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Introducing Colour Analyst Hope Turner (Massachusetts)

Introducing Colour Analyst Hope Turner (Massachusetts)

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When I introduce a colour analyst and a person as first class as Hope, I know that I must be on the right path.

Every student teaches me colour analysis through a new set of eyes, which I value tremendously. I like to learn and Hope modeled to me what an exceptional learner looks like. Colour analysis is like following a mind map. There are many ways of arriving at the right answer and many ways of getting off the track. Hope could pause and calmly ask, Why did I think that? She smoothly changed course and moved forward. Teaching a great student is a privilege. The amount of knowledge that they absorb and process during a very intensive 4-day course is astounding. For colour analysts, systems are essential but there’s more. The system has to be applied to a human being.

In the same way that 5-star chefs and the creators of the world’s most beautiful and well-made garments have a process, PCA also needs a process. Today, in many industries, the amount of information floating around exceeds the platforms of structure and method that support it. This can be wonderful for expanding everyone’s perspective, as long as options and decisions can be substantiated. From the beginning, Hope was gifted in the language of the process, with all its details and technicalities, and equally skillful in applying it to real people walking their various roads.

I loved Hope’s gentle ability to draw information from the client’s past that could improve their PCA outcome, welcoming whatever they wish to share, thereby creating a supportive and constructive experience for a client. We had some great talks about how to enrich the client’s (and the colour analyst’s) experience by helping people contemplate and move through change.

Hope Turner

  Colour analysis Hope Turner

  I believe everyone is beautiful. Naturally. As they are. Every single person.

The poem “Saint Francis and the Sow” by Galway Kinnell expresses this beautifully:

“The bud 

stands for all things, 

even for those things that don’t flower, 

for everything flowers, from within, of self-blessing;   

though sometimes it is necessary 

to reteach a thing its loveliness, 

to put a hand on its brow 

of the flower 

and retell it in words and in touch 

it is lovely 

until it flowers again from within, of self-blessing…”

  Have I always believed this? No. But I have been fortunate that various life circumstances, including personal color analysis, have conspired to reteach me my own loveliness and the loveliness of others.

I grew up living in different countries – Pakistan, Cote d’Ivoire, and Venezuela – and traveling extensively with my family. My parents worked as international school teachers. I have immense gratitude for their career choice, as it allowed me to see so many parts of this remarkable world. I have always been drawn to connecting openly with people one-on-one or in small groups.

I decided to get a Master’s in Social Work, and I currently work in a community mental health clinic in the Boston area. I find that social work and color analysis have more similarities than might be expected – both provide opportunities for genuine connection and for affirming the unique loveliness of each one of us.

Personal Colour Analyst Hope Turner

Knowing my colors has given me the confidence to be more playful, try new things, and take myself less seriously. I also feel freer to express myself authentically, not only in the way I dress, but also in the way I move, speak, and act. I know that I look my best when I wear the colors that harmonize with my natural coloring, and I feel less affected by what others think or what the media tells me I should look like. In short, knowing my colors has helped me feel genuinely happy with the way I look and confident to express myself the way I want without worrying about what others think.

Some of you may be familiar with personal color analysis and the 12 Season color palettes. Maybe you think (or hope) you know which one you are. For those who are worried you will find out your color palette is different than what you think it is or what you want it to be, I hear you. And I encourage you to take the plunge and discover the truth of your beauty.

My journey to discovering my Bright Winter colors was a circuitous one. Finding our true colors isn’t obvious and requires a compassionate, helping hand. It was a gift to find this in Christine, who taught me to see loveliness in new ways and guided me from where I thought I should be to where I truly belonged.

Hope Turner Colour Analyst Cambridge, Massachusetts

I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

My website is, and you can reach me at

I offer services in English and Spanish. If you live in or travel through the Boston area, I hope you will get in touch and let me help you discover and celebrate your natural beauty.

One of my clients recently said to me, “I feel like I so much better understand myself and the way I want to present myself to the world.”

What will happen when you see yourself in color?  Red colour flower   —–

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