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Kip Is A Light Summer

Kip Is A Light Summer

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Kip’s family and ours have known one another for many years. As a child, he had flaxen hair and light blue eyes. He looked like a Spring but many people do who go on to darken in adulthood. Kip is still quite fair with many freckles.

He is in his 30s now.  He has a tan at the moment. Combining the freckles, the fact that his mother and brother are True Autumns, that his skin resembles that of his Soft Autumn sister, and that there are red tones in the hair, I wondered if Kip would be an Autumn as well.

Kip light summer colour


What happened was that in Autumn colours, Kip might have been up every night for a week looking after his young children. However, we noted that his eye colour intensity was surprisingly good.

In the early stages of the draping, many Seasons might find harmony with some aspect of our colouring. Only in the final Season does every element of our appearance come together, including colours and facial features, to be optimal.

Of the 4 True Seasons, True Summer was by far the best. In Light Summer, the bare trace of sunlight gave us the perfectly lit skin, without compromising the eyes. Light Summer is the Neutral Season (so blend of 2), that is mostly Summer with a smaller influence from Spring. Once we had the result, we understood that Autumn improved the eye colour because its colours share softness with Summer colouring and Kip’s natural colours found harmony.

In men, the deciding Season always creates the cleanest, strongest bone structure. They do look younger, the skin clearer, but the result that is communicated is seen is simply handsome.

Kip light summer colour side view

Light Summer Colours

Light Summer’s are rainbow colours. Any single colour may be similar to some of True Summer, but the whole person viewed together, is warmer and lighter.

Light Summer represents colour in sunlight. Compare this to Soft Summer, which is colour in shade, which might include the shirt he’s wearing.

Kip’s most remarkable colour was his off-white, similar to vanilla ice cream (not French vanilla, which belongs to True or Light Spring). He looked so extremely right that everyone in the room just kept looking and it took a conscious effort to remove the drape.

The Light Summer palette showcases his gracious intelligence better than any other. Far more a listener than a talker, more peaceful than animated, more caring than needing, the personality of Summer men is admired more for their support of others than their call for self-promotion.

When choosing items to purchase, Kip will keep in mind to always look at colour in daylight, especially the darker colours to be sure that they don’t exceed the palette. The Light Seasons have darker versions of their colours but these colours are particular and the natural colouring is  more flexible with light colours.


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  • "; ?> Carrie

    What a fun article! Very nice to see a man featured, and illuminating to read your narrative of the draping process and the thought behind it. Stripes seem especially right with this season; energetic and crisp, not too formal. Even your deck chair illustration has a stripey effect 🙂

  • "; ?> Kathryn

    Christine, have really enjoyed your articles on Light Springs and Light Summer. I wrote to you before when I bought some eyeshadow that I really, really liked…only later I discovered that in the sunlight it didn’t really quite work after all. I was discouraged for a bit and had to work through that again.

    Well, I already knew that no pure pink looked that great on me–corals won hands down. I also wore aquas splendidly and didn’t look so hot in orangey colors, blued-reds, or greyed colors. So that seemed to eliminate Autumn, Winter, and Summer. But it was when you said to forget hair and eyes. Voila! (For my hair is a graying, cooling soft strawberry-gone-brownish, often mistaken for all-out redhead in the sunlight in my youth, but called “ash brown/blonde” at other times. My eyes are often bright and then dark, going from grey-blue to green to teal and sometimes steel gray or brown in photos. The article on Linda’s Spring eyes clued me in–we have a similar configuration in the iris.)

    It wasn’t until I noticed that a friend had similar warm tones (only she was warmer) that we used my (then) Warm Spring swatch to compare ourselves. Another lady, looking on, said that one of the pinker colors looked better on me, but the orangey one looked better on my friend. (We were outdoors in good sunlight.) Well, that blew me out of the water! So back to the drawing board (because I haven’t got a PCA in the neighborhood). As I say, it was that part you mentioned about skin….

    And I realized that in my outdoor pics, the first thing you notice is light. Yes, there is distinct warm in most of them, but there is mostly lightness that hits you. I can’t see it most of the time, but other people have remarked over the years. The problems with makeup counter people and light-toned people, you have mentioned before. People used to say, “You look white as a sheet!” when I was a kid.

    I sent off for two different tonal swatch sets–Light Spring and Light Summer (because my kids are summery anyway–one of us could use the one I eliminated). Light Spring–bingo again! A last minute check against the Light Summer (I love those colors)–good, but not the same oomph. Can’t wear them all, but look passable in some. Cannot wear dark colors to any great satisfaction and I find that I look best in the cooler side of Light Spring but cannot quite cross into Light Summer.

    Now ALL my correct Light Spring clothes go together well. I don’t like the clothes most stores carry, but have taken to ordering online and gotten a whole new style. The only problem is being sure what I’m ordering color-wise. Have made a few mistakes–you can’t be sure of the tones until you see them. However, a lot of the skirts I’ve been ordering this year are multi-toned prints, so that if one part of the prints isn’t so good, I can pick up the part that works with a top. One of my lightest is a blend of light mauve and lightest coral pink. Both colors look good, but one looks GREAT! And then blend together well…light spring/light summer blends are gorgeous, lively, soft.

    So far, it’s a success and actually I always liked those colors better than the Warm Spring anyway.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman


      It’s like magic when the whole thing starts to come together. It seems so easy and obvious that you wonder how you could have missed it before. Like you, I have trouble finding things I like in stores. Living in Canada, returning to US companies can be an annoyance. Eventually, though, you build a beautiful wardrobe that you know is working FOR you.


      I agree about the light grey suit and white sand shirt. There’s a photo of Kevin Costner in similar colors and he looks like a different man than the black that makes him look like he’s smoked for 20 years.


      Do you have the swatch book? Usually these problems come from not fulling grasping the outer edges of the palette. It’s no different than how an Autumn would dress in June. Though some of your darker colors still don’t seem very dark, ON YOU they look quite dark. You also have more coolness than warmth, which is appropriate to fall and winter. Your greys, reds, blues are plentiful. It’s not all pale pink and yellow. I agree that these clothes are hard to find this time of year; it’s a time to build up your wallet, because Spring clothing will be in the stores soon. Right now, you’ll find your neutrals, grays, and blues.


      Sounds as though you understand your coloring well, one of the best things about a Sci\ART analysis. The test drapes are colored to observe reactions in the skin. The Final Drapes, or Masterpiece Drapes, which is what the 12 Light Summer drapes you mention sound like, are also supposed to look wonderful, each and every one…but, I will say that in any Season, there are often 1 or 2 of those drapes that work less well than the rest. The times I’ve tried to match the drapes to Book, I have found an exact match, but I’ve not done it with every color. The drapes your analyst had might not be precisely the same as mine.

      Brown can be a prickly color on Summers in general, and especially if you’re on the cool side of the Season, you’ll do better in grayer and rosier. I agree that yours are complicated, you’d never match them in stores without the Book. You know, even if you’re close, you’ll be fine – still far ahead of where you used to be. On Light Summers I know, that hoodie might be a bit too dark and cool, but would probably be just fine if they dont’ have their hair color too light. It has no exact match in the True Summer Book either. The fact that you understand your coloring and the color of the hoodie well enough to ask the Q you did shows that your instincts will gravitate towards fine colors, even when the Book isn’t precisely matched. That’s what it’s all about.

  • "; ?> Rachel

    Delightful to come back from a weekend at the shore with my Light Summer husband and see this article! 🙂 I connected so much of what you wrote, and so much from Kip’s photo, to my husband. He was white-blond as a little boy, though his hair’s now a light taupey brown (summer adds blond highlights) and his beard comes in with a lot of red. Tanned, he looks ruddy, as Kip does on my monitor, and fairly dark. You’d have to peek under his arm to see how pasty-white his skin truly is. His eyes are a striking light blue with a yellow ring around the pupil. He’s absolutely dreamy in the light pink, light grey, and lavender polos I’ve bought him. For our outdoor wedding, he looked perfect in a light grey suit with a soft white shirt. And “vanilla” perfectly describes the very best color I’ve ever seen him in. (Of course, he worked on the car in that shirt. 🙂 ) His personality’s bigger than I think one would expect a Summer’s to be, though… He’s an ENT/FP (any Myers-Briggs fans here?)

    Though I’m not convinced there’s anything to it, I like to muse about how seasons might combine genetically to create other seasons. In our case, Soft Autumn plus Light Summer produced Light Spring.

  • "; ?> Annie


    Thank you for commenting. I believe I am also a light summer, and an ENTP! 🙂 I am finding fall and winter hard seasons to shop in, given the fact that most clothes are too dark for me, yet I feel “wrong” wearing pastels in said seasons.

  • "; ?> Tora

    I’m really happy to see more info and photos on somebody in my season. My hair is about the tone of Kip’s, this sort of dark blonde, light brown that’s not too yellow or ash. It was fairly light growing up sort of yellow and golden (never red) but I’ve been dying it since my late teens as it slowly stopped lightening up from my dark root color. I spent less and less time in the sun so I figured that was it but I don’t think any amount of sun can bring it back to that color anymore (I’m only 26). The natural color (one that I can only see a couple inches of as my roots grow out) had tricked me into thinking I would be a soft summer especially since my eyes are a bit soft as well. Definitely a blue softer than Kip’s with more gray and green, plus I actually tan instead of turn red.

    In the end, there was no contest between cool-neutral, spring-autumn, and light-soft summer. The best drape on me wasn’t the vanilla white but the teal. I still haven’t found very many perfect swatch matches but there is this one particular purple-blue that’s the 2nd lightest color that I LOVE wearing. First day I wore it, I walked by the mirror at work where there’s tons of windows and full-spectrum lighting and had to look again. My eyes looked bluer, my skin glowed and my cheeks had a soft rosy flush that you’d swear wasn’t natural. It’s an absolutely boring crappy t-shirt from Target, but I’ve gotten several compliments from people when I wear it.

    So yay for a Light Summer article! 😀

  • "; ?> Tora

    Oooh PS: I can’t remember if I commented about this before, but the brown drape in the Light Summer group… I swore it was too dark and warm for me and I just couldn’t see the match of it within the swatch. It’s taken me awhile to shop for my browns but it seems that my swatch definitely has browns at a grayer, rosier color than most anything in stores. I’d say that picture you posted of the hoodie was a closer match than the Light Summer brown drape.

    So are the drapes only used to get reactions in the skin or is every single color in the 12 drapes for Light Summer supposed to be my color? And if so, what do you think of that brown specifically?

  • "; ?> Kathryn

    Christine, the colors are still proving out to be right. The other day I had one of the very best colors on, looked in the restroom mirror at work (which is the WORST lighting), and this one line I can’t stand on my face had completely disappeared! This happened for several days in a row when I wore the right colors. Wow! Like magic. My skin looked completely different.

    So, while we are all weighing in, it’s INFP for me!

  • "; ?> Daenerys

    You said: “In men, the deciding Season always creates the cleanest, strongest bone structure”.
    And I have a question: it is true for women, too, or may it be the reverse?

  • "; ?> Eliza

    I love your post on Light Summers!

    For years I have been trying to see if I am Loght Spring or Light Summer, as everyone assumed since light pastel yellow looked amazing on me I must have been light spring! It wasn’t until I got older and started experimenting with hair colour that I noticed every time I got golden shades that were slightly yellowish I looked harsh and swallowed. The surprising thing was that I noticed I could go practically silver platinum (which is much lighter) and it somehow looked believable if my natural ashy blonde shade contrasted it. For years I was being puzzled by the fact I couldn’t pull off warm red tones (despite the fact that certain people used the term “peaches and cream” to describe my complexion when what they really meant was porcelain/blemish free). Although I can pull off some of the warmer options if my hair is darkened, I know now that light summer is my true season. I just wish I had seen your blog years ago! It would have saved me hours and hundreds of euros getting my proper tone of hair sorted out!

  • "; ?> Jennifer Sage

    Just re-read this post….I too am an ENTP light summer……and I don’t relate at all to personality descriptors of LS.
    I must say tho’ that getting to the very centre of light summer in jewellery and clothes is very calming for me ….like seeing myself for the first time as I look in the mirror…the eyes take the dominant place they should ….Christine”s 2 lipsticks for light summer are pure genius.. Flowergirl and Come Dancing. Also having rimless glasses.

  • "; ?> Diana Roberts

    Hello Christine. Interesting article. According to a professional image expert I am a Light Summer. Lately I have been interested in another system that translates my colouring to soft summer. This is matching my personality. Now I can’t come to grips with what is best for me. I look good in light summer olours too but softer or deeper washes me out. What do you think about this?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Diana, I very much appreciate how much easier personal colour would be if there were one system, along with one set of palettes, their testing, and their interpretation. But this is not how things are, or how they will be. From the brilliant fundamental idea, many people have connected with the idea and come away with their own visions and ideologies. These enrich our world and our understanding of our sense of sight. For some, staying inside the system that feels most right to them is the answer. For others, the answer is to absorb what each system has to offer and find their answer where these intersect. It seems as though a couple of systems see you as a Summer. The refining may come from personal trials or a draping that is able to develop the nuances within the 5 Seasons under Summer influence (I’m including Light Spring and Soft Autumn). (By request from other PCA companies, mention of specific brands is edited from the comments. Please contact me if you would like to ask about that.)

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