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Applies as a strong blue-red, though in the pan, the colour may appear as a yellower red (think of cardinal red, not rust or maraschino).

All skin contains yellow, even when it belongs to a True cool Season such as this one. Winter colours are very pigmented, including the yellows, which are variations of lemon yellow, so that we perceive them in many palette colours. 

The majority of True Winters will be most at home in fuchsia blush, especially if eyes are blue or gray. However, women with strong yellow or olive tones in the surface skin, often accompanied by dark brown eyes, may be best in this redder colour, on its own or mixed with fuchsia from the same Season (see Fast Track in the True Winter collection). 

Best applied over a layer of translucent powder to ease blending (true of all powder cosmetics) and prevent uneven colour deposits. May also be mixed with powder prior to applying to dilute the intensity if desired.

Crystal Apple is useful for Bright Winters desiring a cooler or slightly darker blush than their Season’s Enchantment on its own, or for those looking for a less pink and more red or red-violet effect. The degree of difference is easily adjusted with the proportion of each colour.

Season: True Winter, Bright Winter. 

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