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Preparing for Your Colour Analysis

Preparing for Your Colour Analysis

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What I gained from colour analysis is the knowledge of what colour has to do with me.

Runways and magazines are too far from my daily reality. Going from those to looking great in my every day life is too big a leap.

If information were about me AND if how to apply it were explained in detail, that would have real value.

The book is about how to apply our colours to how we dress.

To use the pages upon pages of images, tips, and ideas, we first want to know what our colours are.

12 groups. Which is ours?

Don’t expect of yourself what nobody can do. To figure out 60 or 100 of our colours requires a colour analysis (PCA).

July Break

This first video brings you up to date on the plans for 12 Blueprints.

I am always available for emails or enquiries (

The video is also here at YouTube.

Pre-PCA Introduction

In the second and third videos, you will hear the introductory talk that my clients receive prior to their colour analysis.

Students receive the script and there have been requests for the audio.

For clients, though I try to keep the entire session within 4 hours for women, we have much information to share, in both directions, and many activities and demonstrations, and the session tends to go past the allotted time.

Posting the videos here for you to watch before the session may help stay within the time you had planned or give us more time for other topics.

The charts used in the videos are shown below.

Diagram for Video 1:

  Colour Analysis Diagram for video 1

Video 1 is here at YouTube, or below.

Diagrams for Video 2:

  Colour analysis diagram for video 2

  Preparing for Your Colour Analysis

Video 2 is here at YouTube, or below.

I am excited to work with you and know that your future purchases will be the most beautiful choices you could  make.

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  • LauraH

    Very very helpful. Can’t wait to get my BrSpring ebook!

  • Gail Johnson

    Fantastic videos! So very well thought out and presented. Can’t wait for our PCA appointment!

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