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Nude Shoes for 12 Seasons

Nude Shoes for 12 Seasons

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This article began from working with a Soft Summer who asked what the colour of her nude shoe would be.

I begin with a system of colour analysis that measures colour. From there, I am able to classify it, which then gives it context. Colour suddenly has meaning and relationship with the person and their garments.

Springspring shoes


The one with the star, either for Light or True Spring, would be nice on a strawberry blonde.

For Bright Spring, the small areas of black would be grounding without adding a bottom-heavy effect. The option would also multiply the shopping options.

True Spring may be fair or darker than you expect, containing many golden greens, new coin gold, and peach-brown colours.

The Light Spring, along with the Light Summer, wear these light nudes and elongate the leg while still appearing grounded.


summer shoes


Mauve flesh tones are superb on Soft Summer.

Stay inside your lightest to darkest range as much as you can. A too-light shoe can stick out like too-light highlights in the hair.


Colour and line are all about context. They only look a certain way depending on what’s beside them. Put a woman alone in a picture wearing a shoe of colour similar to her leg, angle the lens upwards a little, make sure the floor is the colour of the shoes, and maybe the leg looks longer. Out in the real world, next to everyone else, she looks like a normal woman with pale shoes or boxy feet.

The way to look like we have long legs is to have long legs in the first place. Skin-coloured anything is seldom the best choice in anything besides foundation and undergarments. The sophistication of this look is a neutral that belongs with you and your apparel, and brackets your appearance, a customized finishing touch.

autumn shoes



Nude makeup is out of gas on Winters. I find flesh-toned shoes about the same.

Wear your palette neutrals and you will be successful.

True Winter is lighter than Dark, and Bright Winter is lighter than the other Winters. They are also shiny. Shoes made of tin foil would blend right in. Although black boots may appear heavy for women with lighter hair colour, in a slim or see-through shoes, they are Winters and it’s great. The option of lighter neutrals is always there, aluminum, for example.
Are nude shoes gray if hair is gray? Not necessarily. They are the colours above or the Season gray. Stainless steel could be great.
winter colour shoes

18 Thoughts on Nude Shoes for 12 Seasons

  • "; ?> Pat Cunningham

    I am pondering the shoes for DW and in discussion with a few others (so this is not statistically significant in any way) we like the idea of nude shoes/sandals for summer. Personally, I bought mine before I was draped DW and I thought it would be handy to have a got to pair of sandals for summer. Works for me. At, the same time I am looking for a go to shoe for the rest of the year which would likely be grey.

    On the other topic of looking tall or short. I know short people have been told many ways they should make themselves look tall. Guess what? I am tall and I’ve surprised a few people when I told them I’ve been told how to look shorter. Yes, really. Do you think that’s possible? It took some ladies breath away and they saw the craziness of it. I’m tall and nobody is surprised. Well, actually they are. A saleslady was totally surprised I wear heels. You’d think she would have more common sense than to say I would look taller if I wore heels. I wear them because I don’t wear moccasins with dresses. It’s a matter of proportion and suitability of footwear with clothing. So if you’re short look magnificent in your shortness and I will do my best to do the same in my tallness. It can take awhile to embrace these ideas when the world tells you something different.

  • "; ?> Pat Cunningham

    Totally love the snakeskin shoes for DW. They are what I am looking for. No higher than 3″. I’ve not got the knack for the stilettos. And, due to my draping with Christine and paying attention to the book Metamorphosis I know exactly what I want. And, I will wait until the exact right pair come along.

  • "; ?> Jennifer

    Soft summer here. I wear these taupe shoes and they are perfect (match the fan and go with everything:

  • "; ?> Kristy

    I am a TW, and I find that a silver metallic shoe is very neutral for me, especially since I wear only silver-colored jewelry. Nothing sparkly or over the top, just simple shapes in shiny silver, even for sneakers. My overall style is kind of sleek/minimal as well.

  • "; ?> Gates

    All I know is that as a tall person with long legs and quite long feet – the worst thing I could EVER do is wear flats. Ballet flats that look so ‘cute’ on other people make me look like I have flippers. Even the tiniest, smallest kitten heel will improve the look of my long foot miles ahead of a flat shoe. And that’s before I even start to THINK about getting the color I want!

    Great article Christine – well thought out and presented as always. Nice to see I’m in the write ballpark with my shoe color choices. 😉

  • "; ?> Emma

    Thank you once again – great thoughts! I hate the idea of wearing skin-coloured shoes to “make one look taller”. I’m 158-159 cm and no nude shoe is going to make me look like a supermodel, ever. I don’t know if I want to look taller. I want to look my best.
    I love the idea that “nude shoes” really translates as the neutral colour that goes with anything and looks balanced with the rest. Even if it means black shoes in some case.
    I’m most likely a True Summer and look completely dead in nude lips, does that rule out the possibility of being a Soft Summer? The nude look is really unflattering for me – I need colour on my lips.

  • "; ?> Renata

    I loved this article very much. I think I am DW and I have always tought that nude or other light shoes do not balance my look, like I am not “finished” at the bottom; unless there is black or other deep colour added.I wonder if dark toupe shoes could be neutral for this colouring and would go with any outfit.

  • "; ?> Lena

    “Are nude shoes gray if hair is gray?”

    Possibly, but of course there are many different colors of “gray” both in hair and shoes. The “gray” in my TA hair is almost ivory, as is my skin.

  • "; ?> Denise

    A new thought from the comments “bright winter can disappear shine” and “true winter can disappear black” – soft seasons can disappear dull!

    It looks dull on the hanger but put it on and the dull disappears!

  • "; ?> pidget

    I’m pretty sure I’m a TSu, and often wear semi-sheeny (not super shiny) silvery-pewter ballet flats. They’re neutral, but not fake feet. Since silver is a pretty core colour for TSus, what’s your opinion on a semi-shine metallic?

    (I also have a flat version of the grey suede shoes in your photos – and they do go with practically everything!)

    Re: Denise – Ha! You’re so right, and I’ve definitely seen it happen!

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      So many good thoughts.

      Pat sent me some photos of a DW in light taupe pink shoes, very close to skin colour. Her hair is medium gray. She mentioned that she had been cautioned in the past not to wear black footwear in summertime as it pulls the eye down. I can see how that would happen, entirely depending on what you wear and how you look. I don’t think that would happen on Penelope Cruz, so it’s partly hair-colour dependent. I also find white shoes pull my eyes down, not that it’s necessarily a bad thing, I just notice the shoes but I don’t get any sense of a shorter person…but I think any Winter or Bright could wear white shoes, just with lots of skin showing and colourful nail polish in your Season. She also mentioned a light-medium pewter, like a Soft Summer could wear, which works just fine. It gives variety in the wardrobe, lightness of weight and feeling, and you still look like you have feet. As Lena points out, on a woman with iron gray hair, that light pewter shoes might not balance the overall image. Renata’s dark taupe could be better, and easily worn on any DW since dark taupe is in the palette already. Love what you said about being magnificent in your shortness or tallness or whatever. Having a holistic image in one’s head is so much more important than one little item or one little swatch. It’s how the total adds up that we feel.

      Denise – that’s clever. I hadn’t thought of it in terms of TMIT, but you’re totally right. A Light can make light taupe look fairly dark, but there’s no limit to the light colour you can pile on and they look normal. On a Bright, Superman Blue is just blue. And on Soft, dull looks as bright as anyone else’s colours on them. We saw this in our last course, a BW and L Su. Once the right makeup for them went on, they both had healthy flush in the cheek, both had a natural pink-red lip, both had defined but balanced eyes. Neither makeup looked darker or brighter, but the BW most definitely was by a long shot. I see it matching fabric to Seasons too – on their right fabric, the Soft palettes have just as much energy as the Bright palettes on their fabric.

      Andrea – makes total sense, all of it. Many S Su look warmer than they are, especially in the eye colours and mucky is a good word for the SA palette. Wearing cooler colours of the neighbour Neutral is fine.

      Emma – to me, S Su needs lip colour, and darkness in lip colour, even more than T Su. Without a drop of Autumn’s darkness, as well as its warmth, the bone structure of the face and definition of the features is never quite achieved.

      Jennifer – that’s an awesome shoe. I bet you could find that colour or a close version in…well, probably in all 12 palettes. It wouldn’t get in the way.

      Gates – I can see what you mean. In in head, I tried a lot of different flats on you, patterned, structured, pointed toe, and I couldn’t come up with anything that felt right at home. Like Pat, you have height. I’m not sure I’d see Pat in a flat either. As soon as it has even a wedge or some presence at the heel, it feels better.

  • "; ?> Jasmine

    Excellent job on the shoes, Christine. As a summer, I especially liked looking at the summer shoes. The subtle, cool nude shades of summer are hard to find in shoes except, for the most part, in high-end shoes. I know because I have been searching for years! By default I usually end up being able to find only an off-white or matte silver shoe to wear in the warmer weather instead of these lovely shades that you have posted, so you have given me food for thought.

    Very useful article. It is helpful to look at the other season’s nude shoes as well, to help me avoid those shades that are not best for me and to keep me on the correct path for my season.

    Would love to see another article on shoes for the seasons showing more shoe colors and varieties of shoes that might be right for each of the individual seasons. For instance, what color boots would be great for springs, summers, falls and winters?

    As a summer, finding the right color shoes is my biggest challenge and has been for decades.Thank you.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Boots are a great idea. I could see chalk white and matte silver perfectly on a True Summer.

      Irem asked this: I have a related question, Christine: Nude nail polish. I have such trouble finding a light, neutral, nude polish to wear on my hands. By nude, I mean a color that doesn’t scream color, that is like an extension of one’s coloring, goes with everything to everywhere,but also doesn’t make my hands red or grey or green. Also, by nude I don’t necessarily mean mannequin hand colors which look as if I’ve painted foundation on my nails.
      I have never sought out nude shoes or nude anything to wear. My choice of color for shoes that go with everything is true red or black, patent leather if I can find it. Not surprising – I’ve been draped a bright winter. I love red or (almost) black nail polish on my toes. It truly goes with everything. But I cannot wear these colors on my hands. Most of the nudes or neutrals as you can imagine do not work. Would you or your dear readers have any suggestions?

      These were my thoughts (we’d love to hear yours): I’d pick the lightest from the red or purple strips (5.1 or 6.1). These are the core colours on Winters, the colours that just look normal but are obvious on anyone else. But I’d pick the lighter, peachier reds and sugarplums. You’re right, nude/neutral/flesh tones would be quite dull. I think the icy lights could be interesting too, especially the violet. Really, all the colours go with all the other colours automatically, that’s a necessary feature of the harmony within any Season palette. If you’re already comfortable with very dark, I’d even try clear, clean, sharp grays of various darkness levels. BW wears avant-garde, retro, Art Deco, and ultramodern extremely well. Gray polish can look unusual, elegant, and interesting.

  • "; ?> Emma

    Christine, I must have picked up the thought “Soft seasons look good with nude lips” on some other site. IMO nude lips look good on only very very few people.

  • "; ?> Rachel R.

    Interesting comment about autumns “disappearing” texture, prints, and metallics. (Also what a commenter said about “disappearing dull”!) In the Bright Spring group on Facebook, a number of us have observed that our hair color seems easier to “match” in metallics than in regular fabrics. The working theory is that the shine of the metal is inherently “bright.”

  • "; ?> Kelly

    Wow ! I love the DA shoes *_*

    Have you other neutral shoes ideas for winter except black ? I was wondering about taupe and black-brown shoes for BW ?

    Thank you 🙂

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Sure, or navy or charcoal. For BW, even a little shiny and decorated. Not with tassels, buckles, and toggles, which are Autumn’s world. Perhaps a small heart or other shape.

  • "; ?> Melina

    An interesting old post – I was just wondering about shoes, as truly the only ones that do not seem obvious on me, don’t stand out, are black shoes, and I’m quite surely *not* a Winter…! Basically any other colours just stands out and seem somehow weird. Especially light colours. Maybe some summer ballerinas I can wear in other colours, but otherwise black it is.

    (And can anyone really wear that kind of hard-coated, super-high heels like that in IRL..? I’d kill my feet in a second if I tried… ;))

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