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Introducing Colour Analyst Jorunn Hernes (Norway)

Introducing Colour Analyst Jorunn Hernes (Norway)

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You are about to meet a woman of profound personal elegance. Soon after meeting, you find a strong and immediate respect for the dignity of all people, and steadfast loyalty and fairness to every person she encounters. One feels very cared for. And cared about. She combines the qualities of sage, mother, long-time friend, and directed professional so naturally, never losing sight that her mission is to empower you in every way possible. You have to see Jorunn’s studio. We’ve shown you some pictures below. Located on an ocean island off the coast of Norway (where it seldom snows!! the weather is like Seattle’s), the location could double as a retreat. When we are together, the gratitude and slight disbelief we feel that life has enabled us to show people their natural colouring is understood. Every single human face is a new miracle of beauty and spirit. She recently told me about a PCA for  a young man and his girlfriend,
I am just awestruck at the fabulous tool the drapes are. Even though the young man is not a reluctant True Winter, this is was like Oh look at that colour, that is awesome, oh look at that colour, I get to wear that?  And then his girlfriend, a delicate princess of a young woman. I suspected one of the light seasons, as she is fair to the point of almost translucent. And let me tell you it was a revelation! For the first time I saw a person just magically lit up in the gold key drape. And I mean Magically Lit Up. And what makes me so happy is that she has not worn a lot of these delicate lovely colours, she has been wearing darker, and cooler colours all along. And now she SAW how radiant the LSp colours made her, she SAW how she should never again own a black garment. So we got out the makeup and I even coerced her to put on some lipstick, and we put her in the LSp luxury drapes. Cue soft violins, enter Fairy Princess. I could see him falling in love with her all over again. 

This. Is. Fantastic.

Oh Christine I am so fortunate to be working with this.

For Jorunn and I, giving back generously of ourselves and our work is how we thank the Universe for choosing us to be personal colour analysts. Let me step back  and give Jorunn the stage. Jorunn1

I live in Fitjar, a small town on the western coast of Norway, with my husband and two cats. We have four children between us, but they are all grown and flown the nest. Fitjar is about two hours from Bergen, three from Stavanger. It is a small, rural community with an archipelago of little islands as the closest surroundings, our house is close to the sea, and in my spare time I try to find time for some reading, fishing, or kayaking with my husband, in quiet mornings. It is an odd situation, to live here and still be closely connected to the world via the Internet and a network of 12 Blueprints colleagues. Jorunn2

My road to becoming a PCA consultant has been a long and winding one. I was among those fascinated by Colour me Beautiful (borrowed the book at the library), but feeling frustrated that my self diagnosed Winter category was not quite fitting, but not feeling like I fit in anywhere else either, I let it be. Being an Early Childhood Special Education teacher and mother took all my time, and I did what almost every other mother of small children did, I dressed in whatever was clean and fell out of my wardrobe when I opened it. The children grew up and left the nest, and I did some growing on my own, and started a business as a soapmaker in addition to my teaching position. The soap business grew a little as well, and is now a world wide webshop, and I quit my teaching position to concentrate fully on the soapmaking business. My interest in colour and design has not weakened over the years, and working with designs for my soap business rekindled my love for design, scent, colour, everything, at the same time as finding that working with people as customers is not that much different from working with people in a teaching situation. It is all about communication. It is all about really truly seeing people. It is all about connecting and listening, and the humbling moments when you realize that you have made a difference in peoples lives. Jorunn3

So when I revisited the colour analysis world this time around, I had more life experience. It was partly about finding my own colours, but also with the idea that colour is important as part of identity. To my delight, I discovered that meanwhile, colour analysis had developed into several amazing systems, incorporating the fact that most people do not fit into the true cool or true warm categories, but there are far more with a neutral undertone to their skin. Cue renewed interest, enter sci/art and 12 tone personal colour analysis. Initially, I set out to find my own true colours, but a dream of also being to help others find their perfect colours started forming in my mind. I found Christine Scaman of 12 Blueprints on the internet, bought her book, and after a long period of deliberating and some wonderful, interesting playing around on various Facebook groups and in contact with some very talented 12 tone sci/art Personal Colour Analysts, I took the plunge and trained with Christine in March 2014. I would like to say a few words about my training with Christine: Christine is one of the most professional and thorough persons I have ever met. She came across as direct and extremely focused already in our (extensive) email communication leading up to the training, and in real life she is exactly the same way. No waffling about, and in depth to the point of being piercing. She is ruthlessly honest, scrupulously aware of details, with powers of observation that go beyond awesome. And with all this, one would expect a woman without a sense of humour. Not so. All this is served with a healthy dose of dry sense of humour. The training is systematic, and the selection of models to practice on she has offered as broad experience as possible given that we have limited time, offering examples of challenging and surprising results. Christine is relentless in the pursuit of objective observation and systematic and thorough approach to the PCA session and she expects no less of her student. This is no summer camp. There were moments when the sizzling of my brain was almost drowning out the sound of the air conditioning fan. She did not pressure me to participate beyond what I felt ready for, but supported me when I wanted to learn by practice rather than observation. The training was intense, and there is a lot of information and many impressions to process. However, the systematic and thorough presentation carried me through and I am confident that I am armed with the tools (both the test drapes and luxury drapes are extensive and magnificent) and the knowledge necessary to do personal colour analysis. Jorunn4

As part of the training I got to be analysed as well. This process is explained in detail in an article on my website, so suffice it to say that I arrived thinking I was one season, and I went home with a complete new colour identity. I learned a lot from this experience. I have learned how it feels to be shown that you are a different season that you thought you were. It feels very humbling. And rocking the boat is not comfortable. I have learned to never, ever (EVER) think you know what season you are before you are draped. I have learned that the colour analyst should ruthlessly look away from the client’s preconceived notions. I so desperately wanted to cling to my perceived season, but Christine showed me drape after drape why one was better than the other. I have learned that sitting under the lights in a neutralized colour studio and looking at yourself compared to the drapes, guided by a trained PCA consultant is totally, utterly, completely different from just trying on different clothes and makeup in various situations. This is why I have painted my colour studio grey, and I have a neutral grey backdrop, and have the best lamps I could find. This is also why I have invested in the 12 Blueprints drapes, test drapes and also the luxury drapes, the most fabulous tools a Personal Colour Analyst can have. I have also learned that settling into your new colours takes time. This is why, I will offer extensive “after care”, to make sure that my clients get all the help they need to fully use all the information provided by the PCA, and to learn how to use the colour fan when shopping for clothes and makeup. Jorunn5

My business is called Fargeporten. This Norwegian name means “The Colour Gate”. My thought behind choosing this name is that the PCA is like opening the gate to new possibilities to express your authentic self, new insights as to who you really are, and revealing your true beauty. Even though my business first and foremost caters to a Norwegian clientele, I do welcome international customers, in the event that anyone would take the long trip to my colour studio. If you want to treat yourself to a PCA as part of your trip to the exotic western coast of Norway, contact me and I will help you plan it. Having a PCA can be one of the most profound experiences one can have in developing an authentic self, and discover the absolute stunning and unique beauty that is in each and every human being, body and soul. It is a humbling and thrilling experience to be able to be the one to guide a person through this process. My studio Fargeporten is located in my home. It used to be our office, but we never used it because it had so few windows (quite an advantage as a sheltered environment for a PCA) so it has now been converted to my colour studio. It also has a separate entrance, which is an advantage. I am quite happy with how it turned out, and there is just enough room for a sofa, a wicker chair for a companion who wants to watch as the draping unfolds, the lights, the mirror, an ever growing selection of makeup, and of course the drapes! Jorunn6

My website is, most of it is in Norwegian. I have gathered some English information on one page, with the link just under the blue headings of that main site link, or also linked here. I am going to write more articles in English as time goes by, and as my experience increases. You can also reach me by email: if you have questions. I have also recently opened a Facebook page, it is still very new but hopefully soon full of news and posts, in Norwegian and English.


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  • "; ?> Debbie

    I am thrilled to read about your becoming a personal color analyst and about your personal draping, too, Jorunn! It looks like you live in a lovely place. 🙂

  • "; ?> Jane

    That’s a great draping story. The before and after photos really illustrate how DW was hollowing your face out a bit. Or that’s how it looks in the photo to me, anyway. You look quite impish in the BW, I think it suits you. Best of luck for your business! Studio looks amazing, so quiet-looking outside.

  • "; ?> Julie

    I’ve known Jorunn virtually for about a year and a half, having met her in the Dark Winter Facebook group (back when we both thought we were DWs!), and I completely agree with Christine’s assessment of her personality. I feel so lucky to know her! Perhaps someday I’ll be able to meet her in person.

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