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Introducing Colour Analyst Amanda Brown (Wisconsin)

Introducing Colour Analyst Amanda Brown (Wisconsin)

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I love the company of Summer-coloured people because I become a nicer version of myself, closer to the person that I aspire to be. They have such profound decency and natural tact, more than pleasant manners and good etiquette. The enviable skill of looking after the feelings of others is built-in.

Those are beautiful innate qualities for a colour analyst. No analysis ever belongs to the analyst. The experience belongs to the person in the chair. We must remember and respect that the client allows us into a vulnerable aspect of her life for a short time. She takes a chance that her security curtains might get pulled back faster than she is ready for. She risks hearing some things that she suspected, which caused her to book the appointment, but accepting them as the solution to her appearance puzzles will take time.

The unknown future is much easier to navigate in the company of trust and kindness, that’s true. For a colour analyst to be effective, she must also deliver information. Amanda balances these qualities and abilities from the moment you meet. The well being of her client leads every interaction, but she is a clear teacher and guide whose priorities will be accuracy, answers, and support.

I have a story to share. Amanda’s husband, Wade, a truly fine man, had a superb idea during Amanda’s training that I still think about. One of the biggest hurdles for a student is learning to handle the drapes. Trust me, it takes practice. Trying to swing the drapes around the client’s head without swatting them is challenging enough. Here was Amanda, 6 months pregnant with the beautiful boys you will see in the photos. Picture it when you have to stand 2 feet behind the client because there are two little people in the way. Watching this unfold, Wade had the genius idea to build a robotic mechanized drape caddy. The drapes would hang on a loop rack, like you’d see at a dry cleaner’s, at the client’s shoulder level. The rack could chug along inside the caddy, maybe with a foot pedal or a remote control, and the analyst could just swing the ones she needs around the client. Every analyst reading this who has ever held rings of full-sized drapes for longer than 10 minutes is thinking, “Um, OK, like that’s brilliant. Can we get these into production anytime soon?”

It is my pleasure and my honour to introduce you to Amanda and her family.



Hi from beautiful western Wisconsin!

I’m a wife, a mother to two goofy two-year old boys and a busy 15 year old girl, am a director at a local healthcare facility, and am proud to say I have been a 12 Blueprints analyst for two and a half years now.

My color journey began in my teens, when reading magazine articles about how to apply make-up to suit “warm” or “cool” coloring. Regardless of how carefully I would follow the instructions, the recommendations for neither cool nor warm were flattering for me. I knew something was missing from the equation. Being highly analytical and curious by nature, I could not rest until I figured this out.

I got my hands on as many resources as I could find about color. A few websites offered quizzes and showed an expanded set of 12 seasons instead of the 4 that I had been accustomed to. While the quizzes were “fun”, I just simply couldn’t be objective about my own coloring when trying to answer the questions. Which of the six brown haired, blue eyed celebrity examples did I look most like? I couldn’t tell, I don’t look like a celebrity with perfect lighting and a team of make-up artists following after me.

Then I stumbled upon Christine’s blog, 12Blueprints. I was immediately enamored with the wealth of information and the poetic imagery that Christine has become known for. After a few years of attempts at self-analysis and following each article word for word, I was delighted to see she began offering a training course.


I knew it was time to get serious about whether or not to become a trained analyst when I found out I was pregnant with twins! The time period I had for being able to get the training was suddenly limited for me, so I jumped in and decided to sign up for the training and to purchase a set of test drapes. My husband and I made a vacation of it and both traveled to Canada together.

What set this system apart for me and earned my trust was how scientific and methodical the process is. This isn’t a system where we rely on someone’s intuition or their general impression of you. It is very much in line with the scientific method. I was excited to see how systematically controls are set up (the very specific type of light bulbs required, the neutral gray for all backgrounds, blocking out all artificial color sources).

The test drapes really do the heavy lifting during the analysis! I can feel confident in my analysis of someone’s coloring knowing how carefully selected and well-crafted the drapes are.

While it was a little awkward to drape the models with a 6 month twin belly in the way, it was a delightful experience. It was also a huge relief to be analyzed and to learn what my season is, Soft Summer.

The very week I got home after training, I got my studio space up and running, even down to the specially chosen neutral gray wall color as the Sci/Art founder recommended herself. It is a comfortable space with enough room for the client to even bring a friend or two.


The people who have visited me for a color analysis have reported great happiness with their results. They appreciate that I will explain to them in as much or little detail as desired about what steps I am taking as I go through the analysis process with them. They have also been pleased with the thoroughness built into our analysis system. The methodology that I and other 12BP analysts use to determine what drapes bring out the best in the clients is repeatable and can be trusted. They also seem to enjoy the relaxed environment and that we break for tea or coffee.

There is nothing I love more than to sit down and meet the wonderful people who come in to learn more about their coloring. It brings the clients and me so much joy to start to see the patterns of how different categories of the fabrics bring out different effects in their skin and on their features. Almost like clockwork, after a person comes in and is analyzed, I’ll get an email within the next week with them raving to me about their experience. They are in love with their palette, feel more comfortable shopping now that they know what to look for, are having fun with the make-up techniques they learned, and are receiving more compliments than ever before!


My studio is located in my hometown of Onalaska, Wisconsin. It’s just north of La Crosse, Wisconsin. It’s a gorgeous area nestled between the Mississippi River and the bluffs, which are miles and miles of rolling rock-edged hills. The studio is outfitted with the test drape set, the highest quality full-spectrum lighting system, True Colour International season books, and of course a complete 12-season make-up selection to enhance the beauty of each season.

I carry the 12 Blueprints cosmetics and am so pleased with the beauty of the colors. The quality is also outstanding. There’s been so many happy customer reviews. I am deeply in love with the Soft Summer lipstick “ruby slippers” and take it with me everywhere (it’s the most perfect sheer rich berry/red shade for a soft summer!)

My website is and email is

I’m excited to begin travelling for appointments beginning in early 2016! Start sending location requests my way!




5 Thoughts on Introducing Colour Analyst Amanda Brown (Wisconsin)

  • Deanna

    Amanda draped me as DW about 13 months ago. It was a great experience for me, and Amanda was warm and welcoming and put me at ease. She was very thorough ,and though I was initially very surprised at my outcome, I had no doubt that it was the correct verdict. I fell in love with my palette right away! I was there for quite a long time and I worried I was taking up too much of her time, but she never rushed the process or made me feel like I was infringing. I even got to meet her husband and adorable little guys! Thank you, Amanda, for a wonderful afternoon and great experience!

  • Carol Scott

    I live in Evanston Il just outside of Chicago. Will you be in my area. I am one of the many who started learning about color analysis from Carole Jackson’s book and have been trying ever since to truly determine my PCA. I have had my colors analyzed professionally 3 times and each time I am told something different. I would love to see what 12 blueprints directs me to.
    How much does a session cost? This is a concern because I am retired and must monitor my spending, but, then again, doesn’t everyone?

    • Christine Scaman

      This is Christine replying…I will ask Amanda to visit here and answer your question, Carol.

  • Amanda Brown

    Hi Carol and thank you for the comment! I am planning a trip to Illinois, so please email me at so we can discuss options and see if something works for you. The analysis charge is $225 from my home studio in Wisconsin. Travel prices vary depending on distance and number of appointments. I love meeting other women that have explored the color world and would be delighted to meet you!
    ~Amanda Brown

  • Erin

    I have to echo Deanna’s comment about how great an analyst Amanda was! My husband and I made a little weekend overnighter of it from Minneapolis, so I recommend the beautiful road trip for my fellow Twin Cities residents. Amanda spent a generous amount of time with my analysis and was super friendly but focused the whole time.
    Loved and benefited from the experience so much that I took my mom for a day trip later that summer as well. Turns out we’re both Dark Autumns, so it’s been a bonding experience for us as we shop together! 🙂

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