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Please No Colours for Springs

Please No Colours for Springs

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Does and Donts for spring colours


About the Colours, L to R 

They come from my memory. None is matched to any particular colour in any palette.

Light Spring: 

True Autumn-ish camel, too red, too dark.

Potting soil brown. Gorgeous on some. Light Spring needs sky colours in the early morning in some place with incredible sunrises.

Dark Autumn teal. Teal and turquoise are good are a lot of people, colours with more latitude than many others. I didn’t use black because I’d be letting myself off too easy, nothing is worse. So I chose a colour that contains black in a hue that is really not good on everybody.

The beauty colour: light periwinkle. They look like a person sitting on a cloud.


True Spring

Soft Summer orchid, or any of those cool muted purples. It just hangs there and does nothing. Under this face, the picture is sad as in weepy.

Summer denim type colours with a little Autumn feel. Many of these folks think they’re Summers. They see lightness and blue in the eyes. The stereotypic beach blonde True Spring might only exist with yellow hair dye and some other stuff – which they wear well.

White because it’s a ubiquitous colour that everyone owns and many see as matching anything. For warm Seasons, the choice of white is so important.

The beauty colour: warm vanilla white because I see a version in a drape and it’s heartbreakingly beautiful in its simple perfection. For me, PCA is so much about the truth being the best answer there is, about not needing to live in the overdone effects around us, that quiet is more healing than noise, a lot around that.


Bright Spring

Army surplus green. Most people own this. The skin and eyes cloud in and we never see what the appearance is capable of becoming.

Light Summer-y pink, because so many in this group expect to be Light Summer. Sometimes, they look that way until compared to the actual colours.

True Autumn-y orange. They may see this in their eyes or hair at times. For me, a Spring’s least attractive Season is often not Winter or Summer, it’s Autumn, which is why I buy in 100% to the Sci\ART premise that the two cool or two warm Seasons do not overlap. They might wear the odd one of each other’s colours but in testing scenarios, there is a definite Better Than for both.

The beauty colour: warm bright pink. Regardless of the natural presentation, women or men, they are amazing. You want to ask them to not talk for a few minutes so you can just look.


13 Thoughts on Please No Colours for Springs

  • "; ?> Monica

    Hi Christine,
    Absolutely, white is my worst colour (True Spring). Even black looks better then white. Is the Cyanosis colour lavender and/or soft orchid?
    I was hoping for some text explanations like you did for summer and autumn. It’s interesting that for such a colourful season you chose a very pretty colour that looks somewhat like a neutral. Shiny is fun.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Right! Sorry, forgot the notes. Adding them today.

  • "; ?> AC

    Thank you for the notes – makes more sense to me that way. This is a very interesting series too. Very tightly related to real life. Certain errors are more likely to be made than others. I am looking much forward to the winter colours.

  • "; ?> Laura

    Love that Ksenia pink/red. Looking for a lipgloss in that colour now. And I love my Br Spring oranges, hope I haven’t strayed into Autumn territory!

  • "; ?> Melina

    Regarding what Laura just said above, funnily enough, with orange it’s way too easy to stray into Spring territory actually, for us Autumns 😉 Most oranges on sale anywhere seem to be of Spring brightness, very difficult to find those with Autumn mutedness. (Actually, that goes for most warm colours, both in clothes and makeup.)

    And interestingly, even though Spring and Autumn are indeed often each other’s worst seasons, the deathliness of white is common in both… The “and now pack on a pile of makeup to look half-alive” is an apt description 😉

  • "; ?> Erin

    The spaghetti mouth effect made me laugh because that’s exactly what I think of when I try a lip color that ventures into autumn-y orange and when I wear autumn oranges, my freckles take on a muddy look (clear orange is beautiful, though). The army surplus green is such a drag on me.
    I haven’t been draped, but I definitely need clarity and some warmth and Bright Spring is a strong contender.

  • "; ?> Ksenia

    Laura, the color is indeed beautiful and one of the staples of my wardrobe, both in clothing and in lip products. An excellent example truly worth being recommended is Chanel Glossimer in Rose Paradis 447. I bought two to make sure I don’t run out of it while I love it.

  • "; ?> FFM

    Ksenia, I just had a look on Google Images and WOW. Thanks for the recommendation, I can’t wear warm red without my face turning orange but I will buy Rose Paradis for a friend who suits warm red 🙂

  • "; ?> Laura

    Ksenia, many thanks for the recommendation.

  • "; ?> Melina

    Although I do realize why that would be (which season to put it in?), it’s still a pity that the current fashion of black-and-white striped tops wasn’t featured in any one these “Please No’s”, as one sees them all the time, and yet they really only suit True Winters, don’t they? 😉 I’m really not sure why they are so popular, as most people can surely see it looks too harsh… or don’t they..?

    (And *blush* at that “for us Autumns” above, as I’ve long since realized I’m much more likely a Spring than an Autumn… Oh well.)

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      You make a fair point, Melina. It brings up a good idea for a post, B&W Stripes for the 12. Thank you 🙂

  • "; ?> Melina

    Glad if I could be of help for some inspiration 🙂

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