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Introducing Chrysalis Colour

Introducing Chrysalis Colour

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Today’s post is an inside look at a new website.

Chrysalis Colour is about you, the reader. The site is a colourful journey through the landscape of modern colour analysis, the clients who partake in the service, and the professionals who provide it.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re new to the idea of knowing your colours. We explain what it means and how to learn more. Once you know your colour group, or Season, using the information as the ultimate guide to choose clothes, cosmetics, and hair colour, is easier than anything you’ve known before.

Chrysalis colour analysts became members through one of two trainers, either Terry Wildfong or me, Christine. The Chrysalis Colour (CC) website acts as a central meeting place for our two communities. From there, you can learn about many aspects of this service and branch out to your local analyst’s site.

What does it mean if a friend tells you, “I’m an Autumn.” Why are there three types of Winter (or actually five)? Chrysalis offers an explanation of each Season and a viewing window into the particular beauty of each of the 12.

Real people share their initial frustration with appearance as they describe the problem that they couldn’t solve, leading them to seek answers in a new place. They also describe how they found satisfaction and peace with their appearance and met their personal presentation goals.

12 BLUEPRINTS will continue as a place to explore what I’m currently thinking about and to host the Shop. For those familiar with PCA, we meet here as good friends and will continue to do so. A new reader may feel as though they’ve been dropped into the middle of a maze, with no clear point of entry. Chrysalis is your Welcome sign. You’ll find a bird’s eye view of the what, how, and where of knowing your colours, along with the answers to the all-important question: What can this do for me?

Colour analysts

Chrysalis Colour analysts live in many countries. They invested their time in learning a new skill to fulfill a profound desire to share the joy they found in their own personal colour analysis (PCA).

The Chrysalis community is a worldwide network, with analyst groups forming around areas of interest, such as green beauty and EU analysts. In the analysts’ pages, you’ll be able to sit in on a meeting where each analyst tells you about herself.

To me, the pages in which the colour analysts introduce themselves are among the most fascinating. I love stories about people and the winding path that brought them to their purpose. When a student arrives for training, I often ask, “So, were you sitting in Reykjavik airport thinking, I can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’m doing this?”

Could be Boston, Montreal, Chicago, Frankfurt, Kuwait, or Colombia.

These are the moments that define us, the moments in which we define ourselves. These are the moments in which we deliberately, by our own hand, declare, “I am the creator of my own life. My life happens by me, more than to me. I believe that the Universe can work in my favour. I believe that love for this subject will clear my path.”

As we sit in the realization of “…but I’m doing this”, we prove to ourselves that we are not the person that we were yesterday. We believe in ourselves as a new being, and at the end of the day, we are the hardest person to convince. Saying about ourselves, “I can keep a secret.”, has no meaning or relevance until we actually do it. Once we have not shared the information with one single person, only then do we know ourselves to be true.

How much we want or want to be something matters little compared to what we’re willing to do to achieve it, through real and active steps in the physical world. I admire anyone who takes an intentional step into an unknown, believing that the space will fill in a good way. Five days later, as our colour analysts awaited the flight back home, they believed in themselves when they said, “I am a colour analyst.”

Yes, you are. I take off my hat to each of you.

Colour Travels

Under the Analysts tab, you’ll find past destinations for analysts who travel with their PCA services, as well as a calendar showing future travel dates and locations.

Analysts who travel with their studio may be open to visiting your city if a group of clients were assembled ahead of time. Don’t hesitate to contact the analyst nearest to you to enquire about travel.  

The Chrysalis Colour community joins me in welcoming you to visit our website. We look forward to meeting you in this beautiful space.


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