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Kathryn Kalisz, In Honour And Remembrance

Kathryn Kalisz, In Honour And Remembrance

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It is with the deepest sadness that we mourn the death of Kathryn, who lost her life 3 days ago.

Kathryn Kalisz Colour Analyst Founder

A horrifying act of violence took this woman, her office manager, and a police officer. Two other family members were injured but will survive.

Kathryn was the founder of the Sci\ART system of colour analysis. A visionary in her understanding and use of colour, she had achieved the highly respected title of American Master Colorist. She was a teacher and mentor in the finest sense of the word.

We feel her loss as a woman as well. She is survived by three daughters and their families. Having accomplished the highest level of eminence and authority in her field, never for a moment did she behave other than with gentle kindness. She set an example for women, that we can reach positions of influence and recognition and never compromise the female traits in search of a false strength.

The world of Colour Analysis feels a widespread grief with her passing.

May she find peace in a Universe of swirling colours as we mourn her loss.



2 Thoughts on Kathryn Kalisz, In Honour And Remembrance

  • "; ?> Caroline

    This is so sad. May she, and the other 2 victims, rest in peace.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Artists feel. Scientists think. She was the rare combination who could feel with precision and think with grace. An unspeakable loss.

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