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Pantone Greenery for the 3 Springs

Pantone Greenery for the 3 Springs

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This is the fourth and last post in the series about Pantone’s Color of the Year 2017, Greenery.

The previous posts are linked for Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

The original Greenery swatch is included in the palette in the lower right corner of each panel below, third row, far right.

Matching and Comparing

Any Season could have four, eight, or ten accurate palettes, as technical or artistic as you please, and never repeat a single colour. Many readers have that many swatch books and more and have benefited from seeing how palette designers may view a Season. When everybody’s right, the world is a richly layered place.

As the client, I might only want one palette. My colour analyst assured me that one is plenty. She showed me ways of using it with anything I want to buy. That works for me.

I match items to the colours in my palette. I look great, and even better, I have started hearing my own voice and my closet looks more and more like me. You might have the same experience.

One day, you might see a post like this one and decide to try this new approach. As you place new items among those you already own, you notice that it’s easier to see what you like. With the help of your colour analyst, you find  two or three  Shopping Scarves that are in your Season for sure. Along with your palette, these become a new point of reference.  Your fabulous, out-of-the-box, you-and-nobody-else wardrobe is picking up speed and you still look great.

Colour is for everybody. It looks young and healthy, as if you’re standing up straighter,  like a form of good posture. Team player that it is, there plenty of ways to make it work for you and with you. We are here to help you get started.

Spring wears lime comfortably. They wear green in general easily. I actually delayed this post wondering what I would talk about. In the panels that follow, I try many interpretations of colours that seem close to the palette, just to see if anything jumps out, and find some things to talk about 🙂

True Spring 

This Season seems able to wear a huge variety of textiles. From matte to very shiny, the fabric and person look better together. Colouring with even slight Summer influence (such as Light Spring, further down) can get lost behind sharply white highlights.

Transparency works. The drop earrings in the top right are comfortable, but the T-shirt below them seems a little heavy. Could be that the yellow content is gold, not yellow. Could be that the textile goes darker in the shadows instead of lighter in the highlights.  Those might harmonize it with Dark Autumn. Does it matter? Not to me. I’m Canadian and in my world, everyone needs warm weather clothes and True Spring colours are not plentiful in winter fabrics. The colour shares so much more than it differs that you can still make plenty of inspired outfits.

The glasses. So cute, ay? No white or black and a  nice brown that could repeat the hair colours. Plus the turquoise that Springs wear so well , not in areas so big that the colour competes with the eyes or keeps pulling the viewer’s attention (just their admiration!) Spring’s fun wink at tortoiseshell.

The other earrings, near the centre, appeared in Dark Winter and will be in Bright Spring, just to see what happens. It’s amazing how much what’s around them matters in our perception. Seem fine to me. Again, they share more than they differ.

Of the three shoes, the middle pair appears in Bright Spring too. With a lot of skin showing through, in the green that loves Spring, and worn further from the face, the colour is less fussy. I’m undecided about the lower shoe. The idea wasn’t whether it contains yellow, but does the yellow harmonize with the yellow in the other colours. The  more I look at it, the better it’s getting, which is often a good sign.

The shirt below and to the left of the word True. You don’t really notice it. Could be that the image is small or it isn’t quite pigmented (saturated) enough. Still fine. It doesn’t stick out as awkward. True Spring is not especially bright or soft. It’s especially warm.

True spring green colours

Bright Spring

In the top right are the blouse and earrings that were in the Dark Winter panel. Fine with the top with a slight preference for Dark Winter. Not so sure about the earrings, they seem to be sitting further back or down compared to the items around them. Either that or the image is small. When you photograph things to compare, including yourself, a constant distance for the camera helps.

Bits of white and black are no problem, or what looks like white and black, as shown in the bottom row. The items are bright, lively, warm, and fairly light, all things that work.

The green and blue top under and to the left of the word Bright was in Dark Winter too. I like it better here, perhaps because more of these items are casual.

No problem with the green sandals in the middle.

Also good with the fluo-green Nike pullover and purse above Pantone. Humans don’t have neon pigmentation but some can make beautiful sense of it, to their and the garment’s advantage.

Bright spring green colours

Light Spring

This person in their colours. Choirs of angels.

Did you see the time-lapse video on the 12 Blueprints Facebook page with the so beautiful Light Spring model (posted about a month ago)? That was with no makeup. Lola lipstick (from the Blueprints line), a sparkly turquoise drape, with a pink coral tossed over one shoulder. My goodness.

Did you see Cate Linden’s recent Light Spring client wearing Sorbet gloss (posted on her Facebook page on August 31/17)?  It’s very sheer and when it meets Light Spring colouring, it brings out all the good.

The one shoulder top above the Pantone palette appeared in True Spring. The yellow content might be too strong. Or the pants are too dark. It seems distracting but your eye might love it. Your eye is not wrong, it’s just yours.

I like chalky textures around Summer, of which this colouring has a small amount. It shows the hazy quality, like a toothpaste feeling. Autumn has haze of a different type. You wouldn’t call it haze or fog. It’s thicker than that, like velvet and chocolate. The ring might be a little velvety.  You know what I’m going to say, right? So what. It’s pretty and so-better than all the other greens in the store that day. There are greens very close to this in many Light Spring eyes.

The green strappy shoes have been replaced here by the green cropped sweater. All good in the hood, as my darling son says.

light spring green colours

Along my path, I have been more grateful than I can say for how generously everyone has shared their way of seeing colour. How it looks through my eyes is not the final word. It’s the first word of a conversation. If you see it differently and have time to type a comment, I and many others would love to read it.


6 Thoughts on Pantone Greenery for the 3 Springs

  • "; ?> Tina Csomo

    Ah. So nice to see these color comparisons. They are a refinement to my eye of how a single tonal family differs between seasons. I feel that some people may look at certain greens and say, “Oh….I can’t wear those. Maybe I am not that seasonal category after all!” when, in fact, those particular greens are not their best. E.g., You may be a Light Spring that can’t quite pull off your yellow-greens, but your neutral greens are a great choice. At my draping, R. and I decided the BSp yellow greens and yellow/rusts were not good on me, but the remainder of the palette was great. Moral of the story: do not ixnay a whole palette due to a couple of less than harmonious tones. This is exactly why a comprehensive drape set is paramount. I know….I am preaching to the choir, here, but many readers may not now this factoid.

  • "; ?> Laura

    Lovely to be able to compare the three springs like this. Of course the BrSpring set went immediately to my Pinterest page:-) Thanks for putting this series together, I appreciate your generosity and hard work.

  • "; ?> Jan

    Wow, Christine, the Pantone Greenery series for all seasons was outstanding! Comparing colors that are close, close enough, and on target for our palettes was very helpful. A big thank you!

  • "; ?> Lorna

    Hi, can you please tell me where the glasses are from, they’re perfect?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      They’re great glasses, I agree. I’m sorry that I don’t have the where to buy info. The image panels were created using a wonderful software resource called Polyvore, which no longer exists. I wonder if you could find similar in Pinterest, Google, Amazon, or the online frame retailers by searching ‘green tortoiseshell’; it might be a place to start at least.

  • "; ?> Lorna

    Hi, thank you for your reply. Yes! I can’t believe Polyvore is gone, it was a great app. I’ve found a pair by GUESS, in a shop locally rather than online, so I can’t share, as I don’t have a reference number for it. But, yay, I tried them on and think I might get them!

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