Cultured Tulip Pearl Dangle Earrings For Women Sterling Silver 14K White Gold Over Hypoallergenic White (white)

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Brand: Pearls N Silver

Color: White


  • SIMPLE AND ELEGANT ! At the length of 1.5 inch including the ear loop, the pair dangles at the perfect length, not too short, not too long.
  • WORLD CLASS QUALITY! Handcrafted with love and care. 25 years of craftmenship experience. No allergy issue!We are proud that we have not had one person who had allergy issue in our 17 years of jewelry business.
  • IMAGINE THE BRIGHT SMILE ON HER FACE ! Each pair is presented in a top quality jewelry box custom designed made for PearlsNSilver that keeps them in store display effect using PearlsNSilver Fine Jewelry’s unique technique, so that when you present the gift it is presented in beautiful untangled style no matter how you hold it.
  • TOTAL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! When you buy today, you’re protected with a no questions asked money back guarantee. Pearls N Silver Fine Jewelry even extends your guarantee to a whole one year after Amazon’s warranty time period.
  • Pearls N Silver Fine Jewelry – 10-Year Gemological Institute of America Alumni

Publisher: Pearls N Silver Fine Jewelry


Frequently Asked Questions by Our Customers:

1. What is 14K Over .925 sterling silver?
Pure silver is too soft to make jewelry. Sterling silver is an alloy made with pure silver and other metals depending on the manufacturer. In 1000 parts of the alloy, there are 925 parts that are pure silver (.999 silver), and 75 parts are other metal, which mostly is copper. This is why sterling silver is also called .925 silver. You will see the .925 or S925 stamp on an area of the jewelry. When 14 to 18 karate gold is coated on top of the sterling silver, it becomes 14K or 18K over sterling silver.

2. Why does sterling silver tarnish?
Pure silver does not tarnish. Copper does. When a piece of sterling silver is exposed to oxygen, it changes into a yellowish color. This is also called oxidized silver. That is the copper that is tarnishing. When a piece of sterling silver is worn, the human body oil reacts with copper, combined with oxygen, it then appears to be blackish color. However, when there is a layer of gold coated on top of the sterling silver, it seals up the silver and thus prevent the silver from tarnishing.

3. How to maintain my pearls?
Pearls are organic being. Chemicals including normal household cleaning products, perfume would damage the pearl luster in the long run. Follow the rule of “Last on, first off” – put your fine jewelry on last in your dressing up process, and take them off the first thing when you come home. Do not shower or swim with your fine jewelry on. This would help to prolong your pearls “bright” life.

Brought to you by Pearl N Silver Fine Jewerly- Gemological Institute of America Alumni.

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