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Introducing Colour Analyst Anna Lazarska (Poland)

Introducing Colour Analyst Anna Lazarska (Poland)

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When a country gets a new colour analyst, the person should be first rate and Anna is certainly that.  

You will sense her calm intelligence from the very beginning. Within a woman of innate elegance is an analytical, flexible, and solution-oriented thinker. Anna doesn’t jump to conclusions. She remains focused on the client’s situation and goals, seeing each one as a distinct individual with their own story to tell.

With our appearance, we want our choices to speak well on our behalf. We don’t want to look extremely apart from our tribe, but by looking too much like one another, we may suppress or censor the most interesting and individual parts of ourselves, the parts that others love most. Finding the balance is part of the challenge of effective self-expression.

Most of us are able to choose one or several items that are flattering, but find it difficult to picture the impact of an image of ourselves where every piece is in energetic harmony with every other. By allowing colour analysts like Anna into our lives, we appreciate the reassurance that we are on the right path. All at once, we progress beyond the occasional successful item to consistently beautiful choices. As they say, we get better at being lucky.

Until we are ready to take the reins ourselves, the colour analyst sees, and even protects, the vision of our final outcome. There is another quote, one to the effect that the eyes can only see what the mind is prepared to understand. Anna maintains an active intention towards an open mind so that you can be whoever it is right for you to be. It is my honour to share the journey of PCA with colour analysts such as Anna, and my privilege to introduce her to you today. 

Personal Colour Analyst Anna Lazarska

In Anna’s words,

Perfect mood board

I have not become a color analyst for the love of color. I did it out of passion to help other women feel free, strong and confident.

We women so often stand in the way to our own greatness. Each of us has a dream, a vision of herself maximizing her potential and living her life to the fullest. One of the things that hold us back is lack of confidence. I have learned to break through these inner barriers one by one – starting with appearance insecurities. Over time I have noticed the difference a shirt in the right version of white makes when it comes to being recognized as an equal business partner. I know the transformational power of the perfect lipstick when looking for courage to stand up and speak in public. Now, I finally feel that I am becoming the woman I have always aspired to be. I know each one of you can do it too – and I can’t wait to help you along that journey.

I believe that with your unique colors and lines you are a perfect mood board of Nature. No need to correct, conceal or create illusions. Acceptance of who you truly are is an invitation for something amazing to happen. My own color path (which I will share with you soon in more detail on my website) has been relatively simple compared to those of many other women. However, frustrating enough to realize how liberating it is to put down one’s struggle, frustration and doubt, and replace them with confidence and security.

Anna colour analysis

My story

As a teenager and young adult my personal style had been a little gothic and rebellious up until I started working for a multinational corporation. In my new career I thought I had to adapt to the new environment and as a result, over the next 10 years, I felt that I lost a part of myself in the process. I started wearing things which I thought were in line with the dress code but didn’t feel good. I introduced more color into my closet but soon realized all these colorful pieces didn’t go well with one another. I had plenty of clothes but “nothing to wear” – sound familiar? At some point, after one of those panic moments in front of my closet before going out, I decided I needed “professional help”. I made an appointment with a popular stylist in my home town in Poland. This is how my journey with color analysis begun.

At that point I was draped as Summer – the analysis was done with full makeup on and in artificial light. A couple of years later I was again color analyzed from pictures as True Summer – with my hair color and eye color being deciding factors. Elimination of the warmest colors from my closet made a big difference, so I lived happily as Summer for a few years. I wore all my beautiful pastels, soft blues and greens, and heathered greys. I mastered monochromatic and analogous looks. But… I remember staring one day at my reflection in the mirror thinking “I’m getting old…” I looked tired and washed out, boring and pale. I thought I lost it. I lost my energy, drive, sex appeal and confidence…

Doing my research online on 12 Seasons I came across 12 Blueprints website. The more I educated myself on the topic, the more I started doubting if the results of both of my previous PCA’s were correct. At that time I was living and working in Boston, USA. I consider myself lucky to have had a 12 Blueprints analyst, Renee Cyr, living in the same state and I decided to redo my PCA with her. It resulted in a surprising conclusion – I was a True Winter! I recall driving back home from that appointment regularly glancing at that gorgeous girl in TW makeup in the mirror and thinking “Where have you been hiding for all these years?” It was like magic – I finally felt happy and at peace – things started clicking into place.

Several months afterwards I found out I would be moving back to Poland. I realized that this was my only opportunity to take this knowledge and PCA skill with me to empower women back home. I trained with Christine Scaman, the founder of 12 Blueprints, in October 2016.

Personal Colour Analyst Anna, Lodz Poland

My studio

Personal Color Analysis opened my eyes to the power of color and how it can be used to give a woman strength, confidence and joy of being truly herself. I know from my own experience how uncomfortable and fake it feels to try to adapt to fashion rules, expectations, dress code. Therefore I am committed to help you look professional and authentic.

I currently work full time for the same large international company, while pursuing my passion for empowering women through color after hours. I have the 12 Blueprints Luxury drapes and 12 Blueprints cosmetics to make your color analysis experience complete. My studio is located in the north suburbs of Lodz, Poland. Please visit my website to find out how to get in touch with me:


5 Thoughts on Introducing Colour Analyst Anna Lazarska (Poland)

  • 3pio

    How beautiful eyes! She looks like a gorgeous, clear, vivid spring to me. 😀
    Not summer, it is maybe sure. But I think warmer than winter.
    Clear colors, of course…

  • Jessica

    Great introduction! And it’s so helpful to see a TW in colors other than the usual (and ubiquitous) pure black/white/red/blue. Really interesting! Good luck on your new studio!

  • Melina

    Congratulations Anna! I have already had the chance to see your work in an FB group, in pictures of someone you have draped 🙂

    And so great that there are more and more Sci/Art trained analysts here in Europe – hopefully one day it will become the mainstream seasonal colour system, instead of the ones that now are! 🙂

  • Jan

    Anna, you truly beautiful in your Bright Winter colors!!! I applaud you on your determination to empower other women through the use of color. I wish you much success.

  • Anna L

    Thank you so much for all your kind words! I am so excited about this new chapter of my life.
    3pio and Jan, good catch spotting a touch of sunshine in my coloring. However, as measured by drapes in the hands of two great analysts, Christine and Renee, it is not enough to enter Bright Winter territory – my best colors are within True Winter palette.

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