and a light champagne shade and I used it until the silver pan bottom showed. I think that’s the only time I ever got it right. Another clue is lipstick. I hate it. It’s so heavy looking on me and I’ve always preferred clear, bright glosses. Who knew? Well, certainly not me! Thank you for your insight. I’ve written down the above makeup for clear springs that you listed, and as I wear mineral makeup, i may have a few eyesahdow suggestions based on the information you gave. Nude beach eyeshadow, patio party liner shadow, incense(maybe) liner shadow, precious eyeshadow, celestine eyeshadow, and bravo eyeshadow(a htf item). hiking trail (honey) eyeshadow for the light springs. For blush, Frisky, fruit cocktail, giddy pink, morning, and flawless radiance for highlighter. All makeup listed is by bareMinerals. I am not affiliated with bareMinerals. I just love their products.

  • "; ?> JC

    Christine, I cannot thank you enough for your insights and posts. For so long I’ve had a love/hate relationship with makeup. Loving it when I hit the right color and hating it when I missed—but never understanding where I stood on the warm to neutral to cool spectrum—so no guiding principle or consistentcy in my purchases.

    I read where you like pinks—leaning neutral or warm—-better on bright springs than more orangey corals and salmons. I agree with as the pinks bring out the green and yellow in my eyes better while the oranges bring out the beer bottle color.

    So—two lipstick colors to share: Lancome’s Rouge in Love # 322 and 340. And, a blush: Mac’s Springsheen (a little goes a long way!).

    I’d love to join the Bright Spring Group on Facebook but it seems to be closed. Anyone know how to join it or a good alternative?
    Thanks for all! JC

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      JC, I do usually prefer pink unless the person is quite fair and/or yellow in colouring – Jessica Simpson like?

      You might try asking about the B Sp group from the 12 Blueprints page. Post a note there and if nobody sees it, I’ll ping someone to come answer.

  • "; ?> JC

    Thanks, Christine. Just posted a note on the 12 Blueprints page.

  • "; ?> JC

    Christine, I’ve been playing around with makeup since reading your inspiring posts—and only just recently realized that my irises are not only glassy and dark, with a beer bottle-colored area around the pupil—- I now see that they are also bright olive green and yellow. I always saw the darkness and beer bottle color and never noticed anything more. Just never looked that closely.

    Now, I can see that the salmon and coral shades of lipstick that I frequently wore in the past do not accentuate and intensify the green in my eyes the way pinker lipsticks do. This is somthing I learned from you!

    I’d like to rec, for other Bright Springs, a Revlon lippie called Crystal Cut Coral. It’s actually more of a warm, radiant pink than coral, IMHO, but it’s longlasting, and has just a hint of extremely finely milled frost that just kind of quietly glows for hours. I think it will intensify eye color in any Bright Spring, and especially for those with deep greens in their eyes.

    Are you familar with the color—and do you have any additional thoughts about makeup colors to intensify greens and yellows in eyes?

    Thank you for being so wise, generous, scientific, and nurturing!

  • "; ?> Annie

    Hi Christine, Any ideas what season you think Israeli model Bar Refaeli might be? – there doesn’t seem to be much analysis or guesses about her coloring on the internet. What are your thoughts?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      She’s lighter than I remembered. I would guess a Summer of some sort? Hard to say if any Autumn or Spring influence. I could see characteristics of both. She’d be most interesting to see how her skin and the drapes react.

  • "; ?> Courtney

    I have the skin tone of a light spring, but my eye color says “warm spring.” What do you think? (very old picture)

  • "; ?> Tina Csomo

    As a Bright Spring, along with soft black mascara, I can wear black liner, but I have to soften it slightly with a good smudge brush and not go too thick with it. Nothing makes my eyes stand out better. I only add a light gold eyeshadow all over the lid….no other color on the eyes. I think us Bright Springs do well to honor that little bit of Winter influence in our palettes. It adds a touch of drama and exitement without looking too serious.

  • "; ?> Diana

    Hi! First of all just a quick THANK YOU for this blog. Such a sacred place of amazingly insightful information. Seriously, you’re so good. I have a question. Is it possibly for a pale blonde gone dark-blonde to be a bright spring? For years I thought I was a light summer since initially I come across as light and pale, blue-green eyes and mostly do well with cool colors. But I always found myself rebelling against the color palette, finding it too ‘weak’ and sometimes it would almost make me fall asleep. My personality is very much high energy, but with some secondary analytical side – very much ‘winter’ like. I’m also not very excited by the light spring palette and look AWFUL in frosty, sugared pastels. I’d really love to get a view from an expert like you. Thanks!

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Happy to be here, Diana, thank you 🙂 For sure, yes about the hair. Hair can be all over the place Season-wise, but the bigger changes from child to adult are often Winter-influenced (no gospel here, just a tendency). Many Bright Season people think their hair is ash or dark blonde, which is how it looks against incorrect colour. Next to the colours in clothing already existing in the person, the hair is not ash at all.

  • "; ?> Anna

    Thank you very much for this site and articles, they are very helpful. But I have a question. If a bright spring has very light eyebrows that seem to be lighter than hair (which is somewhere between dark blonde and light brown) is it necessary to darken them to look good? I’m rather comfortable with them as they are and it’s hard for me to make them darker and look normal. My eyelashes are quite dark naturally. I was considering if I was a light spring, but I certainly need some contrast to look good. Are there any bright springs with very light and from distance hardly visible eyebrows?

  • "; ?> Julia

    Oops, very light orange in my eyes, true spring. Maybe I’m leaning towards autumn.

  • "; ?> Julia

    Maybe it could still be called yellow, but the amount of yellow in my eyes is higher than in the light spring eye above. In that way it tends to look a bit orange/light-brownish.

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