Dahlia Four Leaf Clover Heart Rhodium Plated Ring with Crystals from Swarovski, Green Size 5.5

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Brand: Dahlia


  • DESIGN: 4 heart shaped clover leaves that shows the wearer you wish them good luck with all your heart
  • Set with 2 heart shaped crystals from Swarovski and small Czech rhinestones
  • Available from Size 5.5 to 8
  • Rhodium Plated with intricate high polish which creates glamorous reflections and adds a luxurious look
  • RISK FREE: Covers all defects and damages with no-question-asked return policy


As four leaves clover symbolizes good luck, this ring is further designed with heart shaped leaves in wishing wearer the best luck with all your heart. It makes a perfect gift to your mother, sweetheart and siblings.

This ring is set with heart shaped authentic Swarovski Elements crystals and small Czech rhinestones. With its patented cut, Swarovski Elements crystals have far more facets than other crystals to optimize the light reflecting, resulting in more brilliant crystals which is why it is more expensive than other crystals. It is made with Swarovski Elements crystals but is not a Swarovski brand jewelry.

The mirror surface on the ring has sleek and glamorous reflections and adds a luxurious fine jewelry look. It’s accomplished through intricate steps which can only be done by highly experienced workers.

The clover is 0.5″ wide and 0.65″ high wide and available from size 5.5 to 8. It is available in 3 colors: Green, Blue and Pink.