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Every person thinks, feels, and decides based on what they see.

Don’t leave it up to chance.

In the video, we’ll imagine what might happen when a woman changes her colours.

Tip for watching the video: When you see the face and clothing colours together, pretend you’re meeting socially. Look at the face, not the clothes, as you would with anyone you meet. Then, ask yourself how you feel about the colours she wears alongside the face.

The video is also here on YouTube

Photo credit: Jake Nackos on Unsplash.

The pros and cons of fitting in

Looking like those around us is a story we can relate to. We hope it will help us find friends, be hired, or feel part of our social circle.

We want to know how to fit in without losing sight of ourselves or being confused by our reflection in the mirror.

How great would it be if we could control what others believe about who we are and what we can do? 

Here’s how: Know your colours. Know your lines.

They are your constant companions. They won’t change again.

Now for what to wear

The woman in the video may belong to one of the three types of Winter. 

The panel shown in the video is for a Dark Winter (the Winter colouring mixed with a smaller proportion of Autumn). Here it is again:

She is starting a new job and needs some basics, leaving student looks for weekends. And she knows she’s some type of Winter. The Before colours wouldn’t belong here. She makes sure that her new purchases do.

She may be a True Winter looking for items for upcoming formal events. She might only wear a few of the styles in this panel, but she understands why the colours work together. She’ll shop with that in mind.

Although the colours used in the video are dark, every Season has light, medium, and dark colours, including the 3 Winters. It is important to wear them with darks to create the big contrast (distance between lightest and darkest) that is so important to look great as a Winter.

Note: The panels above were made with Polyvore, a website that is no longer active.

2 Thoughts on Look True to You

  • Tina

    How would these wardrobe groupings change if our hypothetical model was, say, a True Winter or Bright Winter with beige hair? Would that woman do better to stay away from the high contrast color combinations since she does not appear high contrast in her overall appearance?

    • Christine Scaman

      All Winters do well in high contrast, but how high and with which colours are places where each person defines their own appearance and preferences. As examples, iced pink and navy blue might be gorgeous, or iced beige with black-brown. Each Season also has looks it does well, and as a fan of changing things up in our presentation, I like Dark Seasons wearing all darker colours sometimes, or Bright Winter replacing black with white. I also recognize different types of True Winter, one of which is traditional and high contrast, another that is softer but too saturated for Summer. Within all these groups, layered over colour comes style, meaning that some body types might prefer highest brightness in shiny textiles while others prefer to lower colour intensity and choose matte textiles and more relaxed styles. For the woman with beige hair, there is no formula that I know. She is too much of an individual and actually, even the ‘stereotypic’ looking people in any Season can be expressed beyond the formulas. Trying a few things, keeping a selfie diary, reading different perspective on colour and style, help us find our way and settle into our best expression.

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