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One Woman, Two Versions 3

One Woman, Two Versions 3

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  • "; ?> That Hat Lady

    Very misleading because this is not the same person. The distance between the eyebrows in the 2 subjects, shape of the ears, the hairline around the forehead, cheekbone placement. I used to take x-rays and I’m used to looking for physical markers. Dishonesty is inexcusable. I’m taking this blog off of my email list right now.

  • "; ?> Danni Eve

    I’m not great at this, but I am guessing she’s a soft summer or soft autumn even – but obvs she looks better in the bottom picture as the jacket and the hair in the top picture don’t look right. I think she could work either quite successfully.
    I am the same. My features are more summery (blue eyes, pink lips) but my skin is more autumnal (golden). I would love to know for sure which I am because I am hella neutral!

  • "; ?> Elizabeth

    Hat Lady, I think one or other of the photos have been stretched (top one horizontally, bottom one vertically). In addition, she appears to have lost weight in the bottom photo. Outside, her eyes are kind of squinted and inside they’re open wider.

  • "; ?> Farimah

    Gorgeous. While she is a very beautiful lady and can almost handle both looks, the second picture, simply put, is mesmerizing. There seems to be a kind of pressure on her skin from all the hot colors in the first photo, and the pressure is completely gone in the second. Thank you for sharing these processes!

    And a note for the hat lady, i’m so sorry you decided to leave the community, but as someone who photographs people as part of my job, i can assure you it is an issue of how the camera distorts the face in different camera angles. My impression is, it is definitely the same person, just closer to the camera and therefore the whole face has elongated and in a quite different shape than the first photo.

  • "; ?> Alison

    That Hat Lady,

    This is indeed the same person. I know her. Yes, she’s a bit thinner in the after, but she is one and the same.

  • "; ?> christine

    this is to all the women that think, they have dishwater colored hair— isnt she divine in her true hair color? can one make this better? I dont understand the blue eyeshadow. it feels too colorfull, but the hair color change is making her so much more beautifull!!!! awsome, she looks elegant now and dginified, stronger.

  • "; ?> Barbara

    The two images have identical freckel markings. Even one on her neck, to the left side of the photo, just below her jawline.

  • "; ?> Maria

    That Hat Lady, it is me and I can assure you I’m the same person on both pics, just 7 years later 🙂

    Elizabeth, I lost maybe a couple ponds in between these pics. With aging my cheeks seem to be more flat.

  • "; ?> Amanda

    I am currently growing out henna on my hair, I have about the same natural color as this woman. The henna red is beautiful when you look at my hair alone but seems off when compared to my eyebrows and facial coloring. When it’s back to its natural color, I expect to have the same results as this woman. I hate that this shade of brown is so often referred to as dirty dishwater. Having been convinced by others that it looked so bad has sent me on several decades of dying it various shades, and henna was the last effort as I have become sensitive to hair dye. I love seeing these photos and the beauty that emerges from being yourself.

  • "; ?> Kathleen

    Bright Spring? She really doesn’t handle white well at all….

  • "; ?> Jo

    I must agree with Farimah. This transformation is mesmerizing, indeed. And this person does look pressured by the intense redness and hard daylight in the first photo. In the second she is so much more integrated, centered and alive out to the edges of her space, serene, secure. Great camerawork! Thank you for sharing, I enjoy these so much…

  • "; ?> Jennifer

    I really usually don’t pay much attention to makeup but I must say that I really love her makeup in the second photo. In the first one I think she looks attractive, in the second I think she looks exquisitely beautiful.

  • "; ?> inge

    The second photo looks better, indeed, but I would not say that the first one is bad, either. We should not forget that the photos have been taken in very different circumstances: (chilly) wind, outdoor and not much makeup in the first, and a studio, and attentively chosen makeup in the second.

    • "; ?> Maria

      It is not a studio but my kitchen (you even could see a part of my stove on a background) and I took this pic on my cell. As far for a makeup I wear pink eyeshadows and bright blue eyeliner on the first pic and in addition a blush and a lipstick on a second one.

  • "; ?> inge

    Well, the photo is made indoors. You look beautiful anyway, that is all I wanted to say. 🙂 🙂

  • "; ?> Laurel

    The second picture is quite breathtaking.

  • "; ?> Julianna

    My guess: True Summer

    • "; ?> Maria

      You’re right! 🙂

  • "; ?> Jan

    Marla, you are beautiful in the first picture and even more so in the bottom one. Beauty cannot be hidden, but it can certainly be brought forth with the correct balance of colors. I will forgo trying to guess your season as I’m frequently fooled — LOL. Thank you ever so much for sharing.

    • "; ?> Maria

      Thank you. I’m True Summer.

  • "; ?> Georgia

    I have to agree this is misleading but for different reasons. The first photo has harsh lighting, her hair disheveled and she has no makeup on. On the second photo the light is softer, her hair is nicer and she has makeup on. I am not convinced at all.

    • "; ?> Maria

      As I mentioned above I wear pink eyeshadow, bright blue eyeliner on upper and lower eyelids and a black mascara on the first pic. No foundation on both pics, though.

  • "; ?> Nicole

    Yesterday I showed my husband and kids these pictures and they couldn’t believe it. They hear me talking about color all the time and I love to show them the results when someone finds their colors. I guessed True Summer because I am one also! I could recognize it right away. You are stunning in your right colors. I really love your choice in makeup too. I personally need to use a little less makeup I think , looking at how pretty you look without a lot on. Can I ask what is the lip product you are wearing ? I would love to buy it !!!

    • "; ?> Maria

      Nicole, thank you for your kind words 🙂 as for the lipstick it was a match to 7.2A in our TSu fan but I don’t really remember which one as I have a bunch of lipsticks. It could be either Urban Decay high gloss lip color in Lovechild or ColourPop sheer Lip Stix Croquet. And my favourite violet ColourPop blush in Rain.

  • "; ?> Melina

    Ah, this is a bit like me, hair color wise 🙂 Like Amanda above, I’m also in the process of growing out my natural colour, after having dyed it coppery red (with either henna or chemical dye) for years & years. It’s been said that women with this hair color are the ones most likely to dye, and no wonder as so many derogatory names are used for it, including mousy, dirty and dishwater (and in my country, “road colored”)… Such insulting terms! It is actually a beautiful color, but who wants to be seen as “mousy” or “dishwatery”..?

    The makeup in the 2nd photo already led me to think she is a Summer of some kind, and now she has confirmed this herself 🙂
    For me, it’s just a pity that people with this hair color are nearly always automatically put in the “Summer” category (especially by the “old”, CMB school of color analysis), whether they are that or not…! This confused me for years, as I’m a Spring (BSp most likely), and also explains why the coppery red suited me so well – it was always a matter of wonder to me when I believed myself to be a cool season… 😉 No wonder I felt I should have been born a redhead, it felt more like “my” color than my natural one. But now I’ve finally grown to love my natural color too 🙂

  • "; ?> Melina

    I forgot to say, although I guess it was kind of implicit from my post, that my natural hair color is about the same as in Maria’s 2nd photo. 🙂

  • "; ?> Kathryn

    I didn’t even have to look twice. I analyzed the first before looking at the second. What do I detect in the first pic but rose tones in the skin and a touch of grey. Might she be some kind of Summer…or might she be a Spring with those high tones? But the hair and top seemed “off”. I scroll down and voila! Beautiful! Very, very different, but I have no problem believing both photos are of the same person.

  • "; ?> Rita

    To the Hat Lady,

    Eyebrows can be changed, lighting and colors make such a difference, and some people are true chameleons. Being one myself, I am not shocked by transformations like this. This is indeed the same woman. If you want proof and specifics, look at the unique angles of the ears. You’ll see they are the same.

    To the subject at hand — Wow! What your true colors can do for you! She was cute before, but she is fabulous and stunning now. If this doesn’t convince someone the power of color, I don’t know what will. Thank you.

  • "; ?> Rita


    Your hair color is so lovely now. It is beautiful and healthy looking. It contains the cool sheen of a waterfall on a hot summer day. Thanks for sharing your transformation. I look forward to my own beginning of a transformation next month with an in personal color analysis.

  • "; ?> Late Gates

    Wow. What a stunning beauty.

    Top Photo
    Different time, different place, different activity….but that hair color on her screams “I don’t know myself” to me…and “I’m trying this out but is it working?”

    Bottom Photo
    The hair color itself provides such a relief to the says “I know who I am” and there is a calmness, tranquility and peace to the overall visual impression. Even take away the makeup and put her back in a white jacket, and mess up the hair….the hair color itself provides so much of what we “need” to see around her face that she would still be a stunner.

    The top photo is a woman who enjoys busking on the weekends for some extra cash.

    The bottom photo is a woman who enjoys busking on the weekends for some extra cash AND plays lead violin for the philharmonic.

  • "; ?> Jenny2

    Maria – you look friendly and approachable in the first photo, and breath taking, in a very natural way, in the second. I sometimes wonder if people used to dress in their natural colours more (circumstances allowing) before Hollywood and mass photography came along?

  • "; ?> Jessica

    Wow, she looks so lovely in the softer, cooler colors of the second photo.

  • "; ?> Ulumuri

    “The Hat Lady”, you’re hilarious. Never heard of someone plucking their eyebrows or losing weight, I guess? You need to seek professional help for your paranoia!

    As for the photos, this looks to me like a great example of what happens when someone with cool coloring (like me) wears warm colors – it dulls the complexion and makes the features recede and the face look a bit puffy in comparison. She’s pretty anyway, but much more so without her hair dyed red!

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