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Introducing Colour Analyst Theresa Wiesner (Germany)

Introducing Colour Analyst Theresa Wiesner (Germany)

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We could have been given a world to inhabit in which we all look exactly alike. We and our world could have been black and white. But that’s not what happened. As I meet with people interested in becoming colour analysts and joining the Chrysalis Colour community, I look for a person who holds the same belief that I do, and as deeply as I do, that all people are beautiful, unique, and perfect exactly as they are. I want to begin beyond that conversation. As with all of our analysts, Theresa is already convinced, calmly and profoundly.

We all over- or under-compensate in some way, in our behaviours and our appearance choices. We put together beautiful outfits but neglect to factor ourselves into the equation because we don’t know how, and yet, that’s what everyone else is looking at. A colour analysis is one way of rebalancing ourselves in the exterior, the person that others see, and in our interior selves as well. When you meet Theresa, one of the first things you may notice is a person who is both mindful and thoughtful, whose mind and heart are very much connecting in each moment. As a person learning a skill, this ability offers wonderful support for the client and for herself, as both absorb new knowledge and perceptions about themselves and the world around them. It is a beautiful thing to have the patience to help ourselves learn, and perhaps more beautiful to help others do so.

 As the client and colour analyst move through the elimination process, the analyst is comparing three decisions. With each colour comparison, for a long list of facial features and optical effects, the analyst is deciding between not enough, just right, and too much. It’s much more than a simple Yes/No choice. The analyst is gathering, balancing, and prioritizing results to arrive at a final selection of colours, or Season, which creates the most comprehensively flattering appearance. From the beginning, Theresa excelled at holding opposing information without becoming anxious or feeling rushed. The value of this ability cannot be overstated, as teachers reading this may recognize, as well as anyone who functions in the real world.

Time and practice are also needed for colour analysts to recognize the personal preferences, history, influence of where they live and the people in their lives, that we all bring into our interactions with others. Theresa became aware of these influences quickly, indeed, she arrived with them, and could suspend them to see each of our models as a new and distinct individual, resetting to a clean slate with each face. As the client, you may imagine that you would want your colour analyst to have this talent.

It is such a pleasure to offer 12 BLUEPRINTS colour analysts to EU residents. With analysts now in many countries and destination cities, who are fluent in English and other languages, combining travel and PCA is becoming the thing to do. For myself, I am honoured to have been part of the early stages of Theresa’s career and look forward to the success of her business and knowing the value it will have in the lives of her clients.


When asked about their hobbies, kids usually say things like “soccer” or “horseback riding”. Me at nine years old? I’d happily reply: “tidying”. Yep, I’m weird, I know. I’ve always loved putting things in order. That I’d become a Personal Colour Analyst one day does make sense: Colour harmony is very appealing to the human eye, the same way we like to look at symmetry and things in their right proportions. The innate beauty of tidied bookshelves and PCA reveal photos is equally energizing to look at, I’d say.

So, in my early thirties I inhaled Marie Kondo’s books. I mean “The life-changing magic of tidying up” … what’s not to love about that title! 🙂 Marie’s mantra is “Only keep things that spark joy”. I watched a ton of YouTube tutorials about capsule wardrobes. They preached: “Keep what looks good on you. Discard the rest.” I had many aha moments. But one issue was never addressed. How was I supposed to know what looks good on me in the first place? I had no idea!

Up until then my wardrobe consisted mainly of black items. Because black is slimming. And every woman needs a little black dress in her closet, right? (Spoiler: No, not necessarily and no, she doesn’t.) Other than black, I owned a wild mix of colours. Olive, cognac, aqua, gray, white. Either I always wore the same uniform: black top and jeans, done. Or I was pulling my hair out, trying to match tops and bottoms that wouldn’t go with each other.

Thanks to the lucky stars, I stumbled upon Personal Colour Analysis. For a couple of weeks I tried to categorize myself with the help of online quizzes. Is my skin peachy or porcelain-like? Is my hair ash blonde or light brown? What colour is my tan? Ugh! I gave up and made an appointment with a renowned colour analyst. She offers 4 season analysis from the 80s (which was pretty much the only thing available in Germany). During the draping (where I wore full makeup) her struggle became obvious: I didn’t fit neatly into one of her four boxes. In the end, she pulled out those tiny paint samples from the home improvement center and held them next to my face. Based on my green eyes and brunette-ish hair, she finally declared me an Autumn. I didn’t doubt her expertise at that time and started shopping for brick reds, mustards and teals. At least all my clothes now went with each other and I no longer wore black. But after living as an Autumn for a couple of months, I felt that something was off. As much as I love the rich harvest colours, they were clearly overpowering me. And when exactly are the compliments supposed to roll in? I started second-guessing the result.

Enter Christine Scaman of 12 BLUEPRINTS. Her website and the Sci\Art-based method opened the door to a whole new perspective. I learned that there are subcategories to the four main seasons.Everything made so much more sense. On Instagram I discovered countless before-and-after’s that blew my toffee-coloured socks off. Seeing colour harmony in action never gets old. Few things make me as happy as seeing a woman owning her beauty authentically. I literally want to go up to her and give her a high-five. This for me is the true definition of “spark joy”. I wanted to be able to create this kind of harmony myself. And of course I was curious about finding my real season. Holding sofa cushions and my daughter’s dress up costumes under my face in the mirror somehow didn’t do the trick. 🙂 So in Summer 2018 I took a momentous decision: I wrote an email to Christine. Three months later I boarded a plane to Canada to train as a Personal Colour Analyst.

During my training with Christine we found out that I’m actually a Soft Summer. That was a total surprise! Until that day, Summer had never been on my agenda. Secretly I had had my fingers crossed for one of the three Autumns. I mean: My wardrobe was full of Autumn colours. It would be such a pain to replace them. But I couldn’t deny the effects I saw in the mirror. The soft cool colours defined my face better. I was more visible. People who haven’t seen me in a while comment on how fresh and relaxed I look, like I was on vacation recently. Nope, the last time I sipped cocktails at some southern beach was four years ago. The secret is: The colours I wear now are an extension of who I am. There is something incredibly freeing, empowering and fulfilling about this kind of self-discovery. And I’m thrilled to finally be able to offer it to women in Germany and Europe.

Authentic Colours is the name of my business. My studio is in my apartment in downtown Hamburg, a ten minute walk from Central station. I presently own the Test drapes. With them, we will identify your Season, show you examples of a selection of colours, and use them to demonstrate how to find many more. The 12Blueprints line of lipsticks and blushes are here for you to try on. I see clients preferably Mon-Fri. If this is inconvenient for you, we’ll find a free spot on the weekend.

My website is at You can also find me on You can get in touch with me by email (, Instagram and Facebook.



10 Thoughts on Introducing Colour Analyst Theresa Wiesner (Germany)

  • Renata

    This is such an amazing and inspirational story. She just glows as a Soft Summer, esp in the photo with those neutral drapes. Step by step, I’m re-learning to embrace my True Winter palette. There is something to be said about embracing our true selves and colours. I’m beginning to understand that on a deeper level. I’m so happy and excited that ChrysalisColour exists. What a great name too!

  • Jessica

    Wow, how beautiful and strong those Soft Summer colors look on Ms. Wiesner! Positively bold on the right person. Thank you for sharing your story, and congratulations on your new business! I hope you bring a lot of happiness to your future clients in Germany.

  • Jan

    Wishing you great success in your new business!!! And you look so lovely in your “new” colors — so happy for you.

  • Tina

    Theresa, you look breathtaking in your Soft Summer palette! Congratulations on beginning your new venture in color. Your studio looks very inviting, like a place you can chat and sip some tea or coffee! 🙂

  • Trisha

    Theresa, you look wonderful in your soft summer colours and congrats for persevering to find the right colour palette. I have a friend who soft summer and can spot her colours now at a glance when out shopping together. Sometimes it takes a while to find the right palette, thank goodness you had Christine’s help. Unfortunately, there are some colour analyists out there who simply don’t have the nuances of colour understanding and intuition that they perhaps should have? I have just discovered my true group and oh, the joy of it! Having been diagnosed as a deep autumn when younger, I had changed colouring with age and went for another consultation (CMB). Alas, I did not feel right in the bright spring colours at all, despite trying for a number of years. Consulting with Lora Alexander online has found me a soft autumn (smokey soft autumn to be exact) and when I received the colour swatches in the post, they all felt me straight away. I wish I could get your ebooks here in the UK Christine, but love to read the blog etc anyway. I love the name Chrysalis Colour too, it describes exactly how you feel after emerging. May you have joy in your new colours and textures and spread your wings like as beautiful butterfly you are.

  • Tina

    WOW!!!! Pretty much every time I see these images of people draped in their season’s colors it’s usually stunning. Amazing to see a person’s intrinsic qualities put into clear focus in a way that is breathtaking. It’s like seeing a person’s essence as they are and immediately “getting” it. I love these draping photos. The power of what a color analysis does is obvious.

    • Christine Scaman

      Thank you, Tina. You seem to be a person with an aptitude for seeing the surface and beyond. If ever you see the effects you describe in person, you’d find it even more impacting, like it almost melts your heart. It really is a magical moment to truly see another person.

  • Marianne

    Can I ask what is the name of the lipstick that Theresa is wearing in the draping photos? It’s so lovely! (I want to try it too, if possible…)

    • Christine Scaman

      Theresa is wearing Delicacy in that photo, Marianne. These images are taken as part of the student analyst’s own PCA during the training course, and as with clients, we move through lighter, sheerer options to deeper, more opaque colours (aka, the Lipstick Carousel). Delicacy is the warmest and darkest of the SSu options and in my opinion, often the best on most women over 30 who tend to the warmer side of the Season.

  • Marianne

    Thank you for such a quick reply, Christine! Wow, that Delicacy is such a beautiful lipstick – one of your own line, as I understood? Will check it out again in your shop (I think I saw it there before).

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