Accents Kingdom Women’s 8MM Magnetic Hematite Red Tiger Eye Bead Cross Bracelet 7.5″

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Brand: Accents Kingdom

Color: Red


  • Brand: Accents Kingdom
  • Material: Magnetic Hematite, Cross Charm, Red Tiger’s Eye Bead
  • Enclosure: Stretchable Band
  • Finish: Gun Metal Black, Red Tiger Eye
  • Size: 1/3″ (Round Bead: 8mm), Length:7.5″, Surface Gauss: Approx. 600-700 Gauss

Details: Accents Kingdom introduces a magnetic hematite red tiger eye cross bracelet. This shiny black gun metal looking beaded bracelet is accented with a holy cross charm and red tiger eye gemstones, it is inspiring wherever it appears. . Each gunmetal black magnetic hematite bead is charged with powerful 600-700 gausses magnetic power. The bracelet measures 7.5″ long and 1/3″ wide(8MM) with a strong stretch strap and very comfortable to wear.

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