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Introducing Colour Analyst Jennifer Ballard (Oregon)

Introducing Colour Analyst Jennifer Ballard (Oregon)

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Portland, OR, you have your own 12 Blueprints colour analyst!

But that’s not the best part. The story actually gets better. The analyst herself is the most special thing happening here. Patient, kind, methodical, and accurate.

During the training, we met a wide variety of men and women who expressed their wardrobe and appearance challenges, frustrations, needs, and desires. Jennifer has the great and rare quality of listening quietly and also of hearing. Her ability to sense the deeper story, ground the PCA process, and give each person the attention and feedback they need to improve their appearance, impressed client after client. To this day, draping models still ask about her progress and extend their best wishes.

Jennifer is deeply reflective. She is respectful of all people and their freedom of expression. I believe that the clients who gain the most from our services are seeking truth, not comfort. They want to know, not be validated in their present choices. A part of the colour analyst’s job is to bridge their desire to express unique creativity as individuals with the truth of their physical appearance. In her ability to see the highest truth of a person as well as genuinely respect their starting point, Jennifer has great balance and gentleness.

Jen is a shining example of her belief in peace, joy, and the simplicity, indeed tranquility, with which we can live our lives. She also happens to be seriously good at reading and interpreting the optical effects that we know as personal colour analysis.

Introducing Colour Analyst Jennifer Ballard

In Jen’s words,

My interest in personal color analysis coincided with a desire to simplify my life, including eliminating excess possessions. I started to read about people creating “capsule wardrobes”, which are curated collections of clothing/ footwear/ accessories. While exploring capsule wardrobes I happened to stumble upon a blogger who advocated creating capsule wardrobes in each individuals most flattering collection of colors or “season”.

I, like many people who lived through the eighties, had a vague understanding of Personal Color Analysis and the four seasons via Carole Jackson’s book Color Me Beautiful, which placed me as a Winter. In real life I found some of the colors too harsh, so I sort of abandoned the concept. I then embraced the practice of dressing for the season i.e. in the winter I wore winter colors… in the spring, spring colors and so on…


I then stumbled upon Christine’s website and started to read about modern 12 tone personal color analysis…I was completely enthralled…Christine has a remarkable gift of capturing the essence of the 12 tones/seasons and describing what color harmony is.

At this point I decided that I would need to have an in person 12 tone color analysis… the only problem was there was not a trained Analyst in my State. Imagine my excitement when a Color Analyst announced that she would be traveling to my metro area! I immediately proceeded to book an appointment.

So this should be the part of the story where I tell you that I had my analysis and was put in the correct season and lived happily ever after…well not so fast. I arrived for my appointment with excitement and anticipation …it went by in a blur…I was declared a “True Summer” and sent on my way. I immediately went home and found online makeup color recommendations for my newly discovered season… suffice it to say that I knew something was not quite right with the colors…they looked too pale/gray/dusty.

  I just shrugged and chalked it up to me needing time to adapt. Before my analysis as part my my journey to simplify my life I had already culled my wardrobe. When it came time to purchase new items in my True Summer colors, something was holding me back. When I did purchase True Summer items I looked bland/undefined/puffy. I started to “cheat” with colors like fuchsia and dark cobalt blue, which I now know are my proper colors!

I had already started exploring training with Christine to become a Color Analyst and I knew that as part of the training I would be analyzed by her, so I held off on investing any more into “True Summer” until my season was confirmed. When I arrived for my training, lo and behold, I discovered I was actually a “Bright Winter”! I am now patiently and methodically creating a well curated capsule wardrobe that is flattering and suits my lifestyle. I know not only my home season, but also which seasons to avoid, and which seasons I can borrow from occasionally when compromises need to be made IRL.

  The 12 Blueprints method of color analysis has expanded upon and refined the Sci/Art method created by Kathryn Kalisz. The 12 Blueprints color calibrated drapes are the diagnostic tools that we use to gather data. Christine masterfully taught me how to interpret the information that the brain processes during a color analysis… not only the logical/ordered left side…but the equally important artistic/holistic right side.

After I went home from the training course, as part of the certification process, I was required to complete 20 case studies that were evaluated by Christine—this was invaluable and helped me to further hone my skills. I have been fortunate to have seen members of almost every season…I hope to one day analyze a real live Light Spring and True Winter…to date the only 2 seasons I have yet to analyze!

My sincere desire is that each of my clients will come away from their analysis understanding how wearing their colors truly unlocks and enhances their own unique brand of beauty!

I am thrilled to be offering Personal Color Analysis in my home studio, located in Portland, Oregon. I am available to see clients by appointment Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday. For more information and to set up an appointment, please contact me at:

I look forward to hearing from you!


14 Thoughts on Introducing Colour Analyst Jennifer Ballard (Oregon)

  • "; ?> Cindy Kunkel

    I am so proud to see my niece, Jen, begin her passion as a color analyst for the 12 Blueprints method of color analysis. I can’t wait to visit Oregon next year and get her to drape me!
    Keep shining!

  • "; ?> Julie

    It seems that bright winters are pretty common. I don’t see many bright springs posted on this site.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Cool colouring is more common than warm, at least where I live. With so many people of Winter influence in the world, and the love that Winters have with colour analysis, we see many of the three Winters.

  • "; ?> Jan

    Oh my, Jennifer, you are beautiful!!! Wow, you look amazing surrounded by the Bright Winter drapes. Best wishes for great success as a color analyst.

  • "; ?> Nadia

    Beautiful! Jennifer looks stunning in winter colors. I have no idea how she could be identified as true summer. She clearly looks like Winter even if drapes would’ve been taken away.

  • "; ?> Linda

    So, she was told by a Sci/Art analyst that she was a true summer? How did that happen?

    She looks fantastic in her bright winter colours!

  • "; ?> Jennifer Ballard

    Aunt Cindy, Jan, and Linda…I sincerely appreciate your kind words and encouragement:)

    Linda, Bright Winters like myself can often wear some of the True Summer colors quite well…in my case blue greens and blue violets. The Analyst was also using a different set of drapes than the ones we use, so they were calibrated differently…some of her drapes I do believe were actually Winter rather than Summer. Also even with the best set of diagnostic tools humans can interpret data or weight it differently …in this case I also think the Analyst simply eliminated Winter a bit too soon because many of the True Winter Colors are too harsh on me:)

  • "; ?> CL

    True Winter here! Or at least I suspect so, since any of my clothes that I get compliments for are always those hues.
    I was looking for a color analyst in Seattle, and found this page instead. Any recommends for Seattle city? 😉

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Nobody in Seattle at this time, CL. Your closest are Vancouver and Portland. Contact info in the directory on the site.

  • "; ?> Trisha

    I would say most of the ladies I know are cool, in fact most people think I am too because I am pale ivory tone. I have been draped twice now and came out as Clear Spring both times; even the consultant thought I was cool when I walked through the door, which just shows that you have to be draped to know. I still find those warm but clear colours quite hard to find in the shops, perhaps because there are less of us, or they are not popular colours generally?

  • "; ?> Melina

    Nadia, @ “She clearly looks like Winter even if drapes would’ve been taken away” – maybe, but Sci/Art isn’t about what season you *look like*, that’s totally irrelevant, from what I’ve understood… And this is how it differs from other systems, for the better (IMO).

  • "; ?> Alyson Neils

    Jennifer Ballard is more that a PCA pro. She is a gracious, welcoming woman open to surprises in people. I know, because I drove down to Portland from Seattle, and got lost. LOST, so that I was LATE, very late. Even so, Jennifer invited me into her lovingly refurbished and cared for Craftsman home, and gave me the full assessment. She was willing to look beyond my 74 year old mixed-up hair and aging skin and see what might surprise her, explaining as she went what she was seeking and seeing (or not). Her (our) assessment/diagnosis of Dark Winter took me back to all the years of very dark brown hair and comfort in so many of the DW tones. A recalibration of life, for sure. Fun fact: Burt’s Bees Plum lipstick is perfect, as Jennifer suggested. Now to convince the hair dressers. If you are anywhere accessible to Portland, or just want to visit the movie set of Portlandia, I HIGHLY recommend Jennifer. Be sure to set your GPS and/or get her cell number. That’s what I’ll do when I return for more advice. Thank you, Jennifer. You’re a treasure.

  • "; ?> Nanette Reid

    What is the cost of a session? I would also like to include my daughter

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Nanette, I replied by email. If it was not received, you can also email Jennifer directly at

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