14K White Gold Black Cultured Tahitian Pearl Earrings Stud 8-8.5mm AAA High Luster

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Brand: La Regis Jewelry

Color: Black


  • DARK AND EXOTIC – The only naturally dark pearls, Tahitian pearls are produced by the Black Lipped oyster in the waters of French Polynesia. They are quite rare as only one in 10,000 oysters contains a pearl.
  • LUSTROUS AND LUMINOUS – Tahitian pearls have a natural luster that reflects the incredible beauty of the South Seas. These one-of-a-kind pearls reflect the light differently than more traditional white pearls; their luster can range from a soft iridescence to an almost metallic shine.
  • SOLID 14K WHITE GOLD: Our stud earrings are crafted of solid gold to delay oxidation and prevent tarnishing. The pearl earrings are part of the La Regis hypoallergenic jewelry collection. We specifically omitted irritating metals, perfect for sensitive skin. Lead free and Nickel free.
  • THE PERFECT ACCESSORY – Pearls add class and elegance to every outfit – from casual to dressy. Long a favorite of brides, they are the perfect choice for that special day. Pearls are always a welcome gift for girls of all ages – ideal for bridesmaids, best friends, moms , or any special woman in your life.
  • THE PEARL EXPERTS – As a founding member of the Cultured Pearl Association of America (CPAA), La Regis Jewelry helped create the standards for today’s pearls. Each order includes a Certificate of Authenticity that guarantees the source and quality of the pearl.


Rare and exotic, Tahitian pearls are the only naturally dark pearls in the world. These unusual pearls are produced by the black lipped oyster, which is cultivated in the warm waters of French Polynesia.

Tahitian Pearl Earrings

These striking pearl earring studs from La Regis Jewelry features lustrous Tahitian pearls, ranging from approximately 8-12mm in diameter. Known as the “black” pearl, Tahitian pearls contain a mix of overtones including greens, purples, and greys. The simple yet dramatic set is very versatile and adds a bit of sophistication to every outfit.

Pearl Symbolism

Pearls symbolize wisdom acquired through experience. They are believed to attract wealth and luck as well as offer protection. Some cultures believe pearls contain an innate calming effect that can stabilize one’s karma, strengthen relationships, and keep children safe.