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Pam Is a Dark Winter

Pam Is a Dark Winter

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Pam is a real woman who lives in the real world. Like the majority of women, she is gorgeous and does not know it. She does not have time to dwell on it anyhow. She has a family and a job. She has not been in school for 7 years and it has been hard to find time and money to spend fussing about her looks since then. Pam has become a confident, interesting woman. She does not want to look like a student anymore.

Pam 1.

True and Neutral Seasons

A PCA (personal colour analysis) focuses on the 4 True Seasons (True Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) in the first stages to eliminate some pieces from the puzzle. With Pam, Spring colours were the first to go.

Summer was manageable but Winter was better. Autumn and Winter were about the same. The intensity of her eye colour was dramatically enhanced in the Autumn drapes but the skin tone was not improved.

When we appreciate the skin effects of one Season and the eye effects of another, the skin takes precedence. Once the skin colours are harmonized, eye and hair colours are automatically perfected.

The photographs show calm, evenly coloured skin. Yes, Pam has skin to be envied. But Pam is also a Mom with 2 young kids. She does not sleep well every night. Still, in her beautiful colours, you can see the luminous, flawless, poreless skin, the white teeth, and the crisp whiteness of the white of the eye.

Pam 2.

Easy beauty

We find things beautiful because they feel good to look at. Others don’t deconstruct our shadows or how our clothing works with our skin. They sense the settled, peaceful ease of colours that just seem to belong together.

Wearing our own colours make us feel good too. Pam feels comfortable in these colours. These are the colours that she recognizes because they live inside her already and speak truthfully on her behalf. It is telling the world who she really is and it feels familiar, like a truth you have always known but have never heard spoken before.

These colours allow her to look as she is. Pam is calm, a little remote, a little shy, but now, she is aware of her beauty. She is a little formal. You would not know everything about Pam in the first hour. This is very typical of the Winter character. Add a little Spring to Winter, and you up the emotion. Add a little Autumn, and you increase the determination. Pam does not back down.

Pam 3.

Dark Winter makeup and hair

Pam usually wears no makeup. It feels too fake, too dark, too conspicuous. In these pictures, she has a dab of concealer blended with moisturizer under her eye. She is wearing a fair bit of blush to add some life and shape to the face. Eyeshadow (medium-dark cool gray-brown)and eyeliner (black-brown) are minimal. The final touch is a plum-brown lipstick, covered with a caramel gloss to tone it down so she will not feel too obviously made-up. This is beyond movie star skin but it looks natural. It took 5 minutes, 5 products, and it looks effortless and real and natural.

Pam’s hair is a dark ash brown. Highlights would disrupt her elegance. Like most Winters, her hair colour is best in the her own natural colour, without the disorganizing effect of light strands here and there.

Pam 4.

Your colour feeling

The trick is to find what you can do, what is consistent with who you are inside.

After a lifetime of playing it safe, you have to ease into saying so much about yourself. As Marianne Williamson said, “It is not our darkness we are afraid of. It is our light.”

Many people are wearing someone else’s clothes and spending a lot of time and money to send out signals that detract from who they really are. Many others are trying to send out no message and render themselves invisible, so they live in comfort clothes, but that is an equally detracting memo about who you could be.

Colour is deeply imprinted on human beings. With an understanding of your personal palette, you develop an understanding of how it feels to be you.



Use of Images

The images contained in this article are of private individuals, not celebrities. I consider the permission for me to use them as a privilege. It is my intention to protect these women’s privacy and generosity. If you use any of the photos without permission, I will seek legal counsel. I do not want to have to reduce the beauty and detail of the photographs with watermarks.

This is a learning site. Please do use my words with credit back to the web page you copied and pasted them from. If you mix up my meaning and get the message wrong, feel free to omit any reference back to me.



10 Thoughts on Pam Is a Dark Winter

  • "; ?> gina

    This girl is FABULOUS.
    She could model.
    I would BELIEVE her if she told me something.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Gina – she is beautiful. As you know, the photography aspect of websites is my greatest challenge. Believe me when I say that I could not nearly capture the glow in her eyes and skin on that day. It was a transformation and it required so little. I wonder if Pam would agree that she knows some things about herself that she didn’t use to know. I’m always looking for the deeper meaning, as least where colour is concerned. For many people, very sensibly, this will just be about choosing better clothes and makeup for themselves. I’m not certain which camp Pam falls into. When she wore these colours and was being photographed, it was as if she had grown into a very different Pam, very assured in her beauty, very peaceful, very confident.

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  • "; ?> Hannah

    Hi Christine! I’ve spent quite a bit of time on your site looking for some clue as to my season. After I saw Pam and her features, I’m thinking Dark Winter. As a child I had mostly cool tone dark ash brown hair that flattened out over time. My skin is similar to her coloring but now has a ruddy appearance mostly in my face that’s throwing me off a bit. My eye color is hazel green with a soft orange circle around the pupils that makes them appear hazel brown. I have tried on some different colors but I mostly have bright jewel tones in my closet so it makes it a little difficult. I’m new to this and I’m still not sure what I’m supposed to be seeing or if I’m on the right path. All I know is that white and black make me appear pale and somewhat unhealthy. Reds or pinks emphasize the pink in my complexion. At first I thought I was a soft something…summer maybe given my eye color and that I don’t have much warmth in my skin tone. This all started because I was trying to find the right hair color which I have yet to do. I can’t really do a professional color analysis because there are none in my area. I’ve thought about learning how to do it myself because of the vast amount of time and interest I seem to have. It just amazes me. I know it’s not possible for you to match me by my description but maybe you could steer me in the right direction. Thank you for your time.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman


      It seems to be that the right direction for you is to have an analysis of your own face and coloring. It may be next year, it may require scheduling it into a holiday or business travel. Analysts are rare, it’s true. There are too many layers to peel away to really help you decipher this – hair color is useless and only misleading IMO; eye color is moderately helpful but not tightly related enough to Season to pin down their coloring, it’s just a good guideline if you know what to look for; white/black are very absolute and have to be interpreted in certain ways; reds and pinks…which reds? which pinks?
      If you have time and interest, then follow those. If you can identify an interest, you are already ahead of many people who are not given the gift of that awareness. Take it somewhere. Give yourself the gift of growth, creativity, and honest self-expression. You will be amazed at the process of a Sci\ART PCA, because it IS amazing.

  • "; ?> Karen

    Christine, have you by any chance made polyvores for the dark seasons? I would love to see some examples of clothes for these seasons if you have any.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Sorry, Karen, I missed your question. I did do a DW, here

      If ever you see the boots for sale, please email me the very instant.

  • "; ?> Melina

    I know this is an old article, but could you possibly confirm that this bright tomato red drape in the last photo really is a DW drape? It may of course be a monitor issue, but it really doesn’t look DW to me..! (And I know bright, warm tomato red isn’t usually considered a DW colour.)

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      These older photos were taken using my original Sci\ART drapes. I do believe this is Dark Winter colour and I still use the drape. It is not as warm as the photo appears, is brighter and cooler than barn red, and not muted enough for Dark Autumn. It almost reads as dark, bright coral, but it is cooler and closer to primary red.

  • "; ?> Melina

    Ok, thanks, I did think it can’t really be as warm as it looks here 😉

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