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Please No Colours for Summers

Please No Colours for Summers

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Every one of these colours is incredibly beautiful on somebody. That person’s colouring doesn’t belong in the Summer groups.

For every colouring, there are plenty of colours to not wear. I’m including only those that I see often. Sometimes, if I know the person, I ask, why that?

-It was something different.

Then I think, different how? Different why? There was nothing with you before.

Was there? Is there something you’re not telling me?

Thoughts that serve no purpose but are there anyway.



Dos and Donts for summer colours


Readers brought up some great questions. I’ll add the answers here:
  1. There are hundreds of colours that are unattractive for every colouring. I chose the ones that might either be on the Do Not Buy list or just mildly second best, the more important criteria being that I see it all the time.
  2.  The black in the True Summer row is actually ink navy. Summers love blue, own a lot of it, and can be too permissive with it. Every Summer has a cut off, even with blue.
  3. The soft blue for Light Summer (middle colour) was intended to be a Soft Summer blue. In the same love of all things blue as #2 above, Light Summers see blue in a fairly light version and they click the Buy button. Instead of being a version of silvery blue grey like you’d find in a Pinterest search for ‘blue topaz’, the colour is softer and greener, feels heavier and thicker, a colour you might see on pottery, clothing, quilts, and paints depicted in Colonial American times. It is not particularly grey but reads that way on the Light Summer wearing it while they look tired with a heavy body. The colour may show brighter than intended on your particular screen or monitor.


27 Thoughts on Please No Colours for Summers

  • "; ?> Eve

    Christine, thank you for the article and illustration.
    I’d like to ask what’s the difference between the second non-LSu blue-gray, and the 4th colour in the 2nd row on the LSu palette?
    Thank you!

  • "; ?> Melina

    Very interesting, and even further confirmation I’m not a Summer, if any was needed 😉

    Looking forward to next posts in this “Please No” series, especially the Autumn one. 🙂

  • "; ?> Sara Beth

    So looking forward to this series!

  • "; ?> Melanie

    “Every one of these colours is incredibly beautiful on somebody.”
    I’ve learned so much about why certain colors could never work on me, that I’ve finally been set free from “hating” them. I’m learning how to see colors objectively, and to appreciate them for themselves. Certain colors work in my favor, yet all the other’s are still beautiful even if they don’t. Thank you for sharing your love and experience with us. I’m not exaggerating when I say that you have opened my eyes to a beauty that I had shut them to. Can’t wait of for the rest of this series. 🙂

  • "; ?> Tasha

    I’m a soft summer and just purchased a bathing suit with a lighter and brighter pink than one in the no category..this was after I knew my colours but I don’t have a swatch or palette or whatever for shopping. I thought it looked ok. Thank you for your work. I’m fascinated by your findings.

  • "; ?> Laurel

    Do winter!

  • "; ?> paula curtis

    Yes, do Winter!

  • "; ?> Jessica

    The top middle color, the blue, is gorgeous and looks like something I’d love to wear as a Soft Summer! Am I wrong? Or is it only bad for Light Summer?

  • "; ?> Jan

    Absolutely looking forward to this series. Great info!!!!!!

  • "; ?> Samantha

    What a neat idea for a series! For some of these, I’m not surprised that you’d see them often. The gray color looks soft and cool, like it could be true summer, so could it be a neighboring season for the light summer? Similarly, the black would be in the true winter palette, so that could be a neighboring season for true summer?

    (I also love that light summer blue. As a LSu, that is my favorite color to wear.)

  • "; ?> Jessica

    Thank you for this summer post, and for your blog in general! I love your blog!

    I was recently professionally draped and “diagnosed” as a Soft Summer and to be honest, I was badly disappointed. I did NOT want to be a Summer at ALL.

    Now, I’m getting used to the idea and the SSU color palette and am even beginning to love my colors. The makeup is still tough but I am working on it.

    Thank you so much for these blog posts! I love them!

  • "; ?> ruby

    Here’s 3 I’ve found for TA:

    Clear lemon yellow, probably a TW colour. We have this on our kitchen walls. If I put my hand against it, it looks like I haven’t washed for a month. I can literally see my skin turn grey in front of my eyes the nearer my hand gets to the wall.

    Clear medium blue. We have a set of towels in this colour, it is blue with just the slightest hint of purple, like royal blue but lighter. On the right person, probably a DW or BW at a guess, it would bring sapphires to mind. On me it looks completely bizzare and incongruous, like picking up a piece of mossy bark in the woods, turning it over in your hand and finding a primary coloured product label stuck to it.

    That purple Christine recommends for TS makes me look like I have advanced liver failure.

  • "; ?> Melina

    Very interesting, Ruby – I suspect I’m a TA, but none of those is horrible on me, only the lemon yellow if it’s too bright (which I guess TW yellow is, for Autumns)… But on the other hand, pastel blue, light beige or light grey – horrible! 😉 (Not to mention pure white, but it’s a given, I guess.)

  • "; ?> M

    I am likely a True Summer. Though I was told I was a Winter before, most Winter colors are too overpowering for me and I need to take them down a notch in the bright department. I have always “looked like” a Winter but cannot truly pull off its brightness and level of contrast. When I found these posts and the True Summer palette it was like looking in a mirror – All of my skin, hair and eye colors are in there. Finally, colors that “look like Winter” colors but are not so harsh! Most of my negative color comments (ie. “you look pale”, “you look washed out”, “you look like you’re in mourning”, etc) happen when I am wearing black near the face (though I can wear it away from the face) or when I’ve dyed my hair too dark/close to black. The best compliments come when I wear Summer, not Winter colors. People always love me in blues and cool greens, and oh heavens, pink(!). I tend to avoid/despise pink for other reasons like having a “strong woman” personality, but the cool pinks really DO look good on me! Imagine the horror when a strong woman hears “Omg, pink is YOUR color!” LOL.
    Orange is a color I have never been able to wear in any form, and that yellow in the swatch WAS in my hair a few months ago and I couldn’t wait to fix it. All you could see was that yellow and I disappeared, looking a sickly combination of ruddy and sallow in the process (and red tones are even worse, they make me look feverish). Ash brown level 6 is my natural hair color, with some cool highlights that never go yellow or gold. If anything, they are so ashy-toned that my first few grays blend seamlessly into them. I have pale porcelain-pink skin that looks best in the mid-tone cool lipsticks that are neither too muted nor too bright (though muted is a bit better than bright). My eyes are green/gray/hazel which has confused me and color analysts alike for years making us all think wrongly that I was a Winter. I could still be True/Cool Winter but I couldn’t take it all the way to black, stark white, and hot fuschia, which makes me doubt it.
    That’s not to say that a post like this serves as a test (I’d love to have an in-person analysis by this company eventually but right now it’s not in the budget, nor anywhere near my home), I realize that it’s not, but it’s a helpful lightbulb along the way towards confirmation.

  • "; ?> ruby

    Pastel blue & light grey & white are definitely horrible on me too, Melina, not sure about beige, depends what you mean by beige. The blue I described doesn’t look so much horrible as just very very peculiar. Not tried to wear the yellow, but the greying effect of putting my hand near the wall is quite remarkable, so I dread to think what it would do to my face.

  • "; ?> Lydia

    Speaking of soft summer colors, has anyone seen Sarah Jessica Parker in Divorce on HBO? I just know she and the clothing designer know a lot about pca and it is all perfect! I think any soft summer should check that show out for inspo.

  • "; ?> Lydia

    Sorry, not designer but wardrobe stylist.

  • "; ?> Melina

    Ruby, yes, it is difficult to talk of colours using words only, it’s so much easier when you can actually *see* the colour in question 🙂 (even if monitors vary etc.). Like the beige, and the blue you mentioned – we might mean different things with that, as TA palette actually does have a kind of clear medium blue, or what I consider such ;), e.g. on this Pinterest page:, in the bottom row of TA palette (3rd to left from the “gold-tone jewelry”). Would that be the kind of blue you meant..?

    M, I didn’t know that strong women are supposed to dislike pink 😉 Or I maybe it depends what you mean by strong women; I do consider myself strong, although also sensitive and feminine, and I’ve always loved most shades of pink, so my situation is kind of opposite from yours – discovering to my “horror” that pink is really not in my palette and I’m not supposed to use it, being an Autumn 😉 Well, in truth, now that I see what the very best colours can do to me, pink has lost some of its attraction, in clothes etc, but I still love seeing it anywhere around me. 🙂

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Thanks to all of you. I’m glad that you find use in this series. You brought up two things that need clarifying:

      1. The black in the TSu row is actually ink navy. Summers love blue, own a lot of it, and can be too permissive with it. Every Summer has a cut off, even with blue.

      2. In the same line, the soft blue for LSu was intended to be a SSu blue. There are hundreds of colours that are terrible choices for every colouring. I chose the ones that might be terrible or just mildly second best, the more important criteria being that I see it all the time. Depending on how the colours are appearing on your monitors, which will be different for all of us, although LSu does have blue-grey in its collection, it is clearer and yellower and feels more buoyant than the blue shown.

      Thank you for mentioning these points, I will add them to the post so readers are sure to see them.

  • "; ?> ruby

    Reply to Melina about the blue, I know the TA one you’re thinking of; the one I was describing is a lot brighter. I think it might be a DW colour, the one 4 rows down 3 from right on the same set of palettes you are referencing.

  • "; ?> ruby

    If it’s nearly-there colours & common mistakes we’re talking about I bet TAs wear a whole load of wrong browns, both unwittingly & because the choice is between a wrong brown or black so they plump for the brown thinking it’s a better choice even though it’s not perfect. I’d be very interested to know if there are any browns Christine thinks are WORSE choices than black for TAs

  • "; ?> Melina

    Ruby, about the blue, I see the one you mean, though to me, that DW blue actually looks less bright and more muted than the TA one; but that must be a monitor issue 🙂 And as for you last post, I’d be interested to know that too! 🙂 I used to think black was actually a great colour for me, but now I see it’s not that great after all…

  • "; ?> Evie

    Oh dear. I don’t think there’s any way I can tell that blue-grey from my blue-grey. I put them right next to each other and still can’t see the difference. 🙁

  • "; ?> Denise

    Let nobody put this in your hair for true summer raised a question for me. How should a dark-brown haired true summer cover grey? What about highlights or lowlights?


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