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Louise and Stevan Are Light Springs

Louise and Stevan Are Light Springs

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Spring personalities were put on Earth to make the rest of us smile. Louise and I work together ( she is a veterinarian too) and I am grateful for it every day.

Me and my friend, Louise.

Although Louise gets the credit for making me laugh, her husband David is a pro photographer. He took this picture as well as the breathtaking pictures of Louise that follow.

A quintessential Spring, Louise can talk about any topic under the sun. She is always open and friendly, assertive, sincere, optimistic, and finds the humour in life. As she says, If you cannot look on the bright side, what is the point?? For Take-Your-Child-To-Work Day, my kids want to be with Louise for the day.

Light Spring’s are ice cream dessert colours. They are happy and spontaneous.

Strawberry shake.

Colours may be sporty but more so, they embrace movement. The relaxed, informal personality looks natural in jeans and comfortable textures. With the Summer feminine blend and the light delicacy of the colouring, this could be an ultra-feminine person, but Louise is the easy and casual type.

Many Springs are fascinated by the natural world. They jumped into the puddles as children, not over them. Louise is never happier than in her garden. She looks great in beautifully coloured fleece, her yellow nylon jacket, and her shiny rain boots. As you can see, she can also look elegant and poised.


You might see the medium ash brown (it is lighter and cooler IRL) , and say:
  1. She is too dark to be a Light Season. > Hair colour is relevant to final appearance but not to deciding Season. It is hidden during the analysis so that we avoid the mistake of using it to predict Season or match what we think it is to the drapes.
  2. Her hair is too cool. Springs have golden hair. > The hair may seem cool but the eyes are yellow green. The skin colours are harmonized by warm-neutral colours, not the cooler neighbour on the Summer side, or the warmer True Spring.
Meet Stevan. He and Louise share the same personal colour palette. Warmer looking than Louise, but with bluer eyes. Because his overall appearance is more yellow, he might borrow more from the True Spring, but his overall colour reactions and boundaries are the same as with Louise.

He is as handsome, sunlit, and friendly as he appears in this picture. Stevan smiles easily and is genuinely interested in others, the hallmark of a Spring. His hair is as golden as his skin tone and his character. (Before anyone asks, Stevan is the bigger one, but that so-cute baby has golden potential.)


I admire of natural contrasts. When cool hair is paired with warmer skin, as we see in both of our models and many Neutral Season individuals, the effect is striking and intriguing. The one is a showcase for the other.

You might be inadvertently matched to the degree of warmth/coolness in hair or eyes if the salesperson looks at single features. They have little choice. Without the measured comparisons of a colour analysis, it is impossible to understand the true degree of warmth/coolness of skin tone.

Despite cooler looking hair, Louise chooses apricot, salmon, and warm pink. Her Spring colouring reminds her to avoid dusty or cool colours. She looks for clear, warm, and light.

We are individuals even within our Season. Louise would choose a darker, cooler highlight. If Stevan were to highlight his hair, he would use a warmer, lighter yellow than Louise, respecting the clear, pale golden warmth of his natural colour.


Louise has replaced all her black, now that she knows her better choices. She has many beige and gray tones, as well as deep emerald turquoise, Chinese blue, and a gorgeous violet. They are sophisticated with the incredible neutrals of champagne, cameo, and seashell.


When the colours you wear, repeat the colours you are, you have a secret weapon.



33 Thoughts on Louise and Stevan Are Light Springs

  • "; ?> Jelena

    Thank you for posting real-life examples of the different seasons! This seasonal makeover (as well as all of the other ones) are absolutely gorgeous! The light spring colours look stunning on your co-worker Louise. It is amazing the impact that the right colors carry and how nice they make the skin tone look.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman


      How great to hear from you! I hope you’re well and having more fun shopping than you used to 🙂
      Women have loved seeing these real people in their beautiful colours. You know how little impressed I am by celebrities. I don’t have time for plastic people in the first place, but worse, it makes us all feel like they are the way we are supposed to be. In fact, the reverse is true. Real people are so much better.


      You know, I wish that I could meet and analyze all my wonderful readers. PCA is indeed so much more than it used to be. I was shopping today and saw on a mug “Life is not about finding yourself. It is about creating yourself.” I loved that. Part of the me that I intend to create is a colour analyst who travels. I may yet make my way to you.

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  • "; ?> Susan Phend

    Christine, I so wish that I didn’t live so far from you. I’d love to have you analyze my coloring. I had it done about 25 years ago and was determined to be a summer. I wasn’t confident about that determination then and am even less so now. Also to be fair, color analysis has evolved greatly since then. Perhaps I can find someone near me who has your training and expertise.

    Take care!

    Carmel, Indiana

  • "; ?> karen raulerson

    wonderful , as usual!! beautiful pictures and observations!

  • "; ?> Kathleen Crise

    What are the best 5-10 colors for a light spring? TY

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Hi, Kathleen,

      I answered this somewhere, but can’t recall where. Maybe on Facebook. You know, I don’t keep long lists of good makeup. The companies discontinue and change things too often to keep you spending. I try harder to show women how to choose their right colours themselves.

      You might look at
      Blush : LOreal True Match C1-2 (cool) or N1-2 (cool) ; Benefit Coralista ; ELauder Pink Kiss
      Eyeshadow : I don’t have any that I’ve tested. Sonia Kashuk has a quad at Target that looks really good; there appear to be 2, one lighter and one deeper and cooler. The lighter browns are Spring-like.
      Lips : MAC Creme Anglaise gloss, Chanel Tempt, Clinique Extra Apricot and Mimosa (cooler), MAC Viva Glam V.

      Try them first. If you don’t like them, at least you may get a sense of what shades to steer towards.

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  • "; ?> Jkitten

    My friends,family,and myself are stuck between two seasons. We think it could be soft autumn or Light spring. I think perhaps we don’t have a good grasp on it. This might sound silly. But would you mind telling me some differences for SA vs LSP? Most people say they prefer jewel/bright warm colors on me,and that if im not in then my eyes change and I look off. Is that a Light Spring trait? When I wear autumn colors my skin doesn’t connect,my skin seems to bright/clear for the colors. Okay I will stop rambling now =) Thanks Christine and I and totally loving your site!!!!

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Few Seasons get more confused than SA and LSp. SA’s best colours are earthy, like avocado and flowerpot pink. LSp colours are more creamy and blossomy, like pistachio ice cream and clear coral pink. There’s no particular description of the person that would help, but a SA might look like Mischa Barton. A LSp could look like Paris Hilton or ScarJo.

  • "; ?> Jkitten

    what season wears soft fushia/hot pink lipgloss best. how about deep rose. so far these are the only colors that look right,but I haven’t tried alot of colors either =) oh I also wear blush that color to and warm pink

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman


      The colour in your head for soft fuchsia might be different from the one in my head, but for that, I’d say True Summer to Light Summer. Hot pink sounds like Bright Spring to Bright Winter. Deep rose could be about 6 different Seasons depending on the exact colour.

  • "; ?> Jkitten

    I will give you a list of my go to lipcolors,but they are cheap drug strore brands.. Jordana lip out loud super shiny lipgloss in BFF, burts bees rhubarb(although I’ve been using it less and less its the same color as my lips), burts bees hibiscus(along time ago I would have been worried about the orange in it but it look fine but not as good as the pinks,wet n wild glassy gloss lipgloss in glass is in session(a clear coralish color). I don’t have any reds to add. because I haven’t tried many. I don’t wear makeup that much. nude lipcolors look terrible on me,and light peach colors its still to nude, a light pink looks bad to. my lips being the same color as my skin is not a good look for me. Thanks again. oh I also have to be very careful with brown in makeup it can look like mud.

  • "; ?> Jkitten

    I’ve been trying on makeup,colors,getting friend opinions,and looking at pictures. Then it really hit me that light spring fits perfectly. I now feel silly for not noticing sooner. The clariry of clear spring is nice but definatly to dark,and just a bit saturated. Warm spring is to warm simple as that. Soft autumn and autumn colors make me wanna run away and hide from my reflection. light summer was to cool I was missing the springyness of light spring. I really want to thank you for your help and for this amazing blog that helped me so much.

  • "; ?> Ellie

    What lipstick was Louise wearing in these pics please? She looks great in it and it’s a darker and brighter colour than a lot of the usual LSp favourites.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      It’s a lip colour I bought from a wholesaler. I can’t think of a duplicate. It’s a very sheer fresh-air petal pink. It really is not dark at all and is also very sheer, imparts very little pigment. I may know of a Chanel dupe, will look in daylight tomorrow.

  • "; ?> Ellie

    Thank you! Louise looks so balanced in it, I’d love to have an idea of the shade as it would look in the tube.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Ellie, a very close colour would be Chanel Rebelle. Antigone (cooler) and Monte Carlo would be variations on the same colour.

  • "; ?> Ellie

    Thank you! I’ll be making a beeline for the nearest Chanel counter!

  • "; ?> Debra

    Hi Christine,
    I have a unique dilemma and look forward to learning your thoughts on how to deal with it. I have been draped as a light spring and I do think it does work best with my skin tone, but my eye color, up close, is blue green with a sunburst of light yellow that makes them appear very yellow green. I find that when I wear my light spring colors, the yellow in them intensifies the yellow in my eyes and makes them appear more yellow than green. I understand the concept of going with the palette that best perfects your skin tone. Should I just ignore the eye color issue? Or move to light summer?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      What you describe is very normal for a Light Spring’s eyes in her best colours. The more yellow, the more Spring, generally speaking. You sound closer leaning to True Spring than Light Summer. I don’t quite understand what you find unexpected about the eye colour change you describe but I’ve seen it happen and I think it’s incredibly gorgeous – with no compromise needed by the skin.

  • "; ?> Ellie

    Thank you so much for these lipstick recs, Rebelle and Monte Carlo are both gorgeous with the deeper colour but sheer enough to not look heavy. I love them, especially Monte Carlo. It’s lovely to find a ‘darker’ and livelier light spring match!

  • "; ?> Shirley

    Christine, do you know the blush Louise is wearing in the pics or something similar?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      I’m sorry, Shirley. That was a long time ago. It was probably e.l.f. Innocence. Body Shop Marshmallow is a beauty and similar.

  • "; ?> Shirley

    Thanks. I’ll check those out.

  • "; ?> Erin

    Thank you so much for this article on Light Spring and how people within the same palette can appear very different! This is what happened with my oldest daughter and myself. She is the perfect example of Light Spring to me. (From what I have in my mind about it) 😉 Light, slightly warm, light blue/green/yellow eyes, light golden blonde hair, fair skin, almost Light Summer, but a golden yellow glow about her. (think Taylor Swift) I also drape Light Spring. I am very warm skinned, quite a bit darker than her, lots of depth to my coloring, green hazel eyes. (my skin is more like Stevan’s) I really questioned my draping for the last couple of months, trying to figure out why I would be Light Spring, as I am not “light”. In fact, I have deeper skin than any of my Autumn, Summer and Winter friends and family! And yet, here I am, Light Spring is my best palette too. 🙂 This post helped me accept that we can both have the same palette, despite our very obvious differences.

  • "; ?> Marti Hanba

    Hi Christine! Don’t know if you remember me, but you draped me as a true spring a few years back. Since that time I have gotten gray and my skin color has also softened. I’m thinking I’ve transitioned to a light spring. Would appreciate thoughts about how to transition. Thanks hon. Hope all is well.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Hi, Marti 🙂 It is my belief over many women that we don’t change Season, but we may wear our colours differently. Since Spring is inherently light, no change is needed in darkness level or go-to neutrals, the way it might if a woman with very dark hair suddenly turns silver. The only thought that comes to mind is that when the largest colour area on the head becomes neutral, to keep the overall energy the same, more colour can be added to the appearance if the previous use of colour was more conservative. For all women, our mature years are when bright colour looks terrific, and in cosmetics as well. All good here and I hope with you too.

  • "; ?> Melina

    Just related to the above, it is incredible how widely held is the belief that people do change seasons when they change hair colour! 😮 Not just by going grey, but even dyeing their hair. I see that type of comments everywhere, all the time. Not sure why that concept seems to be so popular…?

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