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Pantone Greenery for the 3 Summers

Pantone Greenery for the 3 Summers

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In this series of posts, we’re looking at how the 12 Seasons of natural colouring apply Pantone’s Color of the Year 2017, Greenery.

If you would like to see the previous post, Greenery for the 3 Autumns, you can find it here.

You can see the original colour  here at Pantone. In each panel below, you can also see the colour in the lower right corner of the panel, on the right side of the third row, along with other colours for 2017.

Trends are supposed to work for us, but sometimes, the reverse happens. Our mothers had it right when they said that not everyone can be invited to every party. When trends are adapted to the existing space and place, the result can be beautiful. Have a look at this post.The home décor (from Scandinavian Home Staging) is so inspired and I looked at each image for so long that I had to read the post in 3 sessions.

If your colours have been analyzed and you know that you are a Summer, the panels below may give you some ideas. I don’t recommend wearing the original version of Greenery near your own colours. For some reason, Summers are attracted to the colour, Softs especially. Maybe it has a funky-natural quality that appeals to their Autumn side. If anyone knows, please share in the comment and solve this mystery.

True Summer

Pantone true summer colours

Every item might not be exactly in True Summer. Being a little outside the box is a place that I like and find unexpected opportunities. The extremes feel like a disguise, as you may guess to look at me. In these panels, instead of aiming for textbook colours, I include items that find reasons to be in the same Season because they have so much in common, and will make sense (to my eye) in the same closet.

I call that effective shopping, productive spending, having a life outside the mall, and looking a whole lot better as you enjoy that life.

Soft Summer

Pantone soft summer colours

In the panel above, everything could work depending on your preferences. Across the bottom, with the x and arrow, we may be stretching the limits a bit (they may look warmer depending on your monitor) but I still like them and don’t find them so distracting that they would take over a Soft Summer composition.

The heel of the sandal is black but I don’t find them disrupting. The good outweighs the only less-good, which is the black. Soft Summer is the darker Summer and knows how to manage small areas of black away from the face. The success of the shoe, and of many items, depends on the woman and the rest of the outfit.

I have not yet met a Soft Summer who would wear a smile face so you could remove it from the bracelet if you prefer.

Light Summer

Pantone light summer colours

Shopping with a reference piece helps. For instance, choosing white in stores is much easier when you shop with a piece of pure white (True Winter) fabric. Above, I use the tank top under the last letters of the word Summer.

Some shoe and purse colours are strong, for example, the purse under the word Light. They are not worn in a place to detract from the face, and the woman could create many outfits without these items suppressing the rest of the ensemble.

The striped tank top on the right side may be too saturated, but I like it, maybe because I enjoy gradient colour effects so much on Summers. Light Summer is the saturated Summer and has some latitude with brightness, again and always depending on the individual and the rest of the outfit.

In the x and arrow column, the items in order seem too sharply white, warm, warm, and bright. They seem to pull my eye. I considered the purse with the gradient, but discounted it because I did not love it with the nail polish colours of Light Summer.

9 Thoughts on Pantone Greenery for the 3 Summers

  • "; ?> Barbara Schultz

    I love that Soft Summer grey-green but it is so difficult to find. Green is my favourite colour and I I would stretch my season to include the TSu and LSu greens if I could find styles to suit me.

  • "; ?> Jan

    A delightful post with such lovely examples. Really looking forward to the next two seasons in this fabulous series.

  • "; ?> Jonna

    As you’ve mentioned before, summers are very permissive with the range of blues they wear ( not always to heir advantage, though) and I would add to that, greens, as well. In the same way that the ocean so subtly transitions from blue to green, the summer types thrive on a medley of hues of that nature.
    In specific, it’s very common for the Light Summer ( being the sister to Light Spring) to feel a kinship with greens of this yellow-green nature, despite the fact that they do not beautify our skin. I think Pantone’s Greenery inspires a fresh clean aesthetic that summers are partial to in their search for orderliness in the home. At least, that’s how I use it. Not in pillows or large amounts, but with plants ( which remind me of my favorite sight: the soft sun dappling through green leaves in the refreshing breeze). I had already planned this hue to my entry way, as a transition from outdoor to indoor, creating a happy, refreshing welcome. I also like touched of yellow-green in my kitchen because, though I love Light Summer hues in my home, my kitchen needs a few shots of spring colors to psychologically put me in a healthy, energized mood while I cook. I like to apply what I know about color psychology (and color analysis combined) to my home, conditioning my surroundings to how I want to feel in each room:)

  • "; ?> Liz

    I am a self diagnosed soft summer and I am attracted to the Greenery color. When I wear my pinks and purples I prefer to mix them with this warmer green rather than with a blue green in general. My eyes appear to be a warm green and my lips/flush appears to be a purpleish mauve, so I feel like I am repeating what I look like. I like the look of color mixes that I’ve seen in Japanese kimono fabric, where I see a lot of warm and cool color mixes. I also like the color selected for soft summers in this article. On my monitor it looks like an antique turquoise. That looks really good on me too. But I like variety.

  • "; ?> Liz

    I would also have to agree about the funky natural quality. That is how I feel. The color feels more off beat and like fresh growing new things than a blue green does to me.

  • "; ?> Callie

    I love, love, love reading anything and everything written by Christine! When the whole world goes bonkers (and even when it doesn’t) coming here to read these blogs never fails to lift my spirits. Does anyone else feel like that? Huge thank you to Christine for creating this amazing space! Looking forward to the next book enormously!
    One color (range of colors?) we don’t often talk about (or maybe I’ve missed the discussion) is pink. I was reminded of it looking at the pink drape at the top of the article about Floortje and became curious about seasonal shades.
    Any thoughts? Christine, if ever this catches your fancy as a topic for a blog post, would love to read about how you see this group of colors.
    Happy Holidays to all!

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Thank you, Callie 🙂 Pink is a great idea. I wonder if these Polyvores the way to go or if there might be another presentation that would be more instructive.

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